MicroMillions 7: kapertje secures formidable victory with straight flush in 4-max Event #19 [$4.40 NL Hold'em]

You can run, but you can't hide. That's the beauty of 4-max, where you can be under the gun, yet still be in an advantageous hijack position. The 4-max structure fostered an action-heavy environment, which made MicroMillions 7 Event #19 one of the most exciting tournaments on today's schedule.

With two players remaining, Dutch player kapertje was on the ropes after coughing up a sizable chip lead. Just when it looked like India's mitarachi89 was going to pull off a remarkable comeback, kapertje dragged a monster pot with a straight flush. Four hands later, kapertje won MicroMillions 7 Event #19 and delivered a stunning knockout blow in a crazy cooler of a hand when mitarachi89 ran pocket Queens in kapertje's Aces. It's tough enough to have Aces hold up, but its a remarkable feat to actually win a tournament holding pocket rockets.

MicroMillions 7 Event #19 $4.40 NL [4-Max] attracted 16,044 runners. They boosted the prize pool to $64,176. The top 2,400 places paid out with $5,581.41 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Online Tyler "frost012" Frost has been playing as many MicroMillions events as possible in search of a title. Alas, Frost finished in 5,807th place and fell way short of the money.

In order to keep play balanced, action went hand-for-hand with 6 players remaining (or three players at each table). The final five players were consolidated into one final table, so technically the final table for 4-max was five-handed.


MicroMillions Event #19 - Final Table Chip Count:
Seat 1: mitarachi89 (22,046,205)
Seat 2: Gstylez88 (13,867,122)
Seat 3: kapertje (10,552,100)
Seat 4: ReinZ87 (17,603,642)
Seat 5: loseqian (16,150,931)

The final table commenced during Level 50 with blinds at 500K/1M and a 62.5K ante. India's mitarachi89 held the lead with 22M and kapertje was the short stack with 10.5M.

Gstylez88 eliminated in 5th place

Gstylez88 min-raised to 1M, loseqian bumped it up to 22.5M and Gstylez88 called. The flop was Q♠8♥3♥. loseqian fired out 2M and Gstylez88 called. The turn was 6♦ and fireworks ensued. loseqian bet 3.5M, Gstylez88 re-raised all-in for 9,629,622, and loseqian called. Gstylez88 held 9♠9♣, but was in deep trouble because he ran into loseqian's A♣A♥. The river was the 2♥. loseqian won the pot when Aces held up. Gstylez88 failed to improve and busted out in fifth place, which paid out $758.56.

ReinZ87 eliminated in 4th place

Another player woke up with Aces. mitarachi89 min-raised to 1.2M, ReinZ87 bombed it all-in for 9,578,642, and mitarachi89 insta-called. ReinZ87 unfortunately took A♠T♦ into battle against mitarachi89's A♣A♥. The board ran out J♦T♠2♠7♣Q♠. mitarachi89's Aces held up and ReinZ87 was knocked out. ReinZ87 earned $1,203.30 for a fourth-place finish.


With three to go, mitarachi89 held the lead with 40M, loseqian was second with 22M, and kapertje was last with 17.6M. Action was paused to discuss a deal. The ICM numbers were floated (with $600 left on the table to the champion): mitarachi89 ($3,958.42), loseqian ($3,298.37), and kapertje ($3,062.12). Instantly, mitarachi89 rejected the numbers and asked for $4,500. The other two players would not budge, so play resumed without a deal.

DEAL 2.0

After a couple of levels of three-handed action, the chip lead changed hands several times. The final three took another shot at a deal. The new leader was kapertje with 36.9M, mitarachi89 was now second with 31.1M, and loseqian was the shorty with 12M. The numbers were floated (with $600 left on the table): kapertje ($3,881.45), mitarachi89 ($3,703.04), and loseqian ($2,734.42). This instance, there was no resistance and everyone agreed on the terms of the deal. Play resumed.

loseqian eliminated in 3rd place

After an extended period of three-handed play, mitarachi89 opened to 4.2M and short-stacked loseqian called all-in for 2,253,234. loseqian made a final stand with T♥7♦ against mitarachi89's 5♣5♦. The board finished up Q♥J♣9♠9♥6♥. mitarachi89 won the pot with two pair -- nines and fives. loseqian flopped an open-ended straight draw but failed to get there. For a third-place performance, loseqian collected $2,734.42.

HEADS-UP: kapertje (Netherlands) vs. mitarachi89 (India)
Seat 1: mitarachi89 (24,722,524)
Seat 3: kapertje (55,497,476)

With two to go, kapertje was out in front with more than twice as many chips as mitarachi89.

mitarachi89 eliminated in 2nd place; kapertje wins MicroMillions7 Event #19

Although kapertje began the heads-up battle a 2 to 1 advantage, mitarachi89 rallied from behind to seize the lead. Just when it appeared as though mitarachi89 was pulling away with a victory, kapertje won the most decisive hand of the tournament: kapertje turned a straight flush with 7♣6♣ on a board of Q♠9♣8♣T♣Q♣ and dragged a 50.7M pot. kapertje regained the lead and killed mitarachi89's momentum. Four hands later, it was all over.

Here's the straight flush hand:


On the final hand... kapertje limped for 800K, mitarachi89 moved all-in for 8,722,524, and kapertje called. Talk about a cooler. mitarachi89 made a final stand with Q♦Q♥ but unfortunately ran into kapertje's A♠A♦. Even mitarachi89 thought the situation was funny and said, "LOL!" The board ran out 8♥8♣7♦J♠T♥ and kapertje's Aces held up. mitarachi89 failed to crack Aces and was knocked out in second place.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, India's mitarachi89 earned $3,703.04 for second place.

Congrats to kapertje for winning MicroMillions Event #19. First place paid out $4,481.45.

MicroMillions-019: $4.40 NL Hold'em [4-max]
Entrants: 16,044
Prize Pool: $64,176.00
Places Paid: 2,400

1. kapertje (Netherlands) $4,481.45**
2. mitarachi89 (India) $3,703.04**
3. loseqian (Singapore) $2,734.42**
4. ReinZ87 (Estonia) $1,203.30

** Denotes a deal among the final three players

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