MicroMillions 7: king2173 crowned champion of Event #100 ($1+R NLHE Hyper-Turbo)

The only triple-digit event of the MicroMillions is over and the series is coming to a close.

It all started more than a week ago with a Hyper-Active $0.11+R free-for-all and it ended in a similar way. Event #100 was a $1+R Hyper-Turbo frenzy that featured three-minute blinds, thousands of entrants and tens-of-thousands of rebuys.

The event drew 9,833 players and it only took two hours and 52 minutes -- with 23 minutes spent discussing a seven-way deal at the final table -- for king2173 to take the title. For winning the closing MicroMillions event, king2173 earned $6,811.60 and the last MicroMillions 7 title.

The win was far from easy. It was a rapid-fire craze from beginning to end and even when players got to the final table, the average chip stack was about eight big blinds.

But king2173 survived the rising tides and took the largest chunk of the $51,932.16 prize pool. Aside from the 9,833 entrants, there were 37,336 rebuys and 5,823 add-ons that contributed to the guarantee-breaking prize pool.

The tournament went by faster than some movies and -- not includingthe lengthy deal -- the final table lasted just around 10 minutes.

The final table


Seat 1: jlouhb - 12,329,309
Seat 2: marcosmello9 - 4,248,712
Seat 3: -Naevia_65 - 10,464,002
Seat 4: DimarikEp - 5,805,977
Seat 5: uiCk - 3,920,420
Seat 6: king2173 - 21,863,871
Seat 7: spurs311 - 4,342,841
Seat 8: aseefo - 9,454,464
Seat 9: riverzues - 3,854,404

uiCk was the first player to act at the final table and moved all-in from under-the-gun for 3.72 million.

DimarikEp called from the big blind and showed A♥4♠. uiCk was in the lead with A♠K♦ and hit a straight when the board came 5♣Q♥J♠9♥[10d]. uiCk doubled up to 9.74 million while DimarikEp was down to 1.89 million.

Another hand, another double

The next hand, king2173 raised to 21 million from under-the-gun and spurs311 called all-in for 3.94 million. The rest of the table folded and both players tabled pocket pairs. king2173 had sixes and spurs311 was in the lead with jacks. There were no upsets for spurs311 on the 9♠K♣3♦3♠[10c] board and he doubled up to 11.19 million.

king2173's lead dipped a bit but then the Austrian player dealt our first final table elimination. On the third hand, DimarikEp moved all-in for 985,557 from the button and king2173's big blind covered the bet.

DimarikEp showed K♦J♥ and was ahead of king2173's [10h]9♠. That was until the board ran 5♥8♣Q♥9♦3♠ and king2173 hit a pair of nines.

DimarikEp was the first elimination and won $402.47 for finishing 9th.

Another hand, another elimination

In one more hand the tournament down to seven players.

jlouhb moved all-in for 11.53 million from middle position and marcosmello9 called all-in for 3.45 million. marcosmello9 was at-risk with K♦9♦ and jlouhb tabled A♠Q♥. There was a 5♣7♦A♣6♥7♣ board and another elimination. jlouhb was up to 18.08 million while marcosmello9 won $571.25 for finishing 8th.

Slow deal

Then we had the longest part of the tournament. The final table lasted about 33 minutes and 23 of those minutes were spent discussing a deal. At the time of the deal, the counts were:

king2173 - 29,786,587
jlouhb - 12,598,021
-Naevia_65 - 8,484,002
spurs311 - 8,605,682
uiCk - 6,960,840
aseefo - 6,374,464
riverzues - 3,474,404

king2173 had a massive lead and stated that he didn't want a deal but would agree to look at the numbers. The host calculated numbers with ICM and chip counts and got the following results:


king2173: $5,311.60
jlouhb :$3,886.60
spurs311: $3,293.65
-Naevia_65: $3,272.69
uiCk: $2,991.60
aseefo: $2,872.91
riverzues: $2,164.72
Left To Play for place 1: $600.00

Chip chop:

king2173: $7,490.48
jlouhb: $3,767.40
spurs311: $2,902.65
-Naevia_65: $2,876.29
uiCk:$ 2,546.39
aseefo: $2,419.36
riverzues: $1,791.20
Left To Play for place 1: $600.00

Six players liked the ICM numbers while king2173 -- unsurprisingly -- was in favor of the chip chop numbers. king2173 did come up with a suggestion though:

king2173: if u guys give me 200 each and i get 6500 i will deal
king2173: otherwise we can play
king2173: icm isnt fair for me

A few players agreed but the rest countered with $100 each. king2173 didn't budge for a while but then conceded...a little bit:

king2173: ok last offer i will do 150

Players agreed to look at the new numbers, which were:

king2173: $6,211.60
jlouhb: $3,736.60
spurs311: $3,143.65
-Naevia_65: $3,122.69
uiCk: $2,841.60
aseefo: $2,722.91
riverzues: $2,014.72
Left To Play for place 1: $600.00

It looked like the deal was going to go through, but there was one final hiccup:

aseefo: agree
uiCk: I agree
-Naevia_65: seems fair to me
-Naevia_65: i agree
king2173: i agree
aseefo: all agree?
spurs311: agree
jlouhb: agree
-Naevia_65: agree
riverzues: no

riverzues wanted $2,100 and wasn't budging. The small stack was fighting back. Players finally agreed and the final deal was put together:

king2173: $6,211.60
jlouhb: $3,736.60
spurs311: $3,128.65
-Naevia_65: $3,082.69
uiCk: $2,826.60
aseefo: $2,707.91
riverzues: $2,099.72
Left To Play for place 1: $600.00

Player per minute

After 23 minutes, players struck a deal. Then the tournament lasted another six minutes.

On the first hand after the deal, uiCk moved all-in for 6.72 million from under-the-gun and riverzues called from the button. uiCk had A♣[10h] while riverzues tabled rockets, A♥A♠.

riverzues was up to 9.95 and then eliminated a player.

riverzues moved all-in for 13.39 million from under-the-gun and spurs311 -- who was down to 2.32 million -- called all-in. spurs311 had 6♥7♥ and was up against riverzues' 4♥4♣.

The 9♠8♥A♠ flop gave spurs311 an open-ended straight draw but a J♣ came on the turn and a 2♥ completed the board.

spurs311 won $3,128.65 for finishing 7th and then spurs311's countryman was the next to hit the rail.

aseefo was down to 2.05 million and moved all-in from under-the-gun. -Naevia_65 re-shoved for 8.57 million from the button and the blinds folded.

aseefo showed K♦9♣ and was dominated by -Naevia_65's K♦Q♦. The board ran [10h]3♠4♠7♥K♣ and the last player from the United Kingdom was out in 6th and earned $2,707.91

Double kill

Things were evening out a bit as riverzues rose to 15.78 million and -Naevia_65 was up to 14.22 million to king2173's 19.17 million lead.

Then king2173 took a massive lead again.

king2173 moved all-in for 19.17 million from the button and riverzues and jlouhb called from the blinds.

king2173: Q♥4♥
riverzues: A♥[10h]
jlouhb: A♠Q♣

jlouhb had the best hand but then the flop came 4♠5♦5♣ to pair king2173's four. An 8♦ came on the turn and then the river brought a J♠.

king2173 was up to 48.76 million while the tournament went three-handed.

jlouhb won $3,736.60 for finishing 5th while riverzues took $2,099.72 for finishing 4th.

king2173 took a rest from eliminating players for a few hands and -Naevia_65 brought the tournament to heads-up mode. uiCk move all-in for 11.51 million from the button and -Naevia_65 called from the big blind.

uiCk had [10h]8♦ and was up against -Naevia_65's A♣2♠. uiCk took the lead when the flop came 5♥2♦8♣, but then an A♥ fell on the river. uiCk took home $2,826.60 for finishing third while the tournament went heads-up.

Heads up

king2173 - 49,155,788
-Naevia_65 - 27,128,212

As you might expect, the heads-up match didn't last very long. king2173 won the first few hands and -Naevia_65 dipped below 20 million. Event #100 then came to a close when king2173 raised to 17 million and -Naevia_65 called all-in.

-Naevia_65 showed A♦7♣ while king2173 had 8♣8♦. The final board of the tournament read Q♥2♠9♣4♥K♠ and the tournament had a champion.

-Naevia_65 won $3,082.69 for the runner-up finish while king2173 became the champion of Event #100, a title that came with a $6,811.60 payday.

MicroMillions-100: $1+R No-Limit Hold'em Hyper-Turbo
Entrants: 9,833 (37,336 rebuys, 5,823 add-ons)
Prize pool: $51,932.16
Places paid: 1,260

1. king2173 (Austria) $6,811.60*
2. -Naevia_65 (Belgium) $3,082.69*
3. uiCk (Canada) $2,826.60*
4. riverzues (China) $2,099.72*
5. jlouhb (Canada) $3,736.60*
6. aseefo (United Kingdom) $2,707.91*
7. spurs311 (United Kingdom) $3,128.65*
8. marcosmello9 (Brazil) $571.25
9. DimarikRp (Russia) $402.47

*Denotes a seven-way deal at the final table.

And that's it for the seventh installment of the MicroMillions. For a full list of results and wraps, check out the MicroMillions homepage.

Until next time.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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