MicroMillions 7: leking7262 is crowned victor in Event #84 ($8.80 NL Hold'em)

Players only have a few more options for a shot at a MicroMillions 7 bonanza as the series comes to a close this weekend. Event #84 gave them one of the biggest prizepools of the series, the guarantee for the No Limit Hold'em tournament was a juicy $50,000 but the players put enough in the game to double that number.

The tournament drew 12,540 entrants to create a prizepool that just ticked over $100,000 and the winner was set to pick up a five-digit payout for the small price of $8.80. The last eight players in the event were guaranteed at least $1,000 with 1,620 total grinders getting a piece of the pie.

It took ten hours to play down to a winner and a nice amount of that time was spent just trying to reach the final table. Players were given a very healthy structure and the average stack was over 35 big blinds for long stretches of play. mrVentoStar found a creative way to stay alive for a possible win by cracking Aces with K♥Q♣ and a nice flop for his hand.

Unfortunately for mrVentoStar, that luck wouldn't last much longer and he was out short the victory. The final table was set with the elimination of ogi_19771 in 10th place to gather everyone in the same spot. Most of the stacks were relatively similar, or would be that way soon, with bbody79 coming in with the chip lead and gustavo leos riding the short stack.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: leking7262 (10,098,735 in chips)
Seat 2: davo7790 (5,277,924 in chips)
Seat 3: bbody79 (13,188,518 in chips)
Seat 4: byrne13 (6,415,697 in chips)
Seat 5: AliG ua (10,029,459 in chips)
Seat 6: Dubitzky (4,977,918 in chips)
Seat 7: $Maverick_ba (3,018,310 in chips)
Seat 8: ZodiakGB (7,296,319 in chips)
Seat 9: gustavo leos (2,397,120 in chips)

Blinds: 100k/200k with 25k ante

$Maverick_ba shot down, eliminated in 9th

$Maverick_ba was on the short list of short stacks and tried to move up the leaderboard when dealt a big Ace. The Brazlian open-shoved for just 899,560 getting folds from everyone except AliG ua in the big blind. The two were flipping with $Maverick_ba's A♦Q♠ against 2♥2♦.

$Maverick_ba needed help and hit top pair on the A♠3♠2♣ flop but AliG ua nicked bottom set. The tournament ended for $Marvick_ba when the turn came J♥ to leave him drawing dead and out of the tournament in 9th place for $627.

Dubitzky tag teamed, eliminated in 8th

That hand left Dubitzky as the odd man out, the only player remaining at the final table with under 10 big blinds but he found a chance for a triple up. leking7262 began the big hand with a small raise in early position, which was called by bbody79 in the cutoff. The bet was big enough to put Dubitzky all-in and he called from the big blind.

leking7262 min-bet the 8♠6♥4♣ flop and bbody79 stuck around for the 9♦ turn. leking7262 checked this time and called when bbody79 bet out 800,000. The T♥ prompted checks from both players before leking6292 tabled A♣T♠ for rivered top pair and the other two players mucked. The opportunity was there for a triple but Dubitzky was instead sent out in 8th place for $1,003.

ZodiakGB dealt a bad sign, eliminated in 7th

The blinds were beginning to eat up some stacks as the standard play became a pre-flop shove instead of post-flop moves. There were few calls along the way but they produced big pots when it happened. ZodiakGB was the next to open-shove and this time the 3,280,449 bet was called by leking7262 in the big blind.

ZodiakGB had kicker problems with A♣7♦ against A♦9♣ and the T♥6♦5♠ flop did little to improve the situation. The board paired on the 5♦ turn and the kickers played when the river came 4♥. ZodiakGB ran into a bad situation to go out of the tournament in 7th place for $2,006.

gustavo leos gets slick, eliminated in 6th

Sometimes the hands just play themselves and there was no doubt the next big hand was destined to create a big pot. It began when gustavo leos shoved from UTG+1 for 4,864,460 and leking7262 called from the next position. The rest of the table moved out of the way and the two big hands were revealed.

gustavo leos: A♣Q♥
leking7262: A♦K♣

gustavo leos needed a Queen or some combination of miracle cards on the board to stay alive but they didn't show on the J♦9♣7♠ flop. It would have to be a Queen but none appeared in the place of the 6♥ turn or J♠ river and once again a player was gone when the kickers played. gustavo leos was another one with bad timing and was gone in 6th place for $3,009.

AliG ua aced, eliminated in 5th

There was some token chatter during six-handed play about making deal but not all were taking it serious. This attitude surprisingly changed with the elimination of gustavo leos and the timing of the break might have helped. As the players went on their top-of-the-hour break, players continued to chat about a chop and they paused the clock after the official break.

The five remaining players came to a quick solution and chopped up five spots worth of prizepool per the ICM numbers. Once that business was out of the way, they loosened up considerably but no one was managing a knockout. There were a total of six hands with pots 10,000,000 or greater during that time but it was always the all-in player grabbing those chips.

That changed when AliG ua shoved for 10,348,790 after byrne13 opened for a min-raise. byrne13 called the bet with the superior A♠T♥ hand and was against Q♥T♦. There wouldn't be a kicker involved in this hand as byrne13 hit the A♦6♥3♠ flop leaving AliG ua looking for a 2% miracle.

The Ukrainian's tournament ended when he was drawing dead following the 7♥ turn and picked up $6,240 for the 5th place finish, more than double the previous payout.

byrne13 burned, eliminated in 4th

They continued to play it fast and loose which made the perfect environment for a bad beat. With most of the money locked up, they were taking a wider range of hands into battle. Fresh off sending AliG ua out of the tournament, byrne13 tried once again with a shove on the button for 6,746,221 and was called by davo7790 in the big blind.

Another hand, another kicker problem with byrne13 holding K♥5♥ against K♣Q♠, but this time it looked like it might work out for the underdog as the flop came 6♦5♦4♣. The middle pair put byrne13 in the lead and the 8♦ kept everything in line. That all changed with a suck/resuck courtesy of a Q♥ river to send byrne13 out in 4th place for $7,821.

davo7790 dropped, eliminated in 3rd

The battle of attrition continued but leking6272 was able take control of the tournament after a huge pot. The hand saw leking6272 win the biggest win of the tournament to beat davo7790's J♠J♦ with A♣J♥ for a 43,000,000 pot. The hand left davo7790 with just over 1,000,000 and they went in on the very next hand.

bbody79 was there to do the heavy lifting and called with T♣8♣ while davo7790 showed suited connectors 7♦6♦. bbody79 hit bottom pair on the K♠Q♦T♦ flop but davo7790 picked up a flush draw. The 7♥ turn added more outs but they all missed on the K♣ river to send davo7790 out in 3rd for a nice $6,056.

leking7262 wears the crown in Event #84

Seat 1: leking7262 (42,620,300 in chips)
Seat 3: bbody79 (20,079,700 in chips)

Still sitting nicely with the chips won from davo7790, leking7262 was holding a better than two-to-one chip lead over bbody79 with an extra $1,000 in prize money at stake for the win. bbody79 had plenty of chips to play a patient game but the match lasted only four hands before it was settled.

leking7262 opened for a raise on the button and bbody79 three-bet all-in for 20,879,700. leking7262 called holding A♥8♦, good enough for the lead after bbody79 showed K♣9♥. Things were immediately desperate for bbody79 when leking7262 hit top pair on the A♠J♥6♣ flop and the 3♦ turn left the German drawing dead.

It was a hectic, fun final table and leking7262 ended as the runner-up for $8,355 while leking7262 was the last player standing for the $10,960 payday.

MicroMillions-84: $8.80 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 12,540
Prize pool: $100,320
Places paid: 1,620

1. leking7262 (Canada) $10,960.03*
2. bbody79 (Germany) $8,355.38*
3. davo7790 (United Kingdom) $6,056.03*
4. byrne13 (United Kingdom) $7,821.32*
5. AliG ua (Ukraine) $6,240.44*
6. gustavo leos (Mexico) $3,009.60
7. ZodiakGB (Poland) $2,006.40
8. Dubitzky (Germany) $1,003.20
9. $Maverick_ba (Brazil) $627.00
* - denotes five-way deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions