MicroMillions 7: lynskey99 begins weekend with win in Event #8 ($4.40 NLH, 2x Chance)

Day 2 of MicroMillions 7 kicked off the weekend with nine new tournaments on the schedule including Event #8. Players were presented with a $4.40 No Limit Hold'em tournament with one rebuy available during the two hour registration period and no add-ons. The tournament featured a $25,000 guarantee which was surpassed long before the rebuy period came to a close, more than doubling that amount when the numbers were crunched.

The tournament drew just under 9,564 entrants to the small buy-in, big prizepool tournament and 4,621 of them hit the rebuy button along the way. Those numbers created a $56,740 prizepool and the winner was looking to add $8,352 to a bankroll.

While the near 10,000 entrant field played methodically with sizable stacks throughout the tournament, the remaining field dropped quickly from four tables to three in a seldom seen hand. x-men203 opened from the cutoff with Kings only to watch the button and blinds shove all-in behind to give him a very easy call.

That rare triple knockout was enough to propel x-men203 near the top of the leaderboard with three tables remaining but the feat wasn't enough for the Russian to make the final table. The field methodically moved down to hand-for-hand play on the final table bubble but it wasn't necessary.

While not quite as rare as the four-way all-in big stack win, bubble play was bypassed when Sunny5500 and faricc were knocked out at the same time on seperate tables. The two big hands left Sunny5500 with 9th place money thanks to a bigger chipstack and created a final table with just eight players.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: kema56 (6,309,808 in chips)
Seat 2: koteno (18,671,325 in chips)
Seat 3: 4730244 (8,483,009 in chips)
Seat 4: Pokemonishe6 (3,445,816 in chips)
Seat 5: Empty
Seat 6: seabobik (10,334,695 in chips)
Seat 7: pani188 (2,743,549 in chips)
Seat 8: lynskey99 (10,132,569 in chips)
Seat 9: Remiksas (10,804,229 in chips)

Blinds: 150k/300k with 37.5k ante

kema56 out flopped, eliminated in 8th

The start of the eight-handed final table meant deeper stacks with only one of those players under 10 big blinds. pani188 was at the bottom of the counts while Russian koteno had nearly a 2-to-1 chiplead on second place. The rest of the players were all sporting similar sized stacks to push for the win.

With those numbers, most players had more options for pre-flop moves and the first elimination saw the chips in the middle after the flop. lynskey99 began the action with a small raise from under the gun and went to the Q♣8♥2♠ flop heads up with kema56. lynskey99 bet out for 625,005 before kema56 came over the top to 2,222,222 total.

lynskey9 wasted no time and moved all-in with enough to cover kema56 and was called. The shorter stack kema56 was behind with 7♥7♠ after seeing lynskey99 hit the flop with K♦Q♠. kema56 was looking for a miracle but it didn't get there on the 5♥ turn or 2♣ river to be the first officially knocked off the final table in 8th place for $624.

Pokemonishe6 cards Eights, eliminated in 7th

Besides pre-flop moves, the stack sizes also meant it would take two big starting hands to get all the chips in the middle early. Pokemonishe6 found a middle pair after taking one big hit after another before running into a bigger hand.

pani188 opened to an even Million from under the gun and Pokemonishe6 made it just 120k more from the small blind. pani188 was far ahead with T♥T♦ against 8♦8♥ and the 7♥3♦3♠ flop kept things that way. Sitting with just two outs, Pokemonishe6 missed both after the 6♣ turn and K♦ river to send the Ukrainian out of the tournament in 7th place for $1,134.

seabobik crashes out, eliminated in 6th

Just a few hands later and two more big hands popped up with only six players remaining. seabobik began the hand with a raise from middle position holding A♠T♥, which probably looked good at the short-handed table and called after Remiksas moved all-in from the big blind.

seabobik's happiness probably went down when Remiksas rolled over A♣K♠ and then hit the K♦9♠4♣ flop. This left seabobik with just a 2% chance of coming out on top but the A♥ left him drawing dead to the river to go out in 6th place for $1,702.

pani188 flips out, eliminated in 5th

Five-handed play brought the first conversations about a possible final table deal but chipleader lynskey99 was pretty solid on the money he needed to get it done. No one was ready to pull the trigger when they saw two players flipping a virtual coin.

pani188 had success earlier at the final table but was down to 10 big blinds and moved them all in from button with A♠9♣ and was called by Remiksas in the big blind with 6♥6♣. pani188 was the player in danger and missed the two overcards on the J♠5♣4♦ flop. Things weren't looking good and they stayed that way on the J♥ turn and 7♦ river to send pani188 out of the tournament in 5th place for $2,269.

4730244's days are numbered, eliminated in 4th

4730244 was a steady player at the end of the tournament, sitting with practically the same stack as the other four players were eliminated. That came to an end with the first bad beat of the final table.

4730244 open-shoved for 8,443,280 with A♦8♠ and had to be pleased when former chipleader koteno called the move from the big blind with A♠2♠. The seven-digit named player was in a dominating position for a double until koteno practically ended things quickly on the Q♠7♠5♠ flop.

The hand was not 100% locked up with 4730244 needing to run perfect-perfect straight flush then actually improved with the 6♠ turn. 4730244 was now drawing to both sides of the straight flush but missed the stunning miracle on the J♠ river to be knocked out in 4th place for $2,837.

koteno finishes short, eliminated in 3rd

The final three players paused the clock with the elimination of 4730244 but negotiations didn't last long. lynskey99 was holding a significant chiplead and was not interested in giving up any money to the other two players.

Play resumed and koteno immeidiately moved all-in from under the gun for 1,239,432 with T♦7♠. Remiksas called from the big blind with K♠J♣ putting the former chipleader in danger. koteno was in it deeper when Remiksas hit top pair on the J♠8♣2♠ flop and then it was just about locked up on the K♦ turn.

koteno missed the gutshot on the 7♣ river and was eliminated in 3rd place for $4,255.

lynskey99 stays strong to win Event #8

Seat 8: lynskey99 (42,038,836 in chips)
Seat 9: Remiksas (28,886,164 in chips)

Both players began heads up action with plenty of chips but the battle only lasted seven hands. It was obvious from the action that two big hands were involved when they took five bets between them to get all the chips in the middle.

Remiksas was all-in with a very respectable heads up 9♥9♦ hand but ran into the number one A♠A♦ of the chipleader. Remiksas needed one of the two remaining Nines or some miracle but missed it all when the Q♣7♦2♠4♥T♦ board ran clean for lynskey99. Remiksas was the tournament runner-up for $6,099 while lynskey99 wisely held out to earn the top prize of $8,352.

MicroMillions 7: Event #8 $4.40 NL Hold'em (2x Chance)
Entrants: 9,564 (4,621 re-buys)
Prize pool: $56,740
Places paid: 1,260

1. lynskey99 (Australia) $8,352.30
2. Remiksas (Lithuania) $6,099.55
3. koteno (Russia) $4,255.50
4. 4730244 (Canada) $2,837.00
5. pani188 (China) $2,269.60
6. seabobik (Russia) $1,702.20
7. Pokemonishe6 (Ukraine) $1,134.80
8. kema56 (Australia) $624.14
9. Sunny5500 (Uzbekistan) $439.73

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions