MicroMillions 7: mixmaster_p scratches out a win in Event #95 ($2.22 NLHE Hyper-Turbo, Heads-Up)

Another successful edition of the MicroMillions comes to a close today and what better way to celebrate than with a wild, hyper-speed heads-up extravaganza? Three match wins put players in the money, and ten more ensured a trip to the final table. All told, 16,384 players turned out for the breakneck action of Event #95, creating a $35,717.12 prize pool. 2,048 places were paid with $2,612.62 going to the champion. Red Spades Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome, Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara, Felix "xflixx" Schneiders, and Martin Hruby joined the field, but none of them finished in the money.

Although the blind levels were only two minutes long, it still took about four hours to play through eleven rounds and reduce the field to its final eight players.



DutchPolicy def. NaktissBR

Early in Level II, DutchPolicy moved up to 6,000 in chips when his pocket deuces held up against NaktissBR's open-ended straight draw. Two hands later, DutchPolicy's Q♣T♣ made top two pair on a Q♥T♥9♠ flop and he raised all-in for 5,780. NaktissBR called off his remaining 2,940 with J♣4♦, but once again missed his straight when the turn and river fell the 7♥ and the A♣. NaktissBR departed in eighth place ($461.46) while DutchPolicy advanced to the semifinals.

Project-Kiq def. gmmeireles

The chip counts were still even well into Level III when Project-Kiq raised preflop and fired every street on a Q♦8♠6♥6♣5♠ board. Gmmeireles raised the river and Project-Kiq gave up his hand, falling to 3,040 in chips. However, Project-Kiq wasn't down for long; on the next deal he doubled to 6,080 when is A♦Q♦ held up against A♥T♠.

Gmmeireles slipped to 2,400 in chips when he folded to Project-Kiq's 960-chip turn bet on a 6♠2♠2♣8♦ board. Two hands later, gmmeireles found A♣8♥ and open-shoved for his last 11 big blinds. Project-Kiq called with K♠7♣ and missed the Q♣6♦5♠ flop, but turned the K♣ and rivered the K♦ to make trips. Gmmeireles was eliminated in seventh place ($461.46) while Project-Kiq punched his ticket to the round of four.

EmirDuriu def. delftenaar

EmirDuriu and delftenaar traded small and medium-sized pots until the 100/200 level, when EmirDuriu opened for 600 on the button and delftenaar shoved for 4,160. EmirDuriu called, his A♥J♠ dominating delftenaar's K♥J♥. Both players made jacks and fives on the J♦5♠3♣6♠5♦ board but EmirDuriu won the kicker war and eliminated delftenaar in sixth place ($461.46).

mixmaster_p def. 10Shura9

In by far the longest and most hotly contested match of the quarterfinals, maxmaster_p took an early lead by winning back-to-back pots. First, mixmaster_p turned a pair of aces and picked up a bit of value. Then, on the next hand, he raised the turn and bet the river on a K♠4♠2♦9♣2♥ board. 10Shura9 folded and mixmaster_p moved up to 7,860 in chips.

Down to 2,060, 10Shura9 doubled up when his A♦T♦ held up vs. mixmaster_p's K♦3♦. Mixmaster_p went back to work and ground his stack back up to 5,700 by the 100/200 level, then picked up a 2,400 pot without a showdown when 10Shura9 folded to his raise on a A♥Q♣2♣ flop. Three hands later the blinds were up to 150/300 and mixmaster_p open-shoved for 7,000. 10Shura9 called all-in for 2,700, his 4♥4♦ up against J♠6♦. However, mixmaster_p flopped a jack and rivered jacks up, the board finishing A♠Q♠J♥5♣6♠ to send him on to the semifinals.


mixmaster_p def. Project-Kiq

Project-Kiq had a good start, chipping up to 6,500 before mixmaster_p turned a pair of kings against his pair of sevens to pick up a 2,560 pot.

Their chip counts even again, Project-Kiq whittled mixmaster_p down to 3,296 before they got their money in pre flop, mixmaster_p's A♠8♥ dominating Project-Kiq's A♥2♠. Mixmaster_p's hand held up on the T♥5♣3♦9♦Q♦ board and he doubled to 6,592.

A few trades of the blinds later, Project-Kiq opened for a min-raise to 400 and mixmaster_p called from the big blind. Mixmaster_p check-called another 400 on the K♥Q♦4♣ flop and did the same for 800 when the 2♦ turned. The river was the T♥ and mixmaster_p checked a third time. Project-Kiq shoved for 2,908 and mixmaster_p called, revealing Q♣9♦ for second pair. Project-Kiq was on a stone bluff with 3♥7♥ and hit the rail in fourth place as mixmaster_p advanced to the finals.

EmirDuriu def. DutchPolicy

EmirDuriu took control of this match when he flopped two pair and rivered a boat to move up to 8,740 in chips:

Down to 1,360 in chips, DutchPolicy doubled up when his pocket sixes flipped a set vs. Q♦J♥, but he couldn't make it two in a row. With the blinds up to 150/300, DutchPolicy moved all-in for his last 9 BB with Q♥T♥, but did not improve against EmirDurio's A♠2♦. DutchPolicy went out in third place ($837.56) while EmirDuriu faced off with mixmaster_p in the finals.


THE FINALS: mixmaster_p vs. EmirDuriu

Mixmaster_p got off to a strong start, chipping up to 6,500 when his Q♣T♥ flopped a pair of queens. EmirDuriu tried bluffing at the turn and river on the Q♥9♠4♠6♣7♦ board but mixmaster_p called him down. Then, with the blinds up to 60/120, mixmaster_p check-raised a J♥6s]5♦ flop to 600 and EmirDuriu called. Mixmaster_p fired another 720 when the Q♦ turned and shoved for 4,800 when the Q♠ rivered, but EmirDuriu gave up his hand, electing to save his last 2,000 in chips.

Down to only 1,50, EmirDuriu caught a break when his dominated A♦6♠ turned a six vs. mixmaster_p's A♠9♠ to double his stack to 3,120. Moments later, EmirDuriu got his money in on a T♥9♣2♣ flop, his A♦T♦ leading mixmaster_p's K♣J♥. EmirDuriu faded paint on the turn and river, doubled up, and took the chip lead with 5,520.

Mixmaster_p was back to square one, but soon enough he ground his way back out to a slight lead. With the blinds up to 200/400, mixmaster_p opened for a min-raise to 800 and EmirDuriu called to see the K♥7♦2♥ flop. Both players checked and the turn paired the board with the K♦/ EmirDuriu bet 565, mixmaster_p raised to 1,400 and EmirDuriu folded. Mixmaster_p moved up to 7,145 in chips leaving EmirDuriu on only seven big blinds.

A few hands later, mixmaster_p locked up the win. Although his Q♥7♦ trailed EmirDuriu's A♠3♦ when the money went in pre flop, mixmaster_p turned a queen to make top pair:

Congratulations to mixmaster_p on capturing a MicroMillions title! He banked $2,612.62 for the win while runner-up EmirDuriu collected $1,658.34.

MicroMillions-095: $2.22 NLHE Hyper-Turbo, Heads-Up
Entrants: 16,384
Total prize pool: $35,717.12
Places paid:2,048

1. mixmaster_p (Germany) $2,612.62
2. EmirDuriu (Portugal) $1,658.34
3. DutchPolicy (Netherlands) $837.56
4. Project-Kiq (Estonia) $837.56
5. 10Shura9 (Russia) $461.46
6. delftenaar (Netherlands) $461.46
7. gmmeireles (Brazil) $461.46
8. NakrissBR (Belarus) $461.46

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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