MicroMillions 7: MrP0P is last gunslinger standing in Event #34 Shootout [$5.50 NL Hold'em, 6-Max Turbo]

Surviving a blood-thirsty field of 7,776 players seems like a daunting task, but winning five consecutive 6-max SNGs sounds easier, right? No matter which way you looked at Event #34, no one could stop Canada's MrP0P, who successfully navigated five rounds of the Shootout to become the newest MicroMillions champion.

MicroMillions 7 Event #34 $5.50 NL Shootout [6-Max, Turbo] attracted 7,776 runners. They boosted the prize pool to $38,880.00. The top 1,296 places paid out with $5,059.08 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Online Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra, most infamous for playing every single MicroMillions event (100 in all) a couple years ago, was grinding this event and trying to win a MicroMillions title. Alas, Coimbra fell short of the mark in 3,959th place.

During Round 4, Israel's maccabitlv8 was the first player to advance to the final table. The last table in Round 4 came down to a heads-up battle between a pair of Brazilians gladeira and jader braga. The final hand was a heck of a cooler: jader braga woke up with Q♠Q♣ but ran into gladeira's A♥A♠. gladeira's Aces held up and advanced to the final table. jader braga bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


MicroMillions Event #34 - Shootout Final Table Players:
Seat 1: maccabitlv8 (Israel)
Seat 2: HuGuinZ (Brazil)
Seat 3: fjossarong (Norway)
Seat 4: BrunoBx (Brazil)
Seat 5: MrP0P (Canada)
Seat 6: gladeira (Brazil)

The final table was a turbo format with five minute levels. Every player started with 5,000 in chips.

gladeira eliminated in 6th place

It took seven levels before we saw our first elimination. BrunoBx open-shoved for 3,339 and gladeira called all-in for 2,624. gladeira led with A♥T♥ against BrunoBx's K♣Q♣. The flop was K♥8♠3♣ and BrunoBx took the lead with a pair of Kings. The turn was the 2♠ and the river was the 2♣. BrunoBx won the pot and gladeira became the first player knocked out at the final table. For a sixth-place finish, Brazil's gladeira won $544.32.

With five to go, HuGuinZ led with 9,569.

MrP0P eliminated in 5th place

MrP0P min-raised to 500, maccabitlv8 shoved all-in for 2,345 with A♦4♣ and MrP0P called with Q♣6♥. The board ran out K♣J♠9♠4♦Q♦. MrP0P rivered a pair of Queens to win the pot. maccabitlv8 turned a pair of fours but failed to improve on the river. For fifth place, Israel's maccabitlv8 took home $972.00.

fjossarong eliminated in 4th place

MrP0P min-raised to 500, fjossarong moved all-in for 5,420 and BrunoBx called all-in for 4,258, and MrP0P called. Three-way.

MrP0P: J♠J♣
BrunoBx: J♥J♦
fjossarong: 6♦6♠

The board ran out Q♠7♦3♣9♠5♥. MrP0P and BrunoBx split the pot with pocket Jacks. fjossarong's sixes failed to improve and the Norwegian hit the virtual rail in fourth place, which paid out $1,749.60.


With three to go, MrP0P held the lead with 12,359, HuGuinZ was second with 10,854, and BrunoBx was last with 6,797. Action was paused to discuss a money chop. They had to leave $400 on the table for the eventual champion and the numbers were floated: MrP0P ($3,920.21), HuGuinZ ($3,774.25), and BrunoBx ($3,379.82). Everyone agreed to those terms and play resumed.

BrunoBx eliminated in 3rd place

HuGuinZ opened to 660 and BrunoBx called. The flop was K♥4♣2♦. HuGuinZ bet 600, BrunoBx jammed all-in for 2,858, and HuGuinZ called. HuGuinZ led with 5♦4♦ and a pair of fours against BrunoBx's air and Q♥8♥. The turn was the 9♥ and BrunoBx picked up a flush draw. But the river was the 9♣. BrunoBx whiffed on a flush draw and HuGuinZ won the pot. BrunoBx was knocked out in third place, which paid out $3,379.82.

HEADS-UP: MrP0P (Canada) vs. HuGuinZ (Brazil)
Seat 2: HuGuinZ (16,576)
Seat 5: MrP0P (13,424)

With two remaining, HuGuinZ held a slight lead.

HuGuinZ eliminated in 2nd place; MrP0P wins MicroMillions Event #34!

Heads up lasted 38 hands. MrP0P got off to a rapid-fire start by winning ten consecutive hands early and extending his lead 21,389 to 8,611. Although HuGuinZ was on the ropes, he put up a good fight until MrP0P finally delivered the knockout blow

On the final hand... HuGuinZ open-shoved for 8,236 with T♣9♣ and MrP0P called with 7♦7♣. The board ran out A♦6♥2♦3♣Q♥. MrP0P's pocket sevens held up and HuGuinZ went busto in second place.

For a runner-up performance, HuGuinZ earned $3,774.25.

Congrats to Canada's MrP0P for winning Event #34 and earning a first place payday worth $4,320.21.

View the final table in the replayer:

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MicroMillions-034: $5.50 NL Hold'em [6-Max, Turbo Shootout]
Entrants: 7,776
Prize Pool: $38,880.00
Places Paid: 1,296

1. MrP0P (Canada) $4,320.21**
2. HuGuinZ (Brazil) $3,774.25**
3. BrunoBx (Brazil) $3,379.82**
4. fjossarong (Norway) $1,749.60
5. maccabitlv8 (Israel) $972.00
6. gladeira (Brazil) $544.32

** Denotes a deal among the final three players

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