MicroMillions 7: Nekto_KDG tops the madness in Event #90 ($1+R 3x-Turbo)

Event #90 was madness.

With 3x-Turbo blinds and unlimited rebuys for a single dollar, thousands of players flocked to the event. In total, 7,258 players heeded the call and rebought an impressive 33,377 times. After all those entries and rebuys, the remaining players purchased an extra 3,469 add-ons after the rebuy period was over.

This created a $40,134.64 prize pool and then the true test of survival began. Players raced and shoved to stay above the massive blinds in an attempt to become of the 990 cashing players. After that, the slaughter continued and only one player was left standing, Nekto_KDG.

Nekto_KDG faced a final table that had a dominating chip leader for most of its duration. On top of that, Nekto_KDG was down to just a few big blinds with just five players to go, but the Russian player rebounded and took down the title.

For that performance, Nekto_KDG won $5,484.79 and the title of MicroMillions champion. Nekto_KDG's journey to victory started hours, but it got real heated at the...

Final table


Seat 1: JR.smoker - 29,026,468
Seat 2: Mestremorg - 8,971,578
Seat 3: nbalasova - 73,698,815
Seat 4: SUPERSGO198 - 12,306,570
Seat 5: curlarge - 10,435,926
Seat 6: pas69 - 21,310,934
Seat 7: guiliness - 32,488,953
Seat 8: Pelotone - 7,333,168
Seat 9: Nekto_KDG - 30,402,588

The first action at the final table was a strong one. Pelotone was under-the-gun and moved all-in for 7.24 million the first hand. Action folded around to guiliness in the big blind and he called. guiliness turned over K♦Q♦ and Pelotone showed A♦2♣.

The board came Q♠6♥A♠5♣A♥ and Pelotone doubled to 15.67 million with trip aces.

A few hands later, guiliness moved all-in himself. With 500K/1M blinds and a 100K ante, SUPERSGO1989 raised to 3 million from early position. guiliness moved all-in for 24.26 million from the hijack and SUPERSGO1989 called all-in.

There was a flip when guiliness showed A♦K♦ to SUPERSGO1989's J♣J♦. guiliness hit an ace on the 7♠2♦5♥A♠4♥ board and SUPERSGO1989 won $311.04 for finishing 9th.

Pelotone slowly chipped down after his all-in and then found himself at-risk again. Action folded to Pelotone on the button and he moved all-in for 5.11 million and JR.smoker called from the big blind.

JR.smoker tabled 4♦4♣ and Pelotone showed K♣2♦ for his tournament life. The board ran 9♥8♠8♣3♠J♠ and the final table was down to seven. For the 8th place finish, Pelotone won $481.61.

Rapid fire

Thanks to its 3x-Turbo format, action rarely slowed down in Event #90, it only went through varying degrees of "really fast."

We went from seven to five players really, really fast. It just took two hands.

pas69 moved all-in for 16.26 million from under-the-gun and nbalasova called from the small blind. pas69 showed A♦Q♣ but was drawing slim against nbalasova's A♣A♥. The J♦3♣9♠J♣Q♦ board wasn't enough for pas69 and the Guatemalan player was eliminated in 7th place. For that finish, pas69 won $882.96 while nbalasova's lead grew to 113.92 million.

The next hand, curlarge moved all-in for 3.62 million from the small blind and guiliness called from the big blind. curlarge had [10h]7♦ and was behind guiliness' A♣J♦.

guiliness was already in the lead but then hit an A♠ on the flop. Aces took the pot and curlarge earned $1,284.30 for finishing 6th. guiliness was second in chips but still had about half of nbalasova's stack.

Rise of a champion

Nekto_KDG was the shortest stack when play got five-handed, but then his ascent began. First, Nekto_KDG doubled to 13.42 million with A♦8♥ to nbalasova's A♣5♠. nbalasova hit a 5♣ on the flop but then an 8♠ came on the river to save Nekto_KDG.

The double up barely made a dent in nbalasova's stack, but then Nekto_KDG doubled up through him again.

Nekto_KDG raised to 10.5 million from under-the-gun and nbalasova called from the small blind.

The flop came 8♣9♦A♥ and nbalasova bet 2.1 million. With just 2.29 million beind, Nekto_KDG moved all-in and nbalasova called. nbalasova had 4♠4♦ and Nekto_KDG was in the lead with A♠7♦.

A K♠ came on the turn and then an 8♥ completed the board. Nekto_KDG was up to 28.74 million and then eliminated an opponent a few hands later.

Nekto_KDG raised to 6.3 million from the small blind and JR.smoker moved all-in for 16.68 million from the big blind. JR.smoker tabled K♦[10d] and Nekto_KDG showed A♥9♠. The board came 6♦9♥3♣J♥5♣ and Nekto_KDG was up to 54.39 while JR.smoker earned $1,685.65 for finishing 5th.

Another burst

Then we lost another two players in two hands.

Nekto_KDG raised to 4.8 million from the small blind and Mestremorg moved all-in for 15.46 million. Nekto_KDG called with K♣[10h] and was ahead of Mestremorg's Q♦6♠. The 8♣K♦2♦ flop improved Nekto_KDG's hand and then a 2♠ and a [10c] completed the board. Mestremorg was out in 4th and won $2,207.40 while Nekto_KDG's stack rose to 80.23 million.

The next hand, nbalasova raised to 6 million from the small blind and guiliness moved all-in for 49.83 million. nbalasova called and we had another showdown.

guiliness: A♣8♠
nbalasova: A♦K♠

The board ran 9♠[10d]8♦7♦Q♦ and guiliness was flushed out. For finishing 3rd, guiliness won $3,210.77.

Heads up

nbalasova - 145,986,668
Nekto_KDG - 79,988,332

On the second hand of play, players struck a deal. nbalasova took $5,139.10 while Nekto_KDG was guaranteed $4,884.79. That left the title and $600 left to play for.

Like most things this tournament, heads-up play didn't last long.

First, Nekto_KDG got a double up. nbalasova raised to 4.8 million and Nekto_KDG called. Both players checked the 6♥5♥2♦ flop and a 4♠ came on the turn. Nekto_KDG checked and then raised to 9.6 million after nbalasova bet 4.8 million. A J♥ came on the river when nbalasova called and Nekto_KDG bet 2.4 million.

nbalasova moved all-in for 109.27 million and Nekto_KDG called all-in. nbalasova showed a pair of jacks with J♣[10c] while Nekto_KDG had a straight with K♠3♣.

Nekto_KDG was up to 204.14 million while nbalasova was left with just 21.84 million. nbalasova did double to 38.40 million two hands later with A♣8♦ to Nekto_KDG's [10d]8♣, but everything ended the hand after that.

Nekto_KDG raised to 4.8 million and nbalasova moved all-in for 38.16 million. Nekto_KDG called and, once again, showed ten-eight: [10s]8♠. nbalasova was in the lead with A♦K♦ but the cards were falling in Nekto_KDG's favor.

Nekto_KDG hit a full house on the 7♥[10h]5♥[10c]8♦ board and nbalasova was out in 2nd. For the runner-up finish, nbalasova won the agreed-upon $5,139.10.

This made Nekto_KDG the champion for Event #90, a title worth $5,484.79.

MicroMillions-090: $1+R No-Limit Hold'em 3x-Turbo
Entrants: 7,258 (33,377 rebuys, 3,469 add-ons)
Prize pool: $40,134.64
Places paid: 990

1. Nekto_KDG (Russia) $5,484.79*
2. nbalasova (Russia) $5,139.10*
3. guiliness (Brazil) $3,210.77
4. Mestremorg (Brazil) $2,207.40
5. JR.smoker (Brazil) $1,685.65
6. curlarge (United Kingdom) $1,284.30
7. pas69 (Guatemala) $882.96
8. Pelotone (Colombia) $481.61
9. SUPERSGO1989 (Belgium) $311.04

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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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