MicroMillions 7: Patata600 peels off a win in Event #28 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max)

Potato, patata600 ... no matter how you say it, patata600 displayed excellent skills in Event 28 today. With a clear vision going into the final table, patata600 set about taking chips from nearly every player and soaring into the chip lead. The real threat came about in heads-up play, when psyzkawas doubled into the lead, but that lasted only one hand before patata600 doubled back and then hurried to victory.


Sunday is always fun on PokerStars, but the running of the seventh MicroMillions series offered quite a few extra options on this particular Sunday. With everything available from Hold'em to Stud, and from turbo to the shootout format, players had a number of choices. Event 28 provided an opportunity to procure a MicroMillions title in a NLHE tournament using six-max tables.

And for only $5.50, players had a solid $40K guarantee toward which to work. Per usual, the number of entrants far exceeded the expected field, though, and the prize pool grew to nearly double that amount. Here were the final numbers:

Players: 15,379
Guarantee: $40,000.00
Prize pool: $76,895.00
Paid players: 2,100

A couple thousand players were paid, but there were no members of Team PokerStars in sight. This was a tournament for the micro-limit specialists, and MM cashes were added to players' list of accomplishments.

Ultimately, the tournament was reduced to just two tables before the nine-hour mark. When only seven players remained, offmesocks pushed all-in with A♣T♥ against the 8♥8♣ of pyszkawas. But the board of Q♠4♦9♠T♦J♣ only made a straight for pyszkawas to eliminate offmesocks in seventh place for $653.60.

MATTHB takes charge with chip lead

The final table got underway at 9 hours and 15 minutes into the tournament. In Level 50, with blinds of 250K/500K and a 62,500 ante, the players started with these chip stacks:

Seat 1: MATTHB (20,503,787 in chips)
Seat 2: pyszkawas (10,718,410 in chips)
Seat 3: olegsir85 (2,034,751 in chips)
Seat 4: patata600 (13,571,835 in chips)
Seat 5: deeegor (15,989,283 in chips)
Seat 6: lesus86 (14,076,934 in chips)

MM7 - Event 28 FT.JPG

Olegsir85 didn't take long to triple up with this hand:

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Then patata600 took a pot worth 11,785K chips from deeegor to soar, then took some chips from olegsir85 to climb even closer to MATTHB's lead.

Olegsir85 then pushed all-in UTG with 7♥7♣, and lesus86 reraised all-in to isolate from the button, which worked. Lesus86 showed A♥A♠, which held up to the T♠T♥9♦Q♣Q♥ for the best two pair. Olegsir85 was gone in sixth place with $922.74.

Patata600 then collected a pot worth 15,375,000 chips from MATTHB to capture a solid lead. And lesus86 doubled through deeegor in this hand:

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Deeegor pushed all-in just a few hands later with T♠T♦, but MATTHB called with J♦J♠, which bested the board of 7♦A♦6♠5♠8♥. Deeegor was done in fifth place with $1,537.90.

That helped MATTHB chip up, but pyszkawas doubled through MATTHB to send the latter to a short-stacked position.

Friendly four-way deal

The players saw that patata600 had a very strong lead and decided to pause the tournament to discuss a deal. Without much delay, they happily agreed to the following payouts with an extra $800 still in play for the winner:

Seat 1: MATTHB (9,194,068 in chips) = $5,011.25
Seat 2: pyszkawas (12,506,820 in chips) = $5,011.26
Seat 4: patata600 (42,821,358 in chips) = $9,700.00
Seat 6: lesus86 (12,372,754 in chips) = $5,011.25

On the third hand back, MATTB doubled through lesus86, and then pyszkawas doubled through chip leader patata600 here:

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On the very next hand, fans saw some big action. Lesus86 moved all-in UTG with K♣K♠, and MATTHB and patata600 both called. The flop of A♣4♦Q♥ brought an all-in bet from MATTHB holding A♠4♥ and call from patata600 with A♦8♣. The Q♣ and 5♠ finished the hand, giving patata600 the best hand with two aces and the best kicker. Lesus86 exited in fourth place and MATTHB in third, each taking home $5,011.25.

No easy heads-up match here

The heads-up match was set with these player stacks:

Seat 2: pyszkawas (20,638,640 in chips)
Seat 4: patata600 (56,256,360 in chips)

On the sixth hand, pyszkawas took the lead this way:

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And on the very next hand, patata600 did this:

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It took just three hands for pyszkawas to take a shot with 8♠7♣, but patata600 showed A♦K♣, which held up to the 2♣4♠4♦9♣6♠ board with the best kicker. Pyszkawas took second place for $5,011.26.

Patata600 of Greece won the MicroMillions title and $10,500! Congrats!

MicroMillions-028: $5.50 No Limit Hold'em (6-Max)
Entrants: 15,379
Prize pool: $76,895.00
Places paid: 2,100

1. patata600 (Greece) $10,500.00*
2. pyszkawas (Hungary) $5,011.26*
3. MATTHB (Canada) $5,011.25*
4. lesus86 (Hungary) $5,011.25*
5. deeegor (Germany) $1,537.90
6. olegsir85 (Belarus) $922.74

*Payouts reflect four-way deal.

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

Jen Newell
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