MicroMillions 7: RAZBEG1959 rages to victory in Event #73 ($3.30 NL Hold'em)

The final weekend of MicroMillions 7 is upon us and players have just a few more chances for a big payday. The remaining schedule is full of tournaments for all tastes and Event #73 was a good old fashioned No Limit Hold'em affair. Deep stacks, slow structure, and big money for just a $3.30 buy-in.

The tournament featured a $15,000 guarantee which was easily surpassed when 9,617 entered the tournament. The final tally was a $28,851 prizepool with 1,260 making the money and a top prize of $4,249 going to the eventual champion. It took more than eight hours for the field to drop from the starting number down to hand-for-hand action on the final table bubble.

The stack sizes were deep enough to create a deadlock with ten players trying for nine seats. They played for nearly 20 minutes, one slow hand at a time, until the UK's davebgc went out at the hand of Hebe88. The final table was underway with a few small stacks, RAZBEG1959 leading, and another hour worth of play to find a winner.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: shokoladno (1,534,888 in chips)
Seat 2: stefu85 (1,761,286 in chips)
Seat 3: Lighthousser (8,736,093 in chips)
Seat 4: AllForMarita (3,945,515 in chips)
Seat 5: RAZBEG1959 (11,421,345 in chips)
Seat 6: Hebe88 (11,188,682 in chips)
Seat 7: igorfor1627 (1,119,822 in chips)
Seat 8: gabr1_star (3,900,858 in chips)
Seat 9: $ergunok (4,476,511 in chips)

Blinds: 100k/200k with 25k ante

shokoladno aced, eliminated in 9th

It looked like it was going to be a race to the 9th spot between shokoladno and igorfor1627 as both limped to the final table very short. shokoladno took the first shot on the third hand of play looking to stay alive.

$ergunok opened for a min-raise in the cutoff and shokoladno immediately responded with a shove from the button for 1,159,888 total. The blinds let their hands go and $ergunok quickly called with A♥8♥ and was ahead of shokoladno's K♦T♦. $ergunok dodged the two live cards on the 9♦4♣3♣ flop and the A♣ turn left shokoladno drawing dead to be the first off the final table in 9th place for $223.

igorfor1627 four flushed, eliminated in 8th

Not to be outdone, igorfor1627 waited another three hands before finding one ready to go with less than four big blinds. The Russian was dealt a small pair before the blinds came around and shoved for just 957,322 with 5♦5♥. The bet prompted everyone to fold except RAZBEG1959 in the small blind with the slightly bigger pair 6♦6♠.

The 4♦3♦2♦ flop provided igorfor1627 with a few more outs but RAZBEG1969 was holding the bigger diamond. The 3♥ turn changed little and the four flush showed up on the 7♦ river to send igorfor1627 out in 8th place for $317.

stefu85 slides, eliminated in 7th

stefu85 was one of those in the danger zone to start the final table but survived two eliminations to move up the payout ladder. Very little was done to proactively improve the chipstack besides a small double up late and tried it once again by shoving for 736,286 with K♣9♦.

Lighthousser called on the button and RAZBEG1959 tagged along from the big blind to see the Q♣8♦7♠ flop. RAZBEG1959 checked as first to act before Lighthousser bet out 875,000 to get a fold from RAZBEG1959 and Lighthousser tabled A♠T♠. Neither connected on the flop but Lighthousser was holding the lead and stayed that way after pairing the T♥ turn. stefu85 picked up an open-ended draw but missed all 11 outs on the 5♥ river to be sent out in 7th place for $577.

$ergunok plays the board, eliminated in 6th

There were several all-in calls after the elimination of stefu85 but none produced a knockout but it was a positive move for AllForMarita who tripled up against RAZBEG1959 and Lighthousser. Play continued for several orbits until the blinds began building pressure. $ergunok made some big moves early at the final table but was left with under eight big blinds.

Action folded to $ergunok on the button and he moved all-in for 3,030,149 total with 4♣4♦ followed by Lighthousser calling in the small blind with A♣T♠. It was a virtual dead heat and Lighthousser didn't improve on the 9♠9♦8♦ flop but hit top pair on the A♠ turn. The 8♠ turn left $ergunok playing the board and was knocked out in 6th place for $865.

Lighthousser goes dark, eliminated in 5th

Lighthousser picked up the previous knockout but that was the last good thing to happen to the Russian at the final table. RAZBEG1959 used that time to move into the chiplead and used his stack to put Lighthousser all-in after an early position raise.

Lighthousser called with Suited Slick A♥K♥ and had a fighting chance against 7♥7♠, at least on paper. Those near even odds didn't last long as RAZBEG1959 hit middle set on the Q♣7♦5♣ flop leaving Lighthousser looking for running miracle cards. The turn A♦ paired his hand but it wasn't the magic needed and was drawing dead to go out in 5th place for $1,154. RAZBEG1959 had the added pleasure of hitting the case Seven on the river to move further ahead.

Hebe88 dealt TT, eliminated in 4th

RAZBEG1959 continued to extend his lead while the others spent time beating up on each other. Hebe88 was sitting with a decent stack but lost a big hand to AllForMarita before taking a bad beat to end the German's day.

RAZBEG1959 began the hand with a min-raise under the gun and Hebe88 shoved behind for 3,026,279 with T♠T♣. RAZBEG1959 had the stack to play and called with a dominated K♥T♥ to see the A♥A♠2♠ flop. The leader was holding just an overcard for the knockout and found the pair on the K♠ turn.

Hebe88 had a shot to stay alive with the added flush draw but missed all outs on the 9♣ river to be the next victim of RAZBEG1959 in 4th place. No one would have guessed the tournament would only last four more hands.

gabr1_star falls, eliminated in 3rd

gabr1_star was sitting right in the middle of the three chip counts before getting into a battle with the leader. RAZBEG1959 opened for a raise in the small blind and it drew a three-bet shove for just under 10,000,000 from gabr1_star.

RAZBEG1959 quickly called with a big hand J♥J♦ and was well ahead of gabr1_star's A♦3♥. gabr1_star missed on the K♥T♣2♦ flop but picked up some outs after pairing the 3♠ turn. RAZBEG1959 continued his dominance with a completely unnecessary set on the J♣ river to send gabr1_star out in 3rd place and get heads-up play started.

RAZBEG1959 dominates to win Event #73

Seat 4: AllForMarita (6,222,996 in chips)
Seat 5: RAZBEG1959 (41,862,004 in chips)

RAZBEG1959 was a force of nature at the final table, coming in with the chiplead and holding it through most of the action. Heads-up play began with the Iranian holding a big chiplead and AllForMarita seemed resolved to a runner-up fate, even offering up a "gg" before the final hand.

AllForMarita then shoved with K♦J♠ and RAZBEG1959 responded with a call holding the slightly better A♠4♥. The flop was a drama free Q♦6♠2♠ and AllForMarita missed again on the 9♥ turn. RAZBEG1959 once again hit an overkill A♥ river to end the tournament for AllForMarita in 2nd place for $3,101. RAZBEG1959 dominance was complete to earn the victory in Event #73 for $4,249.

MicroMillions-73: $3.30 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 9,617
Prize pool: $28,851
Places paid: 1,260

1. RAZBEG1959 (Iran) $4,249.84
2. AllForMarita (Greece) $3,101.48
3. gabr1_star (Brazil) $2,163.82
4. Hebe88 (Germany) $1,442.55
5. Lighthousser (Russia) $1,154.04
6. $ergunok (Russia) $865.53
7. stefu85 (Germany) $577.02
8. igorfor1627 (Russia) $317.36
9. shokoladno (Kazakhstan) $223.59

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions