MicroMillions 7: RI1111 rallies to win Triple Turbo Event #10 [$1+R NL Hold'em]

Timing is everything in battle. Sounds like a bit of advice Sun Tzu might dispatch about the keys to waging a successful campaign in warfare. With four remaining, short-stacked RI1111 was being hunted down by three bigger and more menacing stacks. RI1111 sidestepped trouble by allowing the other three stacks to cannibalize themselves in a vicious melee. RI1111 patiently waited to strike the weakest opponent. RI111 picked off a short stack and chipped up. After a deal was in place for the final three players, RI1111 got hot at the most fortuitous time. Within the span of three hands... RI1111 staved off an elimination, seized the chip lead, and knocked out the final two players to become the newest MicroMillions 7 champion.

MicroMillions 7 Event #10 $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo] attracted 16,543 runners. They added 80,063 re-buys and 8,418 add-ons to boost the prize pool to $95,571.84. The top 2,250 places paid out with $11,188.30 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Online in the hunt for a MicroMillions title included Felix "xflixx" Schneiders and Tyler "frosty012" Frost. Both advanced to the money. Tyler "frosty012" Frost cashed in 1,842nd place, but Felix "xflixx" Schneidersembarked on a deep run, finishing in 260th place.


MicroMillions Event #10 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: MuÑeKoDeTrAp (25,471,714)
Seat 2: dydyk2911 (5,384,524)
Seat 3: RI1111 (54,938,627)
Seat 4: Cepera_JOKER (15,688,964)
Seat 5: puso737 (56,619,268)
Seat 6: Badbomen (129,055,693)
Seat 7: SuperPiolin (76,235,891)
Seat 8: Okna_Lavis (56,089,070)
Seat 9: shaman87x (122,874,249)

The final table commenced during Level 59 with blinds at 1.4M/2.8M and 280K antes. Argentina's Badbomen was the reigning big stack with 129 million, while dydyk2911 clung onto the short stack with 5.3 million.

Cepera_JOKER eliminated in 9th place; Okna_Lavis eliminated in 8th place

The first blood drawn at the final table was a double knockout. Two bustouts for the price of one. Short-stacked Cepera_JOKER moved all-in for 8,024,440. Okna_Lavis called from the small blind and shaman87x also flat-called from the big blind. Three players. The flop was K♥J♦6♣. Okna_Lavis moved all-in for 41,024,630 and shaman87x called.

Okna_Lavis: A♠K♠
shaman87x: K♦T♥
Cepera_JOKER: 8♥8♠

Okna_Lavis was ahead with a pair of Kings and top-kicker. However, the Q♦ on the turn gave shaman87x an open-ended straight draw draw. The 9♦ spiked on the river, which filled in shaman87x's straight. shaman87x won the pot and sent two players to the virtual rail. Cepera_JOKER held fewer chips at the start of the hand and busted out in ninth place, which paid out $573.43. For an eighth-place finish, Okna_Lavis earned $860.14.

dydyk2911 eliminated in 7th place

Another bustout on the very next hand. MuÑeKoDeTrAp open-shoved for 23,711,714 with Q♣T♥ and dydyk2911 called all-in for 11,969,048, making a final stand with A♦4♣. A Queen on the flop gave MuÑeKoDeTrAp the lead. Another Queen on the turn improved him to trips. The board finished up Q♠J♥4♦Q♦7♣ and MuÑeKoDeTrAp won the pot with trip Queens. The Czech Republic's dydyk2911 failed to improve and was knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $1,624.72.

MuÑeKoDeTrAp eliminated in 6th place

MuÑeKoDeTrAp open-shoved for 35,960,762 with A♣8♣, and RI1111 called after waking up with 9♥9♠. The board ran out J♥6♣5♠J♣2♥. MuÑeKoDeTrAp turned a flush draw, yet whiffed on the river. RI1111 dragged the pot with two pair -- Jacks and nines. MuÑeKoDeTrAp busted out in sixth place and earned $2,389.29.

With six remaining, shaman87x held onto the big stack with 184M, while SuperPiolin was last with 58M.

puso737 eliminated in 5th place

SuperPiolin raised to 13,500,000, puso737 bombed it all-in for 48,809,268 with A♠9♣, and SuperPiolin called with 8♣8♠. The board ran out K♦J♠7♥4♦Q♠. SuperPiolin's pocket eights held up. Russia's puso737 collected $3,345.01 for fifth place.

With four to go, SuperPiolin sat atop the big stack with 180M, but Badbomen was not far behind with 151M and shaman87x with 147M. Bringing up the rear was RI1111 with 62M.

shaman87x eliminated in 4th place

RI1111 opened with a raise to 11 million, SuperPiolin called from the small blind, shaman87x shoved from the big blind for 77,166,740, RI1111 snap-called, and SuperPiolin folded. RI1111 led with K♦8♦ versus shaman87x's Q♥J♦. The board finished up 5♦4♠4♥K♥Q♣. RI1111 won the pot after he turned two pair -- Kings and fours. Although shaman87x rivered two pair -- Queens and fours -- it was not good enough to stave off elimination. For a fourth-place performance, Russia's shaman87x collected $4,300.73.

With three players left in the hunt, RI1111 was out in front with 257M, SuperPiolin was second with 148M, and Badbomen not far behind with 136M.


With three remaining, action was paused to discuss a money chop. Badbomen led with 216M, RI1111 was in second with 200M, and SuperPiolin sat in last with 125M. The deal numbers were floated (with $1,000 left on the table to the eventual champion): Badbomen ($8,561.18), RI1111 ($8,383.99), and SuperPiolin ($7,578.89). The final three were in accordance with the terms of the deal and play resumed.

Badbomen eliminated in 3rd place

Shortly after a deal was set, RI1111 avoided an elimination and doubled up. Badbomen tried to pick RI1111 off with A♣7♣ against K♥J♦. However, RI1111 rivered a full house to win the pot worth 406 million. As a result, Badbomen was crippled and left with a paltry 16 million and change.

On the next hand, Badbomen was finally knocked out. Badbomen open-shoved for 15,722,654, SuperPiolin called, and RI1111 called. Three-handed action. Both big stacks checked on the flop and the turn. On the river, the board read T♣7♣4♣T♦2♦. SuperPiolin moved all-in for 102,978,396 but RI1111 folded. It was heads-up. SuperPiolin tabled 2♣2♠. Badbomen flopped a flush with A♣8♣, but SuperPiolin ran him down and rivered a full house. SuperPiolin dragged the pot and Badbomen was knocked out in third place, which paid out $8,561.18.

HEADS-UP: RI1111 (Bulgaria) vs. SuperPiolin (Chile)
Seat 3: RI1111 (390,411,642)
Seat 7: SuperPiolin (151,946,358)

Down to the final two and RI1111 held a significant edge. However, the heads-up battle would last a mere single hand.

SuperPiolin eliminated in 2nd place; RI1111 wins MicroMillions 7 title!

SuperPiolin opened to 19,200,000 and RI1111 called. Fireworks occurred on the flop of A♣8♥7♣. RI1111 checked, SuperPiolin bombed it all-in for 132,146,358, and RI1111 called.

RI1111: T♠7♥
SuperPiolin: K♥6♥

RI1111 was ahead with a pair of sevens. The turn was the 6♣ and RI1111 picked up a gut-shot straight draw. The river was the 9♠, which filled in a straight for RI1111. SuperPiolin failed to improve and was knocked out in second place. RI1111 shipped the pot and the tournament.

Chile's SuperPiolin collected $7,578.89 for s gutsy runner-up performance.

Congrats to Bulgaria's RI1111 for earning a $9,383.99 pay day for first place in MicroMillions 7.

View the final hand in the replayer:

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MicroMillions-010: $1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo]
Entrants: 16,543 (80,063 re-buys, 8,418 add-ons)
Prize Pool: $95,571.84
Places Paid: 2,250

1. RI1111 (Bulgaria) $9,383.99**
2. SuperPiolin (Chile) $7,578.89**
3. Badbomen (Argentina) $8,561.18**
4. shaman87x (Russia)  $4,300.73
5. puso737 (Russia) $3,345.01
6. MuÑeKoDeTrAp (Portugal) $2,389.29
7. dydyk2911 (Czech Republic) $1,624.72
8. Okna_Lavis (Kazakhstan) $860.14
9. Cepera_JOKER (Russia) $574.43

** Denotes a deal among the final three players

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