MicroMillions 7: SleightOfJam runs over Event #6 [$2.20+R NL, 2X Turbo]

Had you to choose just one word to describe the format of Event #6, a two-buck rebuy with two squirts of turbo, it would be fun. That is, at least, for the railbirds enjoying the drama of an all-in per minute pace, giant stacks accumulating and hopes evaporating, in the emotional inferno of the all capricious coin flip.

It all began at 23:00 on the PokerStars' clock and it was over in under five hours, with
5,713 hopefuls and nearly treble that many rebuys reduced unsparingly to one. The one was Canadian (no, not Keanu Reeves) SleightOfJam, who put on a final table show worthy of the big screen, leading start to finish, and taking home $7,387.06 and the title!

Plenty of big names dabble in the MicroMillions, but this tournament was one for the microstakes hopefuls. The deepest run from a PokerStars Pro was the 525th place of Tyler Frost. After three hours the field was down to just 119 spread across 14 tables, the average stack had risen to above 600,000, a mountain of 2,000 chip bullets.

"1/3 of the field remaining are Canadian...yup we da best," was the observation of Patakam with three tables remaining. That ratio would hold as 3 of the 9 final tablists were staying up an hour or two past bed time in the great white north. You know poker players though, in their superstitious nature, the other Canucks could have been none too pleased with the karmic implications of Patakam's pronouncement.

With twelve players left SleightOfJam moved all-in for sixteen big blinds, a larger stack at this stage of the tournament, and met resistance immediately on his left, from the equal stacked Tambuz. Thirteen million chips were in the pot before the flop. It was A♣ J♦ for Tambuz and 7♣ 7♥ for SleightOfJam. This was a big flip guaranteed to create the first eight-figure chip stack of the tournament. The flop was decisive, with a jack, and a seven.

It was J♠ 7♠ 4♠ and Tambuz was drowning with just runner-runner hopes. The 9♦ turn inaugurated a case of the run-it-ups for SleightOfJam that would be Archie Karas approved. And for Tambuz the T♦ river was about as important as whether it really was air they were breathing. They were out in 12th for $280.85.

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As soon as hand for hand began it was over. The 8♥ 7♦ A♥ flop was already out on one of the two remaining tables, DanielMarku8 already all-in and at risk with K♣ 5♠, in peril, facing the 5♥ 5♦ of Patakam. The board completed 3♥ T♣, the Portuguese player was rewarded with $280.85 real-world dollars for bubbling the final table.


Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: DotComRicher (5,783,204)
Seat 2: Patakam (12,414,043)
Seat 3: Mr laca (4,838,650)
Seat 4: danskemann (4,555,552)
Seat 5: SleightOfJam (13,496,295)
Seat 6: jasonbarn (8,478,007)
Seat 7: pfc_jug22 (5,912,290)
Seat 8: gfk_asbos (10,666,652)
Seat 9: ThiagoFasttt (5,745,307)

SleightOfJam won the first hand of the final table, potting the river versus contending big stack, gfk_asbos, who surrendered on the river.

SleightOfJam wasted no time, the very next hand they min-raised to 900,000 two off the button and called a 5.6M three-bet jam from big blind ThiagoFasttt. It was A♥ Q♥ for the Brazilian short stack, and 8♦ 8♥ for the steamroller. The flop -- 9♠ 6♠ 2♣-- offered nothing in the way of hearts, queens, or aces, and the K♠ 9♦ turn and river solidified SleightOfJam's chip lead. ThiagoFastt had made it through a huge field to be flipped out in ninth, for $377.61.

Then Sleight raised again, taking on second-largest stack Patakam in the big blind. The chip leader turned top pair, having bet the flop, got called on a turn bet, and showed down the winner. SleightOfHand was rolling. They won the next two hands, starting the final table five for five, and pushing their stack to 30M with only a shade over 70M chips in play.

An orbit later, a third in chips gfk_asbos decided to make a stand versus the under the gun min-raise of Sleight, shoving all in for 8.7M over the 1M chip open, with A♥ 5♦. The Greek's courage was commendable, but their timing could not have been worse, it was Q♠ Q♦ for the chip-leader. When you're hot, you're hot. The 2♦ 2♠ 5♥ 8♦ K♦ had the wrong pair in store for gfk_asbos and they were out eighth for $590.02.

The SleightOfJam show

What happened next was the flavour of final table dominance that appears in a poker player's dreams. SleightOfJam reached 40M without showdown for an orbit, then Mr Iaca moved all-in on the button for almost twenty big-blinds, a massive wager at this stage of the tournament. They had a massive hand in A♠ K♣. But SleighOfJam in the big blind had them one better, with K♦ K♥. "Ohhh," opined final table host MickP. "That was quite unfortunate."

The turn brought a little sweat to the onslaught, the board read T♥ 5♦ 2♠ 4♦. Any ace or three would create a table of dueling superpowers, but it was all for one, the Q♣ brick fell on the river, and SleightOfJam already had 50M of 71.9M chips with six players still remaining. Mr Iaca breached the four-figure cashes with $1,062.04 for sixth.

It was 'Nuck on 'Nuck violence for the next elimination, DotComRicher moved all-in for ten big blinds under the gun, with 7♠ 7♦ and SleightOfJam made the call with A♥ 4♠. The A♠ J♥ A♦ flop was not all she wrote for the two sevens, but it was close. The Q♦ and 3♠ put the final nails in that coffin and SleightOfJam, apart from KO'ing his compatriot, was now part of the 1%, being in possession of an astounding one hundred big blind stack when none of their remaining four opponents had so much as ten! For their sixth place effort, DotComRicher was indeed richer on PokerStars.com, $1,534.06 richer to be exact.

SleightOfJam began moving all-in every hand. When it was Norwegian danskemann's turn to take the big blind they were basically pot committed to call with 6♣ 3♣, having been whittled to under three big blinds. Of course, Sleight had two jacks in the hole. There would be no sweat of any kind and a $2,006.08 payday for danskemann's fifth place.

If you are keeping track at home, SleightOfJam had knocked out every player thus far at the final table. They open jammed 62M to have jasonbarn call all-in on the button for 3.5M and then Patakam over call with 4.5M in the big blind! Patakam was sure to have a huge hand, and they did:

Patakam: A♦ A♥
SleightOfJam: 8♦ 6♦
jasonbarn: K♥ J♣

The flop fell T♠ 7♠ 2♠ and SleightOfJam had flopped a gutshot to effectively end the tournament (uninvolved pfc_jug22, who must have loved to see a three-way all-in, had less than two big blinds). The Q♠ turn brought some outs to a three-way chop, but the T♦ meant a triple for Patakam, a setback for SleightOfJam, and a fourth-place elimination for jasonbarn, worth $2,666.91.

Three hands later pfc_jug22 moved all-in with A♠ K♣ and got called by both players. Unable to hit on an J♦ J♥ 4♦ Q♣ 9♠ board the Dane was drawn out on by the Q♥ 2♥ of SleightOfJam. Having moved up considerably pfc_jug22 was awarded $3,894.16 for third place.


"nah gambool"

It would be understandable if SleightOfJam felt destined to win this one and deal talks were quickly quenched. But it would not be a smooth ride, especially compared to how they had barnstormed their way from nine to two without ever being at risk of elimination. The stacks were 62M to 10M to begin play, but Patakam was in no mood to roll over, winning 5 of the first 6 pots.

A couple dozen hands into heads-up, which seemed like ages compared to the pace of affairs up to this point, Patakam found themselves under 6M, but doubled with sevens to the ace-ten of spades of SleightOfJam. Patakam would get it in bad six hands later with A♦ 7♥ to A♥ Q♣, but flop a seven and hold on. Suddenly the chip disparity was 47M to 25M and things were that much more interesting.

Another dozen hands of battle ensued, with SleightOfJam chipping down their rival, before Patakam moved all-in for 8M, their last ten big blinds, over a button min-raise to 1.6M, with A♠ 8♥. Queens had been good to SleightOfJam, when they held them or faced them, all tournament. This was no exception, their Q♦ Q♥ only needing to avoid an ace or an eight to win the tournament outright after the T♣ 8♣ 4♦ flop.

It is not called the dead man's hand for no reason, one supposes, and the Q♣ erased Patakam's cards from the out-tracker. The K♦ was late to the party, it was all over, one Canadian, Patakam, out in second for $5,499.03, another, SleightOfJam, victorious, winning $7,387.06!

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Congratulations once again to SleightOfJam, for an inspiring and dominant poker performance, for taking home $7,397.06, and for capturing the MicroMillions 7, Event #6 title!

Or, as host MickP put it, "So long, and thanks for all the fish!"

MicroMillions-006: [$2.20+R NL, 2X Turbo]

Entrants: 5,713 (14,802 re-buys, 3,086 add-ons)
Prize pool: $47,202
Places paid: 720

1. SleightOfJam (Canada) $7,387.06
2. Patakam (Canada) $5,499.03
3. pfc_jug22 (Denmark) $3,894.16
4. jasonbarn (Germany) $2,666.91
5. danskemann (Norway) $2,006.08
6. DotComRicher (Canada) $1,534.06
7. Mr Iaca (Hungary) $1,062.04
8. dfk_asbos (Greece) $590.02
9. ThiagoFasttt (Brazil) $377.61

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Gareth Chantler is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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