MicroMillions 7 starts Thursday

If you don't know this by now, I'll just assume you have been building a fort of small twigs in the countryside. If you're just getting back from the fort, I suggest you shower, find the jar of loose change you meant to bury in the country, and prepare to win your share of $5 million in prize money. That's right, my little country mouse, MicroMillions 7 begins tomorrow (that's Thursday March 13 to any of you are logging in late).

Yep. $5 million in guaranteed prize money over the course of 100 events with buy-ins starting at less than $1 and never getting bigger than $22. That's how the MicroMillions rolls here in the city, friend, and if you manage to win the Main Event, you are guaranteed at least $75,000.

Here's the schedule for the next ten days of action.


If you've read this far, that means you're interested. Good.

Want to play every Sunday Million for the next six months? You will do just that--for free!--if you win the MicroMillions Player of the Series leader board. There are other prizes available, but really, don't you want the top spot? Yes. Yes, you do.

And if you do that, I guarantee you're going to see your name a lot here. We're going to cover the ever-lovin' breath out of the MicroMillions. We have reporters lined up to cover all 100 final tables. We may even throw your picture up on the front page if you win.

So, get that shower. Find the change jar. Tell your family you love them. Get to work, because the action kicks off in less than 26 hours.

For full information, a detailed schedule, and Player of the Series information, visit the MicroMillions 7 web page.

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