MicroMillions 7: TaimenSTR triumphant in Event #31 [$3.30 Stud Hi/Lo]

Wire to wire. Difficult, but not impossible. Being the chipleader at the final table is not an automatic indicator that you will win the tournament, but sometimes the universe aligns perfectly and you have a clear path to the championship. Latvia's TaimenSTR had one of those magical nights when everything fell into place. TaimenSTR commenced the final table as the leader and never looked back by liquidating five out of seven opponents en route to a MicroMillions victory.

MicroMillions 7 Event #31 $3.30 Stud Hi/Lo attracted 6,103 runners who boosted the prize pool to $18,309. The top 800 places paid out with $2,750.59 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari was in the hunt for a MicroMillions title along with PokerStars Team Online talonchick and nkeyno. None of the notables cashed and Canada's talonchick just missed the money.

Ecuador's edisontene bubbled off the final table in ninth place when his pair of Aces and 3♣Q♣7♣A♦J♠A♣6♦ lost to MintTrav's trip deuces and 2♠7♠2♦2♣A♥J♣9♥. edisontene did not have a qualifying low, so MintTrav dragged the entire pot.


MicroMillions Event #31 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: mitras01 (4,181,773)
Seat 2: MintTrav (3,566,594)
Seat 3: TaimenSTR (9,807,706)
Seat 4: Delta-C2 (4,680,561)
Seat 5: borman111 (859,716)
Seat 6: Stiffer1987 (2,978,726)
Seat 7: helo9292 (1,462,098)
Seat 8: 72vitalll (2,977,826)

The final table commenced during Level 40 with stakes at 250K/500K and a 50K ante. TaimenSTR held a commanding lead with 9.8M, while borman111 clung onto the short stack as the only player under the 1M threshold.

helo9292 eliminated in 8th place

It took a full level before we saw our first elimination. Fireworks occurred on fifth street. Holding (X-X)A♠K♣6♣, MintTrav fired out 600K, helo9292 shoved for 632,098 with (X-X)7♦2♦T♥, and MintTrav called. The boards ran out:

MintTrav: 5♥2♥A♠K♣6♣3♣8♥
helo9292: A♣3♥7♦2♦T♥Q♦9♣

MintTrav scooped with a low of 6-5-3-2-A and only Ace-high (with a King-kicker). helo9292 did not have a qualifying low and also had Ace-high, but was outkicked (Queen vs. MintTrav's King). Ukraine's helo9292 became the first player to bust at the final table. For eighth place, helo9292 earned $119.00.

borman111 eliminated in 7th place

TaimenSTR opened to 400K with (X-X)6♥, borman111 bumped it up to 800K with (X-X)4♠, and TaimenSTR called. On fourth street, TaimenSTR fired out 400K with (X-X)6♥A♥, borman111 shoved all-in for 719,432 with 4♠T♠, and TaimenSTR called. The boards finished up:

TaimenSTR: 3♠5♥6♥A♥2♥4♥8♣
borman111: A♦2♦4♠T♠8♥8♠Q♦

TaimenSTR scooped with the nut Wheel low and won the high end with an Ace-high flush. borman111 did not have a qualifying low and could only muster up a pair of eights. For a seventh-place finish, borman111 earned $219.70.

MintTrav eliminated in 6th place

Big stack vs. little stack. When the dust settled on seventh street, the big stack won.

TaimenSTR: T♠5♥A♠2♠A♥5♠4♠
MintTrav: A♣A♦2♦2♥Q♦4♥8♦

Neither player held a qualifying low hand, but MintTrav lost with two pair against TaimenSTR's Ace-high flush. MintTrav was knocked out in sixth place, which paid out $494.34.

With five remaining, TaimenSTR surged to over 7.8M.

72vitalll eliminated in 5th place

Another small stack bit the dust, and big-stacked TaimenST was waiting to pick them off again. 72vitalll bombed it all-in on fourth street for 817,826 with (X-X)Q♦T♥, and TaimenST called with (X-X)7♠9♥. The boards finished up:

TaimenSTR: 6♣6♥7♠9♥Q♠T♦Q♣ 
72vitalll: 6♦9♦Q♦T♥A♠2♣6♠

Neither player held a qualifying low. 72vitalll mounted a defense with a mere pair of sixes, which could not hold up against TaimenSTR's two pair -- Queens and sixes. 72vitalll busted out in fifth place, which paid out $851.36.

Stiffer1987 eliminated in 4th place

Same story. Another fatality for one of the shorter stacks. TaimenSTR limped for 400K with (X-X)2♥, Delta-C2 min-raised to 800K with (X-X)K♦, Stiffer1987 jammed all-in with (X-X)3♣ for 1,158,726, TaimenSTR called 758,726, but Delta-C2 re-raised to 1.2M, and TaimenSTR called.

On fourth street, Delta-C2 fired out 400K with (X-X)K♦9♥ and TaimenSTR called with (X-X)2♥6♠.

On fifth street, Delta-C2 held (X-X)K♦9♥6♣ and fired out 800K, and a raising war ensued with TaimenSTR (X-X)2♥6♠3♦. Betting was capping at 3.2M.

On sixth street, Delta-C2 bet 800K with (X-X)K♦9♥6♣Q♣, TaimenSTR raised to 1.6M with (X-X)2♥6♠3♦J♣, and Delta-C2 called all-in for 193,061. Two players all-in. The boards finished up:

TaimenSTR: 7♥A♦2♥6♠3♦J♣J♦
Delta-C2: 9♠K♣K♦9♥6♣Q♣2♦
Stiffer1987: 2♣4♥3♣6♦K♥4♦T♣

Delta-C2 did not have a qualifying low, but won the high pot with two pair -- Kings and nines. TaimenSTR was the only player with a qualifying low and won the low pot with 7-6-3-2-A. Alas, Delta-C2 and TaimenSTR split the main pot and the side pot.

Stiffler1987 did not have a qualifying low and only held a pair of fours. Stiffler1987 failed to avoid an elimination and hit the virtual rail in fourth place, which paid out $1,217.54.

With three to go, TaimenSTR still retained the lead but slipped to 13.6M.  mitras01 was second with 10.3M, and Delta-C2 was last with 6.5M.

mitras01 eliminated in 3rd place

Delta-C2 (X-X)T♥ limped for 150K, mitras01 (X-X)4♦ raised to 500K, Delta-C2 re-raised to 1M, mitras01 called all-in for 364,273. The boards finished up:

mitras01: K♦J♦4♦6♥4♠7♠2♣
Delta-C2: J♣9♣T♥2♥J♥Q♦J♠

Without a qualifying low, mitras01 lost with a pair of fours against Delta-C2's trip Jacks. Lithuania's mitras01 took home $1,583.72 for third place.

HEADS-UP: TaimenSTR (Latvia) vs. Delta-C2 (Germany)
Seat 3: TaimenSTR (20,818,303)
Seat 4: Delta-C2 (9,696,697)

Heads-up lasted only eight hands.

Delta-C2 eliminated in 2nd place; TaimenSTR wins MicroMillions Event #31!

After seven hands, TaimenSTR's lead was trimmed from 11M to 9M. But that was a minor setback, because TaimenSTR was destined to win this tournament.

On the final hand... Delta-C2 bet 600K with (X-X)K♦, TaimenSTR raised to 1.2M with (X-X)K♠, and Delta-C2 called.

On fourth street, Delta-C2 fired out 600K with (X-X)K♦K♥ and TaimenSTR called with (X-X)K♠7♣.

On fifth street, betting was capped. Delta-C2 fired out 1.2M with (X-X)K♦K♥2♥, TaimenSTR raised to 2.4M with (X-X)K♠7♣6♥, Delta-C2 three-bet to 3.6M, TaimenSTR capped it at 4.8M, and Delta-C2 called.

On sixth street, betting was capped again. Delta-C2 bet 1.2M with (X-X)K♦K♥2♥T♥, TaimenSTR raised to 2.4M with (X-X)K♠7♣6♥ A♦, Delta-C2 re-raised to 3.6M, TaimenSTR four-bet to 4.8M, and Delta-C2 called all-in for his last 1,046,697. The boards ran out:

TaimenSTR: 7♦7♥K♠7♣6♥A♦2♠
Delta-C2: 6♦9♦K♦K♥2♥T♥8♥

Without a qualifying low, TaimenSTR won the high end with trip sevens. Delta-C2's pair of Kings on fourth street failed to improve. Alas, Delta-C2 was knocked out in second place.

For a runner-up performance, Germany's Delta-C2 collected $1,952.47.

Congrats to Latvia's TaimenSTR for shipping MicroMillions Event #31. First place in this Stud Hi/Lo event paid out $2,750.59.

View the final table in the replayer:

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MicroMillions-031: $3.30 Stud Hi/Lo
Entrants: $18,309
Prize Pool: 6,103
Places Paid: 800

1. TaimenSTR (Latvia) $2,750.59
2. Delta-C2 (Germany) $1,952.47
3. mitras01 (Lithuania) $1,583.72
4. Stiffer1987 (Netherlands) $1,217.54
5. 72vitalll (Russia) $851.36
6. MintTrav (United Kingdom) $494.34
7. borman111 (Russia) $219.70
8. helo9292 (Ukraine) $119.00

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