MicroMillions 7: ultgamb gambles and wins big in Event #80 ($5.50 NLHE)

It's the last weekend of the MicroMillions and Event #80 brought it back to its roots.

For $5.50, players got a chance at a straight-up No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament. There were a total of 5,913 players who signed up and they blew past the guarantee and created a $29,565 prize pool.

Out of those thousands of players, only 765 cashed, nine made the final table and just one player was left standing at the end. That player was ultgamb, who skyrocketed to the lead when play got four-handed and made quick work of his last three opponents.

While ultgamb didn't get the lead till the end, he started the final table pretty close to it.

The final table


Seat 1: ultgamb - 5,535,114
Seat 2: Sr.Baldo - 1,767,096
Seat 3: ceramikon - 1,866,208
Seat 4: hab7711 - 4,226,887
Seat 5: Raj Attack - 2,531,898
Seat 6:huangfei1226 - 6,208,687
Seat 7:brodease88 - 5,099,684
Seat 8: mike060879 - 1,091,178
Seat 9: smooty13 - 1,238,248

Players hit the final table ready for action.

On the second hand of play, mike060879 moved all-in for 986,178 from the button. smooty13 reshoved for 1.06 million from the small blind and ultgamb folded from the big blind.

smooty13 showed A♠7♠ and was flipping against mike060879's 4♦4♥. The 9♥Q♦J♣8♣3♠ board fell in mike060879's favor and he doubled up to 2.27 million. smooty13 on the other hand was left with 77,070, about half a big blind.

smooty13 moved all-in the next hand and ultgamb raised to 325,000 from the small blind. The big blind folded and smooty13 saw his final showdown of the tournament. smooty13 showed 9♥8♥ while ultgamb turned over Q♥4♣. ultgamb was in the lead and then hit a Q♦ on a rainbow flop.

The queens held up and smooty13 was out. For finishing 9th, smooty13 won $236.52.

Doubles and pairs

There were a few double ups followed by a three-way all-in. With 100,000/200,000 blinds and a 25,000 ante, mike060879 raised to 600,000 from under-the-gun. ceramikon re-raised to 1,777,777 and hab7711 made it 3 million from the cutoff.

mike060879 called all-in for 1.69 million and cermikon did the same for 2.48 million.

ceramikon: K♣K♦
hab7711: Q♥Q♣
mike060879: 8♦8♥

cermikon was in the lead with kings and the A♠9♠4♠3♥4♦ board kept him there. ceramikon more than doubled up to 7.15 million, hab7711 dipped to 1.60 million and mike060879 was out in 8th. mike060879 won $369.56 for his final table performance.

Then there were more pocket pairs between ceramikon and hab7711. ceramikon raised to 433,777 from under-the-gun and hab7711 moved all-in for 2.35 million. Action folded back to ceramikon and he called.

ceramikon had 8♥8♦ and hab7711 showed 9♠9♥. Both players hit a set on the J♦9♦8♣ flop and then filled up when a J♣ came on the turn. A J♥ completed the board and hab7711 went up to 5.18 million and ceramikon was down 4.54 million.

Flips and dips

There was a lull in the eliminations before they picked back up and we lost three players in 11 hands.

The first started when hab7711 raised to 900,000 from middle position and Raj Attack moved all-in for 1.49 million from the hijack. Action folded back to hab7711 and he called. Raj Attack was flipping for his tournament life when he showed A♣K♥ to hab7711's J♦J♣.

The 3♣J♥[10h] flop gave hab7711 a set and Raj Attack was out. For finishing 7th, Raj Attack won $665.21 while hab7711 took the lead with 9.37 million

A few hands later, Sr.Baldo shoved for 1.15 million from the hijack and huangfei1226 called from the small blind.

Sr.Baldo was in the lead with A♦3♠ to huangfei1226's K♠[10s]. The 9♣Q♥J♣ flop gave huangfei1226 a set and a 7♦ and a 5♦ completed the board. huangfei1226 went up to 8.58 million while Sr.Baldo hit the rail. Sr.Baldo became our 6th place finisher and took home $960.86.

Then we had more pocket pairs. Ten hands after Raj Attack's elimination, ceramikon open-shoved for 3.59 million from under-the-gun. Action folded to ultgamb in the big blind and he called.

ceramikon showed K♦K♠ and ultgamb had him beat with A♦A♠. The board ran 2♥3♣4♣J♣[10h] and ceramikon was out in 5th. ceramikon won $1,256.51 while ultgamb chipped up to 7.56 million.

Taking the lead

The lead switched hands a few times during the final table but when play got four-handed, ultgamb took it and never let go.

brodease88 raised to 800,000 from the button and ultgamb moved all-in for 5.98 million from the small blind. hab7711 called from the big blind and brodease88 folded. ultgamb showed 5♣5♦ and hab7711 tabled A♦K♥.

Things weren't looking good for ultgamb when the board read 4♠J♣9♥A♠, but then a 5♥ came on the river for a set.

ultgamb doubled up to 12.95 million and then took out a player.

brodease88 moved all-in for 2.80 million from under-the-gun and ultgamb called from the button. The blinds folded and we had another showdown. ultgamb had J♥J♠ and brodease88 needed some help with K♣9♦. But the 5♠6♥8♦[10d]Q♠ board offered none of that help.

ultgamb's lead grew to 16.90 million while brodease88 earned $1,670.42 for finishing 4th. Then ultgamb took out another player two hands later.

ultgamb raised to 800,000 from the small blind and hab7711 called from the big blind. The flop came [10d]5♦3♣ and hab7711 moved all-in for 3.99 million. ultgamb called and showed [10c]7♣ to hab7711's 8♥7♠. A K♦ and a 3♥ completed the board and hab7711 was out.

Our 3rd place finisher received $2,439.11 while the tournament went heads-up.

Heads up

ultgamb - 22,101,486
huangfei1226 - 7,463,514

ultgamb had a big lead and the match didn't last long. A few hands into the match, ultgamb raised to 800,000 and huangfei1226 moved all-in for 9.21 million. ultgamb called with A♥8♣ and huangfei1226 was caught with 6♣3♣.

The final board of the tournament read 2♦2♠8♥K♦Q♥ and huangfei1226 hit the rail. huangfei1226 won $3,444.32 for finishing 2nd while ultgamb took the title.

For the victory in Event #80, ultgamb became the newest MicroMillions champion and earned $4,628.65.

MicroMillions-080: $5.50 No-Limit Hold'em
Entrants: 5,913
Prize pool: $29,565.00
Places paid: 765

1. ultgamb (United Kingdom) $4,628.65
2. huangfei1226 (Canada) $3,444.32
3. hab7711 (Canada) $2,439.11
4. brodease88 (Canada) $1,670.42
5. ceramikon (Mexico) $1,256.51
6. Sr. Baldo (Brazil) $960.86
7. Raj Attack (United Kingdom) $665.21
8. mike060879 (Brazil) $369.56
9. smooty13 (Canada) $236.52

We're in the 80s. There are still a few more events left to go though, so check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full schedule of the remaining events.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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