MicroMillions 7: XXNOMAD out of the wilderness to win Event #2 ($1+R NL Hold'em, 3x-Turbo)

The always popular MicroMillions series of tournaments kicked off on Thursday and the second event was a small buy-in, button-mashing success. Event #2 gave the players a turbo structure, small rebuys, and 3-times the amount of time to get in or stay in the game. The action was crazy from beginning to end with players adding money to the prizepool at an impressive pace.

The No Limit Hold'em tournament drew a huge field of 43,851 players and those grinders hit the rebuy button more than 181,000 times. The action was too much for some players and only 21,232 players remained at the end of the rebuy period for the bonus add-on chips. All those entries/rebuys/add-ons combined to create a prizepool just shy of $225,000 with $17,923 scheduled for the winner.

A fine return on investment for the $1 buyin.

The tournament progressed faster than anticipated and they were quickly down to just two tables remaining. There was a wide range of players remaining including half a dozen running deep in the tournament while playing from smartphones and tablets. MagnatG was the unfortunate player out on the final table bubble leaving two Russian, two Canadians, and two from Poland.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Na-Ge-Na (53,070,078 in chips)
Seat 2: rojoma rob (67,464,816 in chips)
Seat 3: PSConnie (52,480,454 in chips)
Seat 4: slekniw99 (216,697,965 in chips)
Seat 5: pankarek (224,205,478 in chips)
Seat 6: XXNOMAD (311,570,704 in chips)
Seat 7: Gamblor288 (186,213,440 in chips)
Seat 8: msow77 (78,356,722 in chips)
Seat 9: vasin445 (121,678,343 in chips)

Blinds: 3m/6m with 600k ante

Na-Ge-Na slides to final table, eliminated in 9th

Na-Ge-Na was weilding a short-stack over the last few tables but was able to outlast 43,800 other players to make the final table. The Russian grinder wasn't at the bottom of the chip counts among the nine players remaining, but not by much. The first action of the final table saw a good chance for an immediate double.

Action folded around to vasin445 in the cutoff and the fellow Russian open-shoved for over 121,000,000. Na-Ge-Na found a good starting hand right off the bat and called from the button with 9♥9♠, slightly ahead of vasin445's A♣K♣.

Na-Ge-Na was looking good for a double-up after the T♦5♦5♠ flop and 7♠ turn but it was the A♦ river providing the fatal blow. Na-Ge-Na battled well but busted out of the tournament on the first hand of the final table in 9th place for $938.

PSConnie runs out of time, eliminated in 8th

While Na-Ge-Na went out quickly, the shortest stack to begin the final table battled a little further into play. PSConnie played a patient game but finally needed to take a shot with an open-shove of 37,880,454 from the button. slekniw99 decided to play along with a call in the small blind but pankarek wasn't ready to play a multi-way pot, raising all-in from the big blind.

slekniw99 thought better of the hand and pankarek was ahead with 8♣8♥ against A♣3♥. PSConnie was looking to hit the overcard Ace but pankarek stormed further ahead on the 8♦5♦2♠ flop. That left PSConnie holding the gutshot wheel draw but didn't get there with the 3♠ turn and pankarek finished it with a boat filling 2♦ river. PSConnie was able to climb one spot on the payout ladder but was knocked out in 8th place for $1,597.

rojoma rob gets outkicked, eliminated in 7th

The blistering pace of play continued just a few hands later after rojoma rob became the next player at the bottom the chip counts. Not wasting any time, rojoma rob moved all-in from UTG+1 for 43,664,816 and found a caller in Gamblor288 in the small blind.

rojoma rob made the move holding A♦9♣ but the Ace was in trouble when Gamblor288 showed the bigger A♣T♥ hand. In a tourament full of crazy hands up to the final table, this one ran clean without a bad beat after the K♦5♥2♦ flop, J♠ turn, and 8♠ river. The drama-free board was a disappointing end for rojoma rob and was sent out in 7th place for $2,347.

msow77 outflopped, eliminated in 6th

Only one player was beneath the 10 big blind threshold with six remaining and it would take a post flop shove to produce the next elimination. msow77 min-raised from UTG+1 and watched the rest of the table fold until XXNOMAD called from the big blind.

The flop came 8♣4♦3♥ prompting a quick bet from XXNOMAD, large enough to put msow77 all-in. The German short stack called the bet holding bottom pair A♣3♣, a hand which was ahead pre-flop against 8♦7♦ but now behind top pair. msow77 picked up a big flush draw on the K♣ turn but was unable to produce a comeback thanks to the blank 2♦ river. msow77 had a chance but was eliminated in 6th place for $3,380.

slekniw99 runs into 33, elimnated in 5th

The turbo structure produced a steady stream of eliminations throughout the tournament but the stacks finally reached a point where the players could make pre-flop moves other than the open-shove. The final table did not produce a knockout for nearly 20 minutes once the tournament reached five players.

The chiplead changed several times over those hands but the UK's slekniw99 was sliding further from the lead before moving all-in for less than 80,000,000. Everyone let their hand go until Gamblor288 called from the big blind and the two were racing.

Gamblor288: 3♣3♠
slekniw99: 9♦8♦

slekniw99 needed to hit one of the two overcards but fell way behind on the Q♣4♥3♦ flop. Gamblor288's bottom set left slekniw99 in search of running miracle cards but struck out on the first shot, drawing dead after the 7♠ turn. The river was a pointless A♣ and slekniw99 ran out of time in 5th place for $5,066.

vasin445 can't catch, eliminated in 4th

It took an extended amount of time to lose the 5th place player but they wasted no time dropping one more. There was some initial talk of making a final table deal but before anything could be completed, vasin445 moved all-in from under the gun for a small bet and was called by Gamblor288 in the big blind.

Gamblor288 once again found a pair in the blinds with T♥T♦ and was ahead of vasin445's A♣6♥ with the overcard. vasin445 missed the Ace but picked up a few outs on the K♥Q♦6♠ flop but was unable to find a saving card on the 4♠ turn or 3♣ river to be sent out in 4th place for $6,755.

Gamblor288 gambles, eliminated in 3rd

The elimination of vasin445 produced an immediate pause of the clock for the players to finalize a deal. It was perhaps one of the quickest, nicest final table deals at a final table and they easily agreed to a three-way ICM chop. XXNOMAD received the lion's share of the remaining money but the other two players were not far behind.

Gamblor288 was guaranteed a nice payout addition for a 3rd place finish and took a shot to build a tournament winning stack. Gamblor288 raised from the small blind before pankarek three-bet from the big blind, prompting a four-bet shove from Gamblor288. pankarek called holding more chips behind and a better hand with 9♣9♦ against the mighty 8♣6♦ of Gamblor288.

Gamblor288 needed a lot of help and things were even more desperate after the J♠T♥7♥ flop leaving the Canadian with two outs twice. The K♥ turn was no help and Gamblor288 was not able to find one of the two remaining Nines on the Q♠ river. Gamblor288 was able to knockout some players at the final table but was unable to win tournament, going out in 3rd place for $11,929.

XXNOMAD goes wire-to-wire to win MicroMillions 7 Event #2

pankarek began heads-up play with the chiplead but both players were holding plenty of ammunition. They each had nice money locked up and were looking for the additional $3,000 for the win. Neither player was willing to give much ground in the battle and they went at each other for more than 110 hands of heads-up action.

Seat 5: pankarek (740,421,684 in chips)
Seat 6: XXNOMAD (571,316,316 in chips)

pankarek seemed to be in charge for the early part but XXNOMAD was able to find a big double up with A♥3♥ against 7♣7♥. The rivered Ace put the Canadian ahead in the tournament and the situation didn't change.

XXNOMAD found the perfect hand at the perfect moment when pankarek min-raised from the button with K♥Q♦. XXNOMAD moved all-in with A♦A♠ and was looking good for the title. pankarek did not find a miracle on the 9♣3♣3♦ flop, 6♥ turn, or K♣ river to finish a very respectable 2nd for $11,980. XXNOMAD began the final table with the chiplead but overcame a few blips to finish off the tournament as the latest MicroMillions champion for $15,413.

MicroMillions 7: Event #2 $1+R NL Hold'em (3x-Turbo)
Entrants: 43,851 (181,075 re-buys, 21,232 add-ons)
Prize pool: $224,003.78
Places paid: 5,625

1. XXNOMAD (Canada) $15,413.93*
2. pankarek (Poland) $11,980.57*
3. Gamblor288 (Canada) $11,929.91*
4. vasin445 (Russia) $6,755.95
5. slekniw99 (United Kingdom) $5,066.96
6. msow77 (Germany) $3,380.21
7. rojoma rob (Poland) $2,347.55
8. PSConnie (Hong Kong) $1,597.14
9. Na-Ge-Na (Russia) $938.57
* - denotes three-way deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions