MicroMillions 7: zhll74 zooms to Event #7 win, nearly $5K ($5.50 NLHE)

Eye-popping ROI's of 1000x are routine when it comes to the MicroMillions, and MicroMillions 7 Event #7 nearly produced a couple of players enjoying such good fortune. A no-limit hold'em tournament with a tiny $5.50 buy-in, two Russian players -- zhll74 and Bolt_devil -- managed to outlast everyone to make a heads-up deal, with zhll74 eventually taking down the event to win $4.929.20. Meanwhile Bolt_devil took away $4,772.29, meaning both had turned their $5.50 buy-ins into nearly $5K!

Sporting a $20,000 guarantee, the tourney drew a huge field of 7,329 to build a prize pool much bigger than that, with the top 990 finishers dividing $36,645 and four-figure paydays awaiting those making the top six spots. Here's the story of how zhll74 managed to outlast them all to earn a coveted MicroMillions title.

From 7,329 to 18

As they crossed the five-hour mark sandyrosh had pushed into the top spot of the counts with just a few hundred players left, and would remain there for a while until passed by others.

About 40 minutes after that, Peeeedor became the first to reach 1 million, joined soon thereafter by sejmajneim who assumed first position as the field was carved to less than 100 players.

sejmajneim continued to stay on top as more players fell, carrying the lead pack over 2 million and then 3 million when just 35 remained at the seven-hour mark. By then sandyrosh had slipped to fall in 71st ($52.76), but Peeeedor was still there and battling with an average stack.

A half-hour later just 18 remained, with nobelheart the new leader with just over 5 million and sejmajneim not far behind.

From 18 to 9

It would take just over 30 minutes more for the next nine to fall. king_pippo34 (18th), Cezar6666 (17th), and SEGERSTIM (16th) each earned $102.60 for their finishes. 103casper (15th), Zahnfee1982 (14th), and rush.pp (13th) made $153.90 apiece. And drcrocnstylz (12th), IsoFisu (11th), and kaaninhio (10th) were the next to go, each finding $205.21 more in their PokerStars accounts upon their eliminations.

Meanwhile Peeeedor enjoyed a late rush to surge past all and back in front with more 10 million -- better than twice the nearest challenger -- to start the final table.


Seat 1: OzOlive (Australia) -- 2,877,927
Seat 2: Peeeedor (Netherlands) -- 10,867,854
Seat 3: nobelheart (Sweden) -- 1,102,880
Seat 4: zhll74 (Russia) -- 3,774,080
Seat 5: sejmajneim (Poland) -- 4,164,347
Seat 6: Niknein (Russia) -- 3,177,734
Seat 7: Bolt_devil (Russia) -- 4,736,036
Seat 8: liujunwei926 (China) -- 3,519,561
Seat 9: smeshko48 (Bulgaria) -- 2,424,581

sejmajneim sunk in ninth

The first hand of the final table saw former leader sejmajneim take a big hit after Niknein doubled through with 3♥3♠ versus sejmajneim's A♦A♣ when a trey appeared among the community cards.

Not long after that, the blinds were 100k/200k when sejmajneim open-pushed for 1,661,613 from under the gun with 5♥5♦ and was called by liujunwei926 sitting a few seats over with K♣K♦.

Again sejmajneim's opponent flopped a set as the first three community cards came K♥9♥T♣, and by the 2♦ turn sejmajneim was already drawing dead to finish in ninth.

Niknein nudged aside in eighth

About 10 minutes later the blinds were up to 125k/250k and Niknein had slipped back to just over 1.3 million. Then a hand arose that saw the table fold around to Niknein in the small blind who pushed all in and Bolt_devil called from a seat over.

It was 3♥2♥ for Niknein while Bolt_devil held A♣8♣, and five cards later -- 6♥6♠4♥T♠7♦ -- Niknein was down in eighth.

smeshko48 smashed in seventh

Bolt_devil was responsible for the next elimination as well shortly thereafter after raising 2x to 500,000 from the button then watching smeshko48 reraise all in from the big blind for 2,634,581 and calling.

Bolt_devil had A♣2♥ and smeshko48 K♦T♦. The board came 9♥4♠J♠, then A♥, then 8♠, and Bolt_devil's pair of aces were best as smeshko48 was sent railward in seventh.

OzOlive ousted in sixth

Just three hands later OzOlive open-pushed from the cutoff for 1,569,177 (just over six big blinds) and got a single caller in zhll74 from the big blind.

It was OzOlive's K♥3♦ versus zhll74's A♦2♦. The community cards rolled out 8♣J♥4♦5♣J♣, meaning zhll74's ace was best to end OzOlive's tourney run in sixth.

Peeeedor put out in fifth

The remaining five played on and before long Bolt_devil had bolted into the lead, pushing up over 12 million before dropping back a touch after losing an all-in to a short-stacked nobelheart. A little later nobelheart survived another all-in with T♣T♥ versus liujunwei926's A♠Q♠ after an ace flopped but the board ran out bringing four hearts to give nobelheart a saving flush.

Meanwhile Peeeedor was sitting in second position behind Bolt_devil when zhll74 earned a huge double through Peeeedor with J♠J♦ versus the latter's A♦J♥. Before long Peeeedor had fallen to less than 100,000 (not even a quarter of one big blind), and cheekily took to the chat box as the prospect of elimination had drawn especially near.

Peeeedor: deal?
Bolt_devil: haha

Peeeedor was then calling all in for less than 50,000 (with the blinds 200k/400k), then nobelheart reraised all in for 1,293,580 from the cutoff. Bolt_devil responded with another reraise from the small blind which pushed out liujunwei926 in the big blind, and the three players' hands were revealed:

Bolt_devil; A♣Q♥
nobelheart: J♥J♦
Peeeedor: 8♥7♥

The board ran out T♣K♦4♠2♣3♣, meaning nobelheart's jacks had held and Peeeedor was out in fifth.

nobelheart valiantly finishes fourth

A couple of four-handed orbits later the blinds were still 200k/400k when nobelheart open-raised all in to 2,035,327 from the button and got a single caller in Bolt_devil in the big blind.

nobelheart had picked up an ace, showing A♦2♣, but soon saw that Bolt_devil had picked up two of them with A♠A♥. The board came 4♠3♦7♠8♥K♣, and they were down to three.

liujunwei926 leaves in third

The blinds increased to 250k/500k, and a hand soon came up that saw the leader Bolt_devil open for 1 million from the small blind. liujunwei926 responded with an all-in reraise to 8,372,536 from the big blind, and Bolt_devil snap-called.

Bolt_devil: A♣Q♠
liujunwei926: K♦4♥

liujunwei926 had a couple of live cards, but the 5♣T♣9♦5♦8♦ board hit neither and liujunwei926 was eliminated in third.

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A heads-up deal, then zhll74 busts Bolt_devil to win

Two of the three Russians who had made the final table were left to battle heads-up, with Bolt_devil starting the duel with nearly a 2-to-1 chip advantage with 21,974,094 to zhll74's 14,670,906. Bolt_devil then won one small pot before the pair halted proceedings to talk about a possible deal to divide up the remaining prize money.

Since just two remained, "ICM" and "chip chop" figures were identical, and both readily agreed to the figures produced, leaving $400 for which to play.

Soon cards were back in the air, and within just a few hands zhll74 had chipped up and in front of Bolt_devil, sitting with nearly 19.8 million to Bolt_devil's stack of about 16.8 million when the tourney's final hand swiftly arrived.

It was about nine hours and 20 minutes since the tourney had begun. The blinds were 250k/500k, and the hand started with a Bolt_devil raise to 1 million from the button. zhll74 came back with a big reraise to 6,261,590, Bolt_devil four-bet all in, and zhll74 called right away.

zhll74: 9♠9♥
Bolt_devil: 5♦5♥

Both had pairs but zhll74 enjoyed the big advantage, and after the board ran out 3♥J♦9♦8♥K♥ zhll74 had a set of nines and all the chips to secure the MicroMillions Event #7 title!

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Congratulations to zhll74 for outlasting a huge field of 7,300-plus players to win MicroMillions #7. And kudos as well to Bolt_devil for making it to the two-way deal and like zhll74 ensuring a payday of nearly $5K for just a $5.50 buy-in!

MicroMillions-007: $5.50 No-Limit Hold'em
Entrants: 7,329
Prize pool: $36,645.00 

Places paid: 990
1. zhll74 (Russia) $4,929.30*
2. Bolt_devil (Russia) $4,772.29*
3. liujunwei926 (China) $2,931.60
4. nobelheart (Sweden) $2,015.47
5. Peeeedor (Netherlands) $1,539.09
6. OzOlive (Australia) $1,172.64
7. smeshko48 (Bulgaria) $806.19
8. Niknein (Russia) $439.74
9. sejmajneim (Poland) $283.99

*= reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $400 in play for the winner

There's still more than a week's worth of MicroMillions 7 events left to go. Check the MicroMillions 7 web page for the full schedule of remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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