MicroMillions 7: Zloto slides to victory in Event #79 ($3.30 PL Courchevel)

Aside from being a ski resort in the French Alps, Courchevel is a relatively new game on PokerStars.

In fact, our runner-up finisher had never played a Courchevel tournament before Event #79. Suffice to say, he did fairly well. For those of you not familiar with the game, it's kind of like skiing on the French Alps.

Well, not really.

The game is like Omaha except you get five hole cards instead of four. Just like Omaha, you must use two -- and only two -- of your hole cards and three from the board. The big difference is that the first flop card gets dealt pre-flop. (Post-pre-flop?) Then, after the opening round of bets, the two remaining flop cards are dealt.

From there on, things are pretty much the same.

Event #79 featured the pot-limit version of Courchevel for a $3.30 buy-in. There were 2,806 players who put up the buy-in but only 352 cashed. Zloto, of course, cashed more than anyone else. Our Canadian champion won $1,432.79 for taking down Event #79.

It was in the books for Zloto as he brought the final down to seven players before there was even a final table.

Hand-for-hand play was underway with nine players and blinds were 40,000/80,000. A 5♠ was showing and stykumyku raised to 280,000 from the cutoff. saghafi1 moved all-in for 622,402 from the button and Zloto re-shoved for 714,716 from the small blind. stykumyku had 171,119 behind and called.

Zloto: Q♠[10c]6♦5♥5♦
saghafi1: A♠A♥[10d]8♥6♣
stykumyku: 8♠7♦7♠4♥2♥

Zloto had a set a fives that improved to quads on the flop. The final board read 5♠5♣9♥3♠J♠ and Zloto took out two players. stykumyku finished 9th ($58.92) while saghafi1 became our 8th place finisher ($84.18).

The tournament got down to stunted final table.

The stunted final table


Seat 1: 69kata - 1,515,428
Seat 2: Zloto - 1,868,237
Seat 3: stan87magic - 1,812,578
Seat 4: <Motorcade79> - 4,683,802
Seat 5: Druliczi - 1,552,048
Seat 6: jetsetad - 718,728
Seat 7: Big Wellsy - 1,879,179
Seat 8: EMPTY - 0

After taking out two players with one Courchevel, Zloto was the first player to be at-risk at the final table.

With 50,000/100,000 blinds and a 7♦ showing, <Motorcade79> raised to 200,000 from under-the-gun and Zloto called from the small blind. stan87magic did the same from the big and the full flop came 7♦6♠Q♥.

All three players checked and a Q♣ came on the turn. Zloto bet 300,000, stan87magic raised all-in for 1.28 million and <Motorcade79> folded. Zloto called all-in with just 748,237.

stan87magic showed A♦K♣Q♦8♥4♣ for trip queens but Zloto had a full house with 7♣7♥6♦3♥2♥. A J♥ completed the board and Zloto doubled up to 2.10 million.

Down and out

stan87magic on the other hand dropped to 534,341 and was eliminated the following hand.

With a Q♥ showing, 69kata raised to 255,008 from the cutoff. stan87magic moved all-in from the small blind and 69kata called.

stan87magic: A♣A♠9♣9♠7♥
69kata: Q♦Q♠A♥[10c]4♦

The board ran Q♥J♠J♥J♦3♥ and it was full house over full house. 69kata took the pot with queens full of jacks while stan87magic finished in 7th with jacks full of aces. For the 7th place finish, stan87magic won 168.36.

Then 69kata lost a big pot and dropped to 549,769. With a 9♣ showing, 69kata raised to 255,009 from the button and <Motorcade79> re-raised to 480,000 from the big blind. The full flop came 9♣J♦2♠ and <Motorcade79> bet 360,000. 69kata called and a 6♥ came on the turn.

<Motorcade79> bet 600,000 and 69kata called again. A [10s] completed the board and <<Motorcade79> put out another bet worth 600,000. 69kata folded and was down to 549,769 while <Motorcade79>'s lead increased to 6.30 million.

69kata then fell a few hands later.

The first card was a 3♦ and Big Wellsy raised to 280,000 from the small blind. 69kata was on the big blind and moved all-in for 369,769. Big Wellsy called and we had a showdown.

Big Wellsy: A♥Q♦9♣3♥3♠
69kata: J♥7♣7♥5♣2♣

The board ran 3♦J♣4♠8♥K♥ and 69kata was out in 6th. 69kata won $252.54 for the finish while Big Wellsy was up to 3.00 million.

A quick one

jetsetad had been chipping down slowly from the start of the final table. jetsetad did manage a small double up to 334,912 but then lost it all soon after.

With a Q♣ showing, Druliczi raised to 420,000 from the small blind and jetsetad called all-in for 334,912.

jetsetad showed Q♣5♠5♦4♣3♣ and was up against Druliczi's [10c]8♥6♥4♦4♥. The board ran Q♣A♣J♠9♦A♦ and jetsetad earned $420.90 for finishing 5th.

Then we lost Big Wellsy.

After losing a series of pots, Big Wellsy was down to 359,029 and shoved it all-in with a [10s] showing. <Motorcade79> called with A♥A♣J♥4♦3♥ and Big Wellsy showed [10c][10h]9♥4♥2♦ for his tournament life.

Big Wellsy was in the lead but then an A♠ and a 6♦ completed the flop. The final board read [10s]A♠6♦5♥2♣ and Big Wellsy hit the rail. For his 4th place finish, Big Wellsy won $589.26.

<Motorcade79> on the other hand rose to 9.53 million while Zloto had 3.03 million and Druliczi was down to 1.46 million.

Then <Motorcade79>'s lead increased even more and the tournament went down to two players.

With 100,000/200,000 blinds and a 6♠ showing, <Motorcade79> raised to 400,000 from the small blind. Druliczi made it 1.2 million from the big blind and <Motorcade79> called. The full flop read 6♠A♥8♥ and <Motorcade79> bet 600,000. Druliczi moved all-in for 1.04 million and <Motorcade79> called.

<Motorcade79>: J♣[10c]9♠7♣7♦
Druliczi: A♦A♣[10s]4♠2♠

Druliczi had a set of aces but <Motorcade79> improved to a straight when the 5♣ came on the turn and hit a better straight when the [10d] completed the board.

Druliczi earned $738.21 for finishing 3rd and the tournament went heads-up.

Heads up

<Motorcade79> - 11,235,618
Zloto - 2,794,382

<Motorcade79> had the lead the entire final table, but that was about to change. Zloto doubled up early on and then took over the lead for a bit before getting thrown back down to 2 million.

Then Zloto's final rise began. After winning a few small pots, Zloto doubled up again.

With 150,000/300,000 blinds and a [10c] showing, Zloto raised to 900,000. <Motorcade79> made it 2.7 million and Zloto moved all-in for 3.68 million. <Motorcade79> called with Q♥Q♠J♦[10s]7♠ to Zloto's A♦A♣J♣7♣5♥.

The board ran [10c]3♣2♣9♠8♠ and Zloto doubled up to 7.36 million with a flush. Then the tournament ended a few hands later.

The first card was a 5♣ and Zloto raised to 900,000. <Motorcade79> called and the full flop came 5♣4♦4♣. <Motorcade79> checked-raised to 3.6 million after Zloto bet 1.8 million. Zloto responded with a re-raise to 5.4 million and <Motorcade79> moved all-in for 5.63 million.

Zloto called.

<Motorcade79>: A♠Q♥8♣7♠4♥
Zloto: K♦K♣8♦5♦3♦

<Motorcade79> had trip fours but then the board ran 5♣4♦4♣[10c]5♥ to give Zloto trip fives. <Motorcade79> finished 2nd and won $1,010.16 while Zloto became the champion of Event #79.

For the victory, Zloto won the title of MicroMillions champion and $1,432.79.

MicroMillions-079: $3.30 Pot-Limit Courchevel
Entrants: 2,806
Prize pool: $8,418.00
Places paid: 352

1. Zloto (Canada) $1,432.79
2. <Motorcade79> (Australia) $1,010.16
3. Druliczi (Poland) $783.21
4. Big Wellsy (United Kingdom) $589.26
5. jetsetad (United Kingdom) $420.90
6. 69kata (Bulgaria) $252.54
7. stan87magic (Russia) $168.36

That's it for Event #79. The MicroMillions is in its homestretch so check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full schedule of the remaining events. Don't miss out on the fun.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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