MicroMillions 8: 007sandel007 shaken, not stirred during victory in Event #76 ($2.20 NL Hold'em)

It's not very often that you get to snap off pocket Aces and win a tournament in the same hand. But that rare event was exactly what propelled Romania's 007sandel007 to victory in MicroMillions Event #76.

The highly-popular MicroMillions 8 Event #76 $2.20 NL Hold'em attracted 20,370 runners. The prize pool ballooned to $40,740.00, or double the initial $20,000 guarantee. The top 2,700 places paid out with $4,087.69 set aside to the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Pro Marcel Luske and Team Online Tyler "frosty012" Frost both took a shot at a MicroMillions 8 title, but both busted way before the money bubble burst.


MicroMillions-076 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: LEM_Le_major (8,404,446)
Seat 2: Dukistar (12,464,610)
Seat 3: Pokergeist5 (7,335,261)
Seat 4: cassio sil27 (4,623,450)
Seat 5: 007sandel007 (17,367,077)
Seat 6: germanok (5,742,441)
Seat 7: Akcus (11,062,870)
Seat 8: Gustanda (5,436,537)
Seat 9: DirtyDelsey (9,043,308)

The final table commenced during Level 48 with blinds at 150K/300K and a 37.5K ante. Romania's 007sandel007 sat atop the big stack with 17.3M, meanwhile Brazil's cassio sil27 clung onto the short stack with 4.6M.

cassio sil27 eliminated in 9th place; LEM_Le_major eliminated in 8th place

Two players for the price of one. The final table was not even set for a full orbit before two players were knocked out simultaneously. Short-stacked cassio sil27 limped for 300,000, DirtyDelsey raised to 2.6M, LEM_Le_major bobed it all-in for 3,862,005, cassio sil27 called all-in for 1,885,950, and DirtyDelsey called.

DirtyDelsey: Q♦Q♥
LEM_Le_major: 9♦9♠
cassio sil27: A♠8♠

The board ran out K♣7♠6♥J♥3♠. DirtyDelsey's pocket Queens held up to win the side pot and the main pot. Both LEM_Le_major and cassio sil27 failed to improve, and both headed to the virtual rail. For a ninth-place finish, cassio sil27 earned $244.44. Meanwhile, LEM_Le_major busted in eighth place, which paid out $366.66.

Gustanda eliminated in 7th place

Gustanda opened to 2M, DirtyDelsey moved all-in for 16,716,263 with 9♠9♥, and Gustanda called with A♠K♥. The board ran out T♥2♣2♦T♣8♠. DirtyDelsey won the race when Gustanda failed to improve with Big Slick. For a seventh-place finish, Gustanda collected $611.10.

With six players remaining, DirtyDelsey was the big stack with 24.3M, while a trio of players shared the basement with approximately 9M each: Dukistar, germanok, and Akcus.

Pokergeist5 eliminated in 6th place

After six-handed for what seemed like an eternity, we saw an elimination. DirtyDelsey opened to 9,447,332 and Pokergeist5 called all-in for 8,294,292 with A♥7♠. DirtyDelsey was ahead with A♦T♦. The board ran out K♥8♥3♦K♣J♣. Neither player improved, but DirtyDelsey won the pot with a better kicker. Pokergeist5 busted in sixth place, which paid out $1,018.50.

Dukistar eliminated in 5th place

007sandel007 open-shoved for 18,416,624 and Dukistar called all-in for 13,472,600. Race. Dukistar took T♠T♣ into battle against 007sandel007's A♥K♥. The board ran out A♣K♠J♦6♥4♥. 007sandel007 flopped two pair, which held up. 007sandel007 won the pot and Dukistar went busto in fifth place, which paid out $1,425.90.

Akcus eliminated in 4th place

Akcus moved all-in for 2,531,048 with 8♥7♦ and 007sandel007 attempted to pick off the shorty with T♣T♠. The board ran out Q♣5♠4♥J♥9♠. Akcus flopped a gutshot, but failed to get there on the river. 007sandel007 dragged the pot with a pair of tens. For a fourth-place performance, Akcus earned $1,833.30.

With three to go... 007sandel007 was the big stack with 50M, followed by germanok's 20.8M, and DirtyDelsey's 10.6M.

germanok eliminated in 3rd place

germanok bombed it all-in for 12,397,266 with K♣T♦, and 007sandel007 called with A♦9♣. The board finished up A♣T♠5♠4♥5♥. 007sandel007 flopped a pair of Aces and rivered Aces up. germanok failed to improved and was knocked out in third place, which paid out $2,444.40.

HEADS-UP: 007sandel007 (Romania) vs. DirtyDelsey (Canada)
Seat 5: 007sandel007 (68,071,752)
Seat 9: DirtyDelsey (13,408,248)

With two remaining, 007sandel007 held a sizable advantage. Heads-up only lasted 21 hands before 007sandel007 unloaded the devastating knockout blow.

DirtyDelsey eliminated in 2nd place; 007sandel007 wins MicroMillions Event #76!

DirtyDelsey min-raised to 2.8M and 007sandel007 called. The flop was
7♣6♣5♥. 007sandel007 shoved all-in for 67,196,752 and DirtyDelsey called all-in for 8,333,248. DirtyDelsey tabled A♦A♥ for a pair of Aces, but 007sandel007 flipped over K♦4♦ for King-high and an open-ended straight draw. The 3♠ spiked on the turn, filling in a straight for 007sandel007. The river was the 2♠. 007sandel007 cracked Aces and won the pot with a seven-high straight.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, DirtyDelsey earned $3,253.49.

Congrats to Romania's 007sandel007 for winning MicroMillions Event #76, which paid out $4,087.69 for first place.

MicroMillions-076: $2.20 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 20,370
Prize Pool: $40,740.00
Places Paid: 2,700

1. 007sandel007 (Romania) $4,087.69
2. DirtyDelsey (Canada) $3,253.49
3. germanok (Russia) $2,444.40
4. Akcus (Canada) $1,833.30
5. Dukistar (Denmark) $1,425.90
6. Pokergeist5 (Germany) $1,018.50
7. Gustanda (Czech Republic) $611.10
8. LEM_Le_major (Bulgaria) $366.66
9. cassio sil27 (Brazil) $244.44

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