MicroMillions 8: ADP1985 survives the octagon in Event #39 ($3.30 8-Game)

Six players, eight games, one champion.

In this final table, it took one full rotation of games for ADP1985 to be crowned champion of Event #39. The first game was 2-7 triple draw and ADP1985 doubled up the short stack on the first hand, becoming the short stack.

When 2-7 triple draw came back around, ADP1985 had the heads-up chip lead and took down the tournament along with $1,895.21.

ADP1985 wasn't a novice at a MicroMillions final table, this is now ADP1985's third MicroMillions title after taking down a $3.30 Stud Hi/Lo event in MicroMillions II and another in MicroMillions III, where the UK player won a $3.30+R NLHE event.

Today it was all games and ADP1985 had to topple a field of 4,071 players. Only 510 of those got a return on their investment and only six made...

The final table


Seat 1: elangel289 - 6,818,393
Seat 2: GRIG344 - 3,561,208
Seat 3: ADP1985 - 2,881,825
Seat 4: TT_AA_NN_KK - 3,036,953
Seat 5: Jurniek777 - 2,754,599
Seat 6: Stunnaf00 - 1,302,022

The final table started off with a round of 2-7 triple draw and a double up.

With 200K/400K limits, ADP1985 raised from middle position and TT_AA_NN_KK re-raised from the button.

Stunnaf00 four-bet from the small blind and both ADP1985 and TT_AA_NN_KK called. All three players drew one card and Stunnaf00 bet. ADP1985 raised, TT_AA_NN_KK folded and Stunnaf00 moved all-in.

ADP1985 called and both players drew one card on the second and third draws. Stunnaf00 hit a 10-7-4-3-2 while ADP1985 had a K-7-6-5-2.

The short stack doubled up to 3.60 million while ADP1985 dropped to 1.58 million.

The game switched to limit hold'em and ADP1985 doubled up with pocket fours to Jurniek777's A♥Q♠.

Down one

When players got to Omaha Hi/Lo, the table had its first elimination.

Limits were 250K/500K and Jurniek777 raised from under-the-gun. elangel289 called from the cutoff and TT_AA_NN_KK re-raised from the big blind.

Both players called and the flop came Q♦6♣[10c].

TT_AA_NN_KK moved all-in for 86,953 and both players called. elangel289 and Jurniek777 checked the turn, 8♦, and the river, [10h].

There was no low hand and elangel289 took down the pot with K♦K♣6♦3♦ while TT_AA_NN_KK was out with A♦J♦2♦5♣.

Jurniek777's A♣2♣6♠3♥ didn't get any part of the pot either.

TT_AA_NN_KK was the first final table elimination and earned $213.72 for finishing 6th.

The champ survives

Our eventual champion was short and got it all-in in with A♦6♦3♦3♠ against elangel289's A♣K♥K♠9♠.

One million of ADP1985's chips went in preflop and the other 500,000 went in on the Q♦3♣9♦ flop.

The turn was an 8♣ and then ADP1985 hit a flush when the K♦ came on the river.

Studly Stunnaf00

When the game switched to Stud, the final table lost another player.

Jurniek777 bet with a 4♣ and Stunnaf00 raised with a [10h]. elangel289 called with an 8♠ and Jurniek777 called as well.

Stunnaf00 : (A♦)(A♠)/[10h]9♣4♥2♣/([10s])
elangel289: (X)(X)/8♠3♥3♦5♣/(X)
Jurniek777: (X)(X)/4♣6♣8♥5♦/(X)

Stunnaf00 bet on fourth street and both opponents called. elangel289 took the initiative on fifth and Jurniek777 called all-in. Stunnaf00 called as well and then called again when elangel289 bet on sixth.

elangel289 put out another bet on the river and Stunnaf00 raised. elangel289 called and then mucked when Stunnaf00 tabled aces and 10s.

Stunnaf00 took a commanding lead with 11.13 million while Jurniek777 won $385.93 for finishing 5th.

Then Stunnaf00 finished elangel289 off.

elangel289: ([10s])(9♠)/4♠9♥8♠6♥/(2♣)
Stunnaf00: (K♠)(Q♠)/5♥A♠[10d]4♦/(Q♦)

elangel289 brought it in and then called Stunnaf00's raise.

Stunnaf00 bet on fourth street and called elangel289's raise. Stunnaf00 then called a bet on fifth and sixth.

elangel289 called all-in for 55,193 on the river and was eliminated in 4th place.

elangel289 won $647.28 for the finish while Stunnaf00's lead grew to 14.22 million.

Rise of ADP1985

Stunnaf00 had a commanding lead after eliminating two opponents in the round of Stud. Then ADP1985 mounted a comeback in Stud Hi/Lo.

GRIG344: (4♠)(6♦)/8♠6♣[10d]Q♦/(K♠)
ADP1985: (4♥)(5♦)/4♦2♥9♥9♠/([10s])

ADP1985 brought it in and then called GRIG344's raise. ADP1985 called a bet on fifth street but raised to put GRIG344 all-in on sixth.

GRIG344 called and was eliminated in 3rd place for $1,013.67.

Heads up

ADP1985 - 6,345,420
Stunnaf00 - 14,009,580

ADP1985 lost a bit more but doubled up when the game switched to No Limit Hold'em.

Stunnaf00 raised to 400,000 from the button and ADP1985 moved all-in for 5.06 million. Stunnaf00 called with 9♣9♠ and ADP1985 showed A♣2♦.

The board ran A♥J♥5♣[10h]A♦ and ADP1985 doubled to 10.17 million while Stunnaf00 dipped to 10.18 million.

Then ADP1985 took a chunk out of Stunnaf00 in PLO:

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Then the table ended on the game it started with, 2-7 triple draw.

Stunnaf00 raised, ADP1985 re-raised and Stunnaf00 called. Both players drew two cards and Stunnaf00 called ADP1985's bet.

ADP1985 took another two cards while Stunnaf00 drew one.

ADP1985 bet and Stunnaf00 called all-in.

Both players took one card and ADP1985 ended the tournament with 9-7-5-4-2 to Stunnaf00's J-9-8-5-4.

Stunnaf00 won $1,013.67 for the runner-up finish while ADP1985 became the master of the octagon and took $1,895 along with the title of MicroMillions champion.

MicroMillions-039: $3.30 8-Game
Entrants: 4,071
Total prize pool: $12,213.00
Places paid: 510

1. ADP1985 (United Kingdom) $1,895.21
2. Stunnaf00 (Canada) $1,380.06
3. GRIG344 (Russia) $1,013.67
4. elangel289 (Venezuela) $647.28
5. Jurniek777 (Latvia) $385.93
6. TT_AA_NN_KK (Ukraine) $213.72

The eight games come to a close but the MicroMillions is far from over. If you still want some MicroMillions action --and who doesn't-- check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full schedule of the remaining events and satellites to each one.

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