MicroMillions 8: copacker13 stacks all the chips in Event #83 ($4.40+1R1A NL Hold'em)

The final weekend of MicroMillions 8 is underway with only 20 tournaments in play over the last two days. Ten chances a day to earn a big ROI for a small buy-in.

Event #83 was an action-friendly No Limit Hold'em tournament which provided players with one rebuy opportunity during the registration period and an optional add-on should they survive two hours of play.

The final numbers showed 9,889 players signed up for some fun and 6,841 clicked the rebuy button. Only 3,099 remained to use their add-on at the end of registration, all combined to create a $79,316 prizepool with $11,673 up top for the winner.

The additional chips in play meant deeper stacks and a longer tournament then your standard small buy-in grind. It took nine hours to reach the final table bubble but hand-for-hand did not last long. The table was set for nine when turabekov888 sent Aussie play6969 to the rail with K♥J♣ over K♣7♠ in a battle of kickers.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: PjotrNL (10,122,135 in chips)
Seat 2: Cr34t1v3Mind (7,599,530 in chips)
Seat 3: Aspectos16 (8,204,901 in chips)
Seat 4: bfizz11 (3,725,194 in chips)
Seat 5: copacker13 (26,936,657 in chips)
Seat 6: turabekov888 (13,670,875 in chips)
Seat 7: lulu.pk70 (5,175,849 in chips)
Seat 8: slkia (13,944,811 in chips)
Seat 9: TTORSONE (9,765,048 in chips)

Blinds: 200k/400k with 50k ante

Cr34t1v3Mind gets creative, eliminated in 9th

Fireworks were lit almost immediately at the final table. They played one hand before going on break and there was an all-in hand when they came back. Aspectos16 was coin flipping with Q♥Q♦ against slkia's A♣K♠ and locked up the double right on the quad-friendly flop.

MM8_083 Quads.jpg

slkia was able to bounce back from the loss with a few more sizable pots before finding a flop he liked himself. Cr34t1v3Mind min-raised from early position and slkia called from the small blind to the A♣J♠3♦ flop. slkia followed up with a check-call of 1.47 million and checked again after the J♦ turn.

Cr34t1v3Mind checked behind this time and slkia led out for a min-bet 500k when the river came T♠. Cr34t1v3Mind moved all-in for his last 4.6 million with A♠Q♠ and slkia instantly called with 3♥3♣ for the flopped set, turned full house. The hand moved slkia back near the top of the counts and sent Cr34t1v3Mind out of the tournament in 9th place for $614.

TTORSONE drops low, eliminated in 8th

TTORSONE came to the final table with plenty of chips but lost a few smaller pots with second best hands before trying to get back in the game. He was down to five big blinds when he opened for most of his stack.

bfizz11 raised back enough to put TTORSONE all-in and he called with the mighty T♦7♦. He would need a lot of help after seeing bfizz11 table J♥J♠, none of which showed up on the A♣K♣4♠ flop. TTORSONE was looking for running magic cards but was drawing dead after the K♦ turn to drop out in 8th place for $872.

lulu.pk70 loses, eliminated in 7th

lulu.pk70 wasted no time taking advantage of a jump up the payout ladder and moved all-in under the gun on the very next hand. His shove was for 6.2 million with 8♥8♣ and it made it past everyone until turabekov888 called in the big blind with A♠Q♦.

It was another coin flip and turabekov888 took a commanding lead when the flop rolled out A♥5♠3♥. lulu.pk70 picked up the first half of a backdoor flush draw on the T♥ turn but missed all his outs when the river was a blank K♦. lulu.pk70 had a good chance but was gone in 7th place for $1,586.

PjotrNL quietly advances, eliminated in 6th

PjotrNL was the least active player at the table and sat back to watch three players hit the rail while his stack continued to decline. He eventually put his micro-stack in the middle with Q♦J♠ and turabekov888 called the small shove from big blind with K♠9♦.

The Dutch grinder had two live cards but was unable to catch any part of the board as the virtual dealer ran it out 4♥3♥2♠T♠5♣. turabekov888 was able to knockout another player out of the tournament, this time with nothing but King-high, and PjotrNL was eliminated in 6th place for $2,379.

turabekov888 cashes out, eliminated in 5th

The final five players pushed around their chips for a bit until deciding to pause the tournament to talk about a deal. Negotiations went smoothly and they quickly found a way to chop up the remaining prize money.

turabekov888 was sitting with a second place stack and was guaranteed better than 3rd place money. He was just behind leader copacker13 and got involved in a hand with the only player who could knock him out.

turabekov888 three-bet to 5 million after a min-raise from copacker13 and they both saw the J♠7♥2♥ flop. turabekov888 was first to act and fired away on every street when the turn/river came out Q♠K♣.

turabekov888 pushed hard until he was all-in with the Ace-high busted flush draw A♥5♥ only to see copacker13 had a flush draw of his own on the turn with A♠T♠. copacker13 had the better Ace-high but hit his Broadway draw for the overkill win. turabekov888 picked the wrong person to battle but his consolation prize was $6,788, a better payout than all but the eventual winner.

Aspectos16 rollercoaster ends, eliminated in 4th

copacker13's time a top the leaderboard did not last long after he doubled up slkia and Aspectos16 in near back-to-back hands. Things were looking up for Aspectos16 until he lost nearly half the chips in play in two straight hands.

copacker13 began his comeback with a 36 million chip pot against Aspectos16 when he flopped well with K♣8♠ against J♥J♦ for a big double up. The two immediately went at it again after copacker13 min-raised from the button.

Aspectos16 responded with a shove from the big blind with 6♣6♥ only to see he was far behind copacker13's T♦T♠. Aspectos16 found no love on the 7♥7♣4♣ flop and was left with just two outs after the Q♥ turn. Neither of the remaining Sixes spiked on the T♥ river and he was the 4th place finisher for $5,708.

bfizz11 fizzles, eliminated in 3rd

copacker13 was back in the lead and aggressively pushing the action. He had a slight bobble when he doubled up bfizz11 but would soon get those chips back in the second biggest pot of the tournament.

bfizz11 opened for a min-raise and copacker13 called from the small blind to the Q♠J♥4♠ flop. copacker13 then check-called a 2.9 million bet from bfizz11 before the K♥ dropped on the turn. copacker13 checked once against but didn't just call when bfizz11 bet out 6 million.

This time he min-bet to 12 million to entice a shove from bfizz11 with a flopped top-top and turned gutshot draw A♦Q♦. It was a slick move from copacker13 who hit his open-ended straight draw with T♥9♠. bfizz11 put his chips in with only three outs to stay alive but missed the bigger straight on the K♠ river to hit the rail in 3rd place for $5,227.

copacker13 captures title in Event #83

Seat 5: copacker13 (80,703,999 in chips)
Seat 8: slkia (18,441,001 in chips)

copacker13's had a huge lead after the 51 million chip pot and slkia needed a lot of luck to rally for the win. The two pushed around several small pots until slkia tried to double on the 10th hand of the match.

slkia found A♦4♣ on the button and open-shoved for 17.6 million and copacker13 quickly called with the baby pair, yet dominant 4♠4♦. slkia was left looking for the overcard Ace on the K♣7♣2♠ flop but picked up a flush draw on the 9♣ turn.

slkia had 11 outs to stay alive but the 7♥ missed them all to send him out in runner-up position for $6,695. copacker13 had a great run at the final table, even with a few beats along the way, and finished it off for a win and $8,866.

MicroMillions-083: $4.40 NL Hold'em (1R1A)
Entrants: 9,889 (6,841 rebuys, 3,099 add-ons)
Prize pool: $79,316
Places paid: 1,260

1. copacker13 (Australia) $8,866.89*
2. slkia (Singapore) $6,695.25*
3. bfizz11 (Canada) $5,227.26*
4. Aspectos16 (Ireland) $5,708.80*
5. turabekov888 (Russia) $6,788.94*
6. PjotrNL (Netherlands) $2,379.48
7. lulu.pk70 (Serbia) $1,586.32
8. TTORSONE (Brazil) $872.47
9. Cr34t1v3Mind (Netherlands) $614.69
* - denotes five-way deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions