MicroMillions 8: DaJust proves the fastest in Event #45 ($0.11+R Hyper-Active)

If you were looking for action above all other things in MicroMillions 8 then Event #45 was exactly the tonic you needed. A $0.11 rebuy event with levels lasting just three minutes for the vast majority of the tournament, it's one where there is no respite from the ever-increasing blinds. No-one has time to rest on their laurels and think that they are safe.

It took just over three and a half hours for DaJust from the Netherlands to turn their $0.11 buy-in into a $1,025.73 pay day, an ROI of over 9,324%. DaJust managed to seal the deal in a final that lasted just 32 hands due to the deliberately fast structure that was probably designed after a meeting between Sonic the Hedgehog and Roadrunner.

In total, 15,950 players bought into this event with a staggering 59,529 rebuys - on average almost four per player. Adding to that was another 5,754 in add-ons to create a $8,123.30, once again this was way over the $5k guarantee.

-Q-Zephyr was the unfortunate final table bubble, pushing from the button with A♣7♦ but losing out to DaJust's T♦9♣ after a ten hit the flop. With the blinds starting at 1,250,000/2,500,000/250,000 the final table looked like this:


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: DaJust (39,967,587 in chips)
Seat 2: blondy21joe (51,302,116 in chips)
Seat 3: zhouxx (9,315,104 in chips)
Seat 4: IGL777 (16,662,636 in chips)
Seat 5: hobby56 (12,159,848 in chips)
Seat 6: DarinaKoleva (19,456,248 in chips)
Seat 7: azza24 (5,567,897 in chips)
Seat 8: taron13 (22,020,724 in chips)
Seat 9: tserkezos74 (11,856,957 in chips)

Being a Hyper-Active event, there wasn't much time, even for the big stacks and the exits came thick and fast. First to go was azza24 who lost out with K♥J♣ to blondy21joe's K♠Q♦ after the board bricked out. Then in the very next hand, blondy21joe struck again, priced into calling zhouxx's all-in shove with 9♥5♣ from the big blind. zhouxx showed A♣3♣ but the board came J♣7♦8♣T♥5♠ and the straight sent the short stack out in eighth place for $73.10

These two pots helped to put blondy21joe over the 100 million mark and he easily had more chips than everyone else combined at the table and he looked odds-on for the victory.

The next player to be eliminated was taron13 who pushed all in from the button with K♠T♠, tserkezos74 then moved all in as well in the small blind with K♦Q♥ and DaJust called both pushes from the big blind with 5♥5♣. There was a king on the flop and a queen on the river and that was enough to allow tserkezos74 to scoop the entire pot while taron13 was eliminated.

Once again, another elimination followed in the next hand. IGL777 calling all-in with DaJust and blondy21joe checking down a 5♦3♣9♣9♠5♥ board. DaJust showed Q♦7♦ and neither of the other two players could beat that.

Two hands later and it was tserkezos74's turn to hit the rail. All-in with K♦Q♠, tserkezos74 came up against hobby56's A♠8♦. Both managed to pair a card, but the board was Q♦A♥9♣7♦T♣ and tserkezos74 picked up $300.74 for their 5th place finish.

DarinaKoleva was next out, pushing from the button with Q♠3♥ but running straight into chip leader blondy21joe's A♠A♣ - the player from Estonia continuing to dominate the final table. At this point, DaJust was the short stack of the three remaining players, but that all changed within two hands. First DaJust doubled up with K♥K♦ against hobby56's 3♠3♣, then in the very next hand the latter shoved all in with K♣3♥ and DaJust called with 6♥6♣ - flopping a set for good measure to leave just two players standing. By now, blinds were 3,000,000/6,000,0000 with a 600,000 ante.

Heads-up counts

Seat 1: DaJust (88,382,577 in chips)
Seat 2: blondy21joe (102,176,423 in chips)

In the very first hand of heads-up, DaJust made a huge bluff all-in on the turn of a 2♠Q♦9♦5♣ board, blondy21joe folded and DaJust flashed K♣3♥ for nothing at all, taking a big chip lead as a result. The next few hands were all settled preflop with DaJust winning the majority of them and continuing to whittle their opponent down.


Finally blondy21joe called all with T♣6♣ against DaJust's K♠4♥. The former picked up a flush draw but couldn't spike on the Q♥3♣2♣3♠2♠ board. blondy21joe picked up $709.16 as a consolation for second but it was DaJust who walked away with the lion's share of the spoils, pocketing $1,025.73 for less than four hours of work.

MicroMillions-045: $5.50 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 15,950 (59,529 rebuys, 5,754 add-ons)
Total prize pool: $8,123.30
Places paid: 2,025

1. DaJust (Netherlands) $1,025.73
2. blondy21joe (Estonia) $709.16
3. hobby56 (Australia) $544.26
4. DarinaKoleva (Bulgaria) $381.79
5. tserkezos74 (Greece) $300.56
6. IGL777 (Ukraine) $219.32
7. taron13 (New Zealand) $142.15
8. zhouxx (China) $73.10
9. azza24 (Australia) $48.73

If you're worried you're missing out on the MicroMillions action, then don't fret as there's still over 60 events to go lasting all the way until 27th of July. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for all the latest events, coverage and leaderboard.

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in MicroMillions