MicroMillions 8: Ekksel eeks out victory in Event #38 ($5.50 NL Hold'em)

Day 5 of the latest MicroMillions series is good for nine more tournaments including some PLO, mix games, and a full slate of No Limit Hold'em. Event #38 was a straight forward NLH tournament with deep stacks and big money.

It had a $5.50 buy-in tournament and PokerStars guaranteed at least $25,000 for the players. The tournament needed 5,000 players to make the guarantee but went much higher to draw 9,026 into the field. They combined for a $45,130 prizepool with the top 1,170 spots making the money and the winner picking up $6,775. A fine return on investment.

It took over seven hours for the tournament to get down to four tables and leaders began to emerge. There was also an interesting development as the final table bubble approached. 1990Dasha lost a big hand when there were 16 players remaining and was left with just 4k with blinds at 50k/100k/12.5k ante.

The Russian managed a huge series of double and triple ups to have a great chance to make the final table. Sitting 7th our of 11 remaining, 1990Dasha ended up losing two quick hands with Big Slick against pocket Tens to drop out short of a final table appearance.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Liesje56 (617,456 in chips)
Seat 2: sioncarb (1,749,057 in chips)
Seat 3: westaken (4,505,805 in chips)
Seat 4: FouEnculePL (2,875,832 in chips)
Seat 5: yocers (1,386,879 in chips)
Seat 6: kalivoskilo (16,402,198 in chips)
Seat 7: mos77reg (8,660,733 in chips)
Seat 8: Ekksel (7,706,920 in chips)
Seat 9: afterfx (1,225,120 in chips)

Blinds: 100k/200k with 25k ante

Liesje56 limps in, eliminated in 9th

Liesje56 began the final table with a very short stack then lost nearly half of that in antes and the big blind. Liesje56 finally shoved with A♦4♥ from the small blind after action folded around and sioncarb quickly called in the big blind with T♠8♦.

Liesje56 was ahead with Ace-high but sioncarb flopped an open-ended straight draw when it came J♣9♥3♣. The drama did not last long when the virtual dealer dropped the Q♣ on the turn to give sioncarb the unbeatable straight. Liesje56 was drawing dead to a quick exit in 9th place for $349.

yocers outkicked, eliminated in 8th

The stacks began to separate themselves among the last eight in the field with four looking healthy while the other half well under 10 big blinds. yocers was on the bottom part of the split and took a shot with a three-bet shove from the big blind holding K♠T♠.

mos77reg was the early position raiser and easily called the bet with A♥K♣. yocers was left looking for a miracle but missed the J♦J♣5♣ flop. Kickers played when the board completed 8♦ and 8♠ to send yocers out in 8th spot for $518.

westaken mistaken, eliminated in 7th

Poker can be a cruel game. Even if a player gets back in the mix, it does not guarantee them continued good luck. westaken had plenty of chips at the start of the final table but lost a series of unfortunate pots to drop under five big blinds.

The Belgian then found a great spot for a double but the poker fates had different plans. westaken opened with a min-raise for half his stack and mos77reg called in the big blind, then bet enough to put westaken all-in after the A♥6♥5♦ flop.

westaken quickly called with top pair A♠4♠ and was looking good against K♣T♥. The bad end for westaken began with the T♠ turn and ended with the K♥ to give mos77reg Kings up for the win. westaken had a chance for a comeback but was left out in 7th place for $902.

FouEnculePL fouled out, eliminated in 6th

The previous stack separation began to change the game as they moved into short-handed play. Russian Ekksel picked up two consecutive 7-digit pots to take a big chip lead and kalivoskilo was up there as well. The other four players would have to make moves to catch them.

FouEnculePL was the first to take a shot and moved all-in with A♥9♠ from early position. Ekksel had an easy call in the small blind with A♠Q♥, well ahead for another knockout.

Neither player was able to connect with the 3♦2♦2♣K♣6♦ board, putting their hands in play. Ekksel's best stayed ahead from the beginning and FouEnculePL was eliminated in 6th place for $1,353.

afterfx an afterthought, eliminated in 5th

While the last two players were getting knocked out, afterfx sat back and let it happen. The inactivity also left afterfx with only 500k which was significantly less than the 9 million average stack.

afterfx called all-in with A♣Q♠ after a min-raise from mos77reg and no one else came along. mos77reg was a coin flip with 9♣9♠ and afterfx would still need a good run if he won. mos77reg stayed ahead thanks to the K♠8♣4♠ flop leaving afterfx looking for an Ace, Queen, or running flush/straight cards.

The 7♦ did not help at all and mos77reg made the unnecessary set on the 9♥ river to send afterfx out in 5th place for $1,805.

sioncarb free, eliminated in 4th

There was some strange talk of making a four-handed deal with kalivoskilo forcing the issue. Discussing a deal isn't uncommon but kalivoskilo was pushing for a even chop of the remaining money. Suggesting this despite a short stack remaining and Ekksel holding a big lead.

No one was going for it and sioncarb found a nice baby pair to take into battle. Ekksel opened from the button with K♠9♠ then called when sioncarb shoved in the big blind with 4♦4♠.

sioncarb was able to dodge the over-cards on the T♦7♥5♥ flop but fell far behind after the 9♦ turn. sioncarb needed a Four on the river but it was Ekksel hitting the K♣ to send sioncarb out in 4th place for $2,274.

mos77reg gets rivered, eliminated in 3rd

kalivoskilo continued to chirp about an even money chop and he finally got a tournament pause after mos77reg found a bad river.

mos77reg was the shortest of those remaining but still had enough chips to maneuver. He used those to shove from the small blind with A♣5♠ but didn't just pick up the blinds/antes when Ekksel called with Q♠J♣.

mos77reg was safe for the double when the flop came 9♣8♦2♣ flop and Ekksel was drawing to ten outs after the 2♥ turn. It was the Q♥ river that ended the tournament for mos77reg and he was sent out in 3rd place for $3,384.

Ekksel quiets kalivoskilo to win Event #38

Seat 6: kalivoskilo (12,074,983 in chips)
Seat 8: Ekksel (33,055,017 in chips)

Greek grinder kalivoskilo must be a negotiator away from the poker tables. He was looking up at a big deficit and they were each holding plenty of chips in relation to the blinds. Even with all that, kalivoskilo still pushed for an even money split before getting a $5,700 to $5,500 chop leaving $500 behind for the winner.

Ekksel signed off on the deal and the tournament lasted exactly one more hand. kalivoskilo thanked the moderator and immediately shoved with A♠6♠ and Ekksel called with A♥7♠.

They both hit the A♦J♥4♣ flop but kalivoskilo needed a Six if he wanted to come back and win the bonus $500 up top. The 2♦ added some chop outs but the K♦ ended things right there. kalivoskilo successfully dealt himself $5,500 for the runner-up finish while Russian Ekksel played well to earn his first MicroMillions win and $6,239.

MicroMillions-038: $5.50 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 9,026
Prize pool: $45,130
Places paid: 1,170

1. Ekksel (Russia) $6,239.87*
2. kalivoskilo (Greece) $5,500.00*
3. mos77reg (Russia) $3,384.75
4. sioncarb (United Kingdom) $2,274.55
5. afterfx (United Kingdom) $1,805.20
6. FouEnculePL (Poland) $1,353.90
7. westaken (Belgium) $902.60
8. yocers (Poland) $518.99
9. Liesje56 (Netherlands) $349.75
* - denotes heads-up deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions