MicroMillions 8: funky.ork dominates to win Event #74 ($8.80 NL Hold'em, 4-Max, Super-Knockout)

The final weekend of MicroMillions 8 is upon us leaving 28 tournaments on the schedule over three big days of action. The third tournament on today's schedule put a nice twist on the standard No Limit Hold'em game.

Event #74 was a four-handed tournament with super knockout bounties along the way. The buy-in was $8.80 with $4.20 going into the normal prize pool and $4.20 set aside for each knockout. The short-handed format and big bounties made for a ton of action from the very start.

The tournament drew 8,048 players with each of them looking to advance to pick up part of the $33,801 prizepool and big bounties along the way. The last 1,100 in the tournament made the money and the winner was set to make $3,472.

Thanks to the bounties, it was possible to miss the payouts yet have a profitable tournament. Uoriner was the biggest winner in picking up KO money while falling short on taking any of the main prizepool. The Russian missed the payouts by 700 spots but managed ten knockouts for $42.

Players were getting sent out at quick pace and the stack sizes continued to outpace the blind structure. The average stack was over 60 big blinds as the tournament moved down to the last four tables and there was no hurry in them until the final table bubble.

The tournament played four-handed the entire time but five would make the final table. The bubble could have lasted for a long time but that didn't happen. Mariano927 took care of it in two quick hands.

The tournament was seven-handed when he knocked out fisobetas to reach hand-for-hand play and it lasted exactly one hand. The tournament was back to normal at the final table when Mariano927 flushed out shcrot in 6th place when his K♦T♦ hit running diamonds against A♠J♣.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: funky.ork (5,975,929 in chips)
Seat 2: skafr (5,472,645 in chips)
Seat 3: ImluckNuts (7,867,612 in chips)
Seat 4: Sheamnz (7,285,557 in chips)
Seat 5: Mariano927 (13,638,257 in chips)

Blinds: 60k/120k with 15k ante

skafr straightened out, eliminated in 5th

skafr began the final table with the shortest stack but it was all relative. He had plenty of chips and 45 big blinds to make moves. The longest portion of the final table was just getting to the first elimination.

More than 40 of the 76 total hands at the final tabe went by with few 7-digit pots before the first player was gone. skafr was unable to pick up many of them before he dropped down to the felt and moved all-in for 2.2 million from under the gun with A♠K♥. funky.ork in the big blind with A♥J♥ and skafr was in great shape to get back in the game

He stayed ahead on the T♥5♠2♦. skafr was 80% to double up but the first sign of trouble came on the Q♦. The runner-runner Broadway catch by funky.ork was complete thanks to the K♠ river to send skafr out of the tournament in 5th place for $475. He also collected $63 in knockout bounties.

Mariano927 housed, eliminated in 4th

Mariano927 had a healthy chip lead at the start but dropped into second position as funky.ork moved up with the skafr knockout. Nobody was short and it took a big hand to get another player out.

Mariano927 was at the wrong end of bad board after calling a min-raise from Sheamnz and funky.ork came along in the big blind. Mariano927 bet a cool million after the Q♦J♠7♦ and only funky.ork stayed for the 7♣ turn. Mariano927 bet another 1.8 million and funky.ork once again chose to just call.

The final move was a shove by Mariano927 for 8.4 million after the 9♠ and funky.ork quickly called. Mariano927 may regret his pre-flop action with A♦A♣ after he saw funky.ork's Q♥7♥ big blind special. The flopped two pair, turned full house was more than enough to send Mariano927 out in 4th place for $751 and funky.ork took a commanding lead.

funky.ork crushes final table to win Event #74

Seat 1: funky.ork (30,815,730 in chips)
Seat 3: ImluckNuts (1,883,640 in chips)
Seat 4: Sheamnz (7,540,630 in chips)

Blinds: 125k/250k with 31,250 ante

funky.ork was holding 30 of the 40 million chips in play and he ended the tournament quickly, taking just two hands to go from three players to one winner. The final table only lasted 76 hands and funky.ork won the vast majority of them.

ImluckNuts was the first to take his shot at the leader and called all-in when funky.ork shoved from the small blind. ImluckNuts had two live cards with K♠4♠ against A♣T♥ but needed a ton of help after the A♥7♥8♠. He was close to a comeback after hitting the K♥ turn but was gone in 3rd place after the 2♠ river for $1,217.

funky.ork and Sheamnz congratulated each other on getting to heads up play and that was as far as they got before getting the chips in. funky.ork opened for a min-raise and Sheamnz called to see the J♦T♠9♥ flop. Sheamnz check-raised for all his chips and funky.ork quickly called with top-top A♠J♥.

A little unlucky to find the leader catching a big Ace in back-to-back hands but Sheamnz had a nice draw with Q♣9♦. He had 13 outs twice but missed his draw on the 5♣ turn then was done in 2nd spot on the river A♥.

funky.ork dominated the final table for his biggest payday. He earned $3,472 for the MicroMillions title along with $63 in bounties.

MicroMillions-074: $8.80 NL Hold'em (4-Max, Super-Knockout)
Entrants: 8,048
Main Prize pool: $33,801.60
Bounty prize pool: $33,801.60
Places paid: 1,100

1. funky.ork (Germany) $3,472.96 + 15 bounties
2. Sheamnz (Netherlands) $2,100.43 + 23 bounties
3. ImluckNuts (Russia) $1,217.19 + 12 bounties
4. Mariano927 (Brazil) $751.07 + 9 bounties
5. skafr (Slovenia) $475.25 + 15 bounties

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions