MicroMillions 8: kevin840302 cruises to victory in Event #54 ($5.50 NLHE)

In some parts of the world the seventh day is typically considered a day for resting, but for those involved in poker, Day 7 was another chance to grab a share of the prizes available in the MicroMillions 8 series.

In event #54, it was Chinese player kevin840302 who spurned attempts at a deal to run over the table and defeat a field of 5,712 runners to claim the top prize of $4,470.87 in just under nine hours - not bad from just a $5.50 entry.

In total, there were 720 players who made the money, receiving a minimum payout of $9.13. glen_angelo who finished in 10th place, bubbling the final table, will be one of those wondering what might have been. He called all in on the turn of an A♥Q♣K♠9♥ board with A♣4♠ against kondrat wtf's J♣6♣ but the Russian player hit the miracle T♥ on the river for a straight giving a final table that looked like this:


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: kondrat wtf (9,102,861 in chips)
Seat 2: kevin840302 (3,157,366 in chips)
Seat 3: RadinUA (3,123,847 in chips)
Seat 4: janza_203 (4,871,805 in chips)
Seat 5: minipokernr1 (865,023 in chips)
Seat 6: Tyghtson (2,594,900 in chips)
Seat 7: GluteusSwe (778,482 in chips)
Seat 8: mgd85 (2,740,332 in chips)
Seat 9: Ivan1119WY (975,384 in chips)

Right from the start, several of the players wanted to talk about a deal, but the chip leader at this point, kondrat wtf, refused, saying that he would not deal until at least five players were left. With blinds at 70,000/140,000, there was still a decent amount of play for most of the players remaining.

Ivan 1119WY was the first player to be eliminated, moving in for their final three big blinds with Q♣T♣ but kondrat wtf called with 7♦6♦ and spiked a six on the flop to send "Ivan" on his way.

Tyghtson then knocked out both GluteusSwe and minipokernr1 in a single hand, Tyghtson holding J♥J♠ while the short stacks had A♣K♠ and A♥Q♠ respectively. A blank board later and just six players were left. Talk of a deal continued and kondrat wtf acquiesced to looking at numbers, but kevin840302 refused to agree, stating that he wasn't interested in a deal until there were three players left.

With the deal on the backburner, kevin840302's stack took a turn for the better when he doubled up with A♠A♥ against kondrat wtf's 2♥A♣, all in on the turn of a T♣K♣2♠3♣ board. The Q♦ river, making no difference. It was to get even better for the Chinese player, two hands later he doubled through kondrat wtf a second time, getting lucky with J♥J♠ against A♠A♣ after flopping a third jack.

It was all going kevin840302's way at this point, he eliminated mgd85 after both players put all their chips in on the river of a 6♣K♠9♣K♥Q♣ board. The short stack showed T♣7♣ but kevin840302 had A♣4♣ for the nut flush. By now the latter had more chips than everyone else remaining on the final table.

The dominance of the Chinese chip leader continued, kevin840302 eliminating a short-stacked RadinUA with Q♠J♠ against A♥8♠ after the board came K♥K♦3♣Q♦J♣. This exit was soon followed by that of the former chip leader kondrat wtf, who pushed with 6♠6♥ but ran into kevin840302's J♥J♦ - the latter flopping a set yet again.

Immediately afterwards Tyghtson and janza_203 both stated that they wanted to now look at a deal, but with kevin840302 having almost 20 million chips of the estimated 28.5 million in play, this was considered by the chip leader to be a non-starter.

Tyghtson was the short-stack at this point and didn't last long, eventually pushing all in with J♥3♣ and being called by janza_203's K♣Q♣. A queen on the flop and another on the river and the tournament was down to its final two players

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: kevin840302 (19,560,135 in chips)
Seat 4: janza_203 (8,999,865 in chips)

With the blinds still at 125,000/250,000 with a 31,250 ante, there was plenty of room for play for both and janza_203 picked up an early couple of pots to close the gap. Again, there was a mention of a deal, but nothing came to fruition. kevin840302 began to whittle his opponent down and although janza_203 managed a double up with kings against sevens, it was to prove only a swansong.

In the final hand of the tournament, janza_203 limp-reraised from the button and kevin840302 called to see an 8♦K♥9♠ flop. The chip leader checked and janza_203 immediately moved all in but was called instantly by kevin840302's 9♥9♣ which had flopped a set. janza_203 turned over J♣J♠ and needed a jack or running cards to survive, but the 8♠ turn and 4♥ river were no help and kevin840302 was crowned the Event #54 champion.


MicroMillions 8: Event #54 $5.50 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 5,712
Prize pool: $28,560
Places paid: 720

1. kevin840302 (China) $4,470.87
2. janza_203 (Finland) $3,327.24
3. Tyghtson (Australia) $2,356.20
4. kondrat wtf (Russia) $1,613.64
5. RadinUA (Ukraine) $1,213.80
6. mgd85 (Romania) $928.20
7. minipokernr (Norway) $642.60
8. GluteusSwe (Sweden) $357.00
9. Ivan1119WY (China) $228.48

If you're worried you're missing out on the MicroMillions action, then don't fret as there's still over 40 events to go lasting all the way until 27th of July. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for all the latest events, coverage and leaderboard.

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in MicroMillions