MicroMillions 8: kukuruzio quells the storm in Event #32 ($11 NLHE Sunday Storm)

Another Sunday, another storm.

This one was different though. Today's $11 Sunday Storm Special Edition was also a MicroMillions 8 event and it drew a massive field of 44,297 players.

Together they created a prize pool of $442,970 and kukuruzio took the biggest share of it after taking down the event and $29,731. kukuruzio was the only survivor of a long and deadly storm that took nearly 11 hours to complete.

It took 10 hours for the storm to do away with the majority of the 44,297 entrants, and then it took another hour to bring the final nine down to just one.

kukuruzio started the final table second in chips after rayapiraya burst the bubble and took down -- at the time -- the largest pot of the tournament.

rayapiraya raised to 1.4 million from under-the-gun and Sarve re-raised to 2.8 million from the cutoff. rayapiraya called and both players checked the 4♠Q♣[10s] flop.

An A♣ came on the turn and rayapiraya bet 3.5 million. Sarve raised all-in for 15.48 million and rayapiraya called.

Sarve showed A♠K♥ for top pair but rayapiraya had K♣J♠ for the turned straight. The river was a 6♦ and the final table was set.

The final table

Seat 1: gybkoBOB - 12,405,089
Seat 2: King Arkmed - 6,745,339
Seat 3: rayapiraya - 60,608,271
Seat 4: waclaw137 - 27,282,839
Seat 5: kukuruzio - 44,779,885
Seat 6: zhll74 - 10,726,763
Seat 7: maxtere789 - 16,364,427
Seat 8: SEWart - 13,227,861
Seat 9: jarrekz - 28,814,526

The first three hands brought two double-ups but it was a while before we got our first final table elimination.

In the second hand of the final table, King Arkmed got it in with A♠8♠ against gybkoBOB's K♠J♠. gybkoBOB hit a jack on the flop but King Arkmed binked an ace on the river to double up.

Down to just 3 million, gybkoBOB moved all-in with Q♣J♥ the next hand and got called by jarrekz's A♥4♥.

gybkoBOB hit a jack on the flop and a queen on the river to double up to 7.7 million.

waclaw137, first to fall

Action picked back up when kukuruzio took the lead for the first time. kukuruzio raised to 2 million from early position and rayapiraya called from the big blind. The flop came Q♣4♦A♦ and rayapiraya check-called a 2.5 million bet.

rayapiraya then checked again when a Q♠ came on the turn. kukuruzio bet 5.5 million and rayapiraya raised to 13 million.

kukuruzio called and then rayapiraya bet 18.2 million when the K♠ fell on the river. The bet nearly put kukuruzio all-in and our future champ quickly called with a full house.

rayapiraya showed 4♠5♦ while kukuruzio tabled A♠Q♦.

kukuruzio was up to 74.82 million while rayapiraya was down to 47.31 million.

But rayapiraya got some chips back the next hand.

jarrekz raised to 2 million from the hijack and raypiraya called from the small blind. waclaw137 did the same from the big blind and the flop came J♥Q♦7♥. All three players checked and an A♠ came on the turn.

raypiraya bet 2 million and waclaw137 moved all-in for 5.93 million. jarrekz folded and rayapiraya called.

waclaw137 had top pair with A♣9♦ while rayapiraya had an open-ended straight draw with [10h]9♣. Then an 8♦ fell on the river to give rayapiraya the straight.

waclaw137 won $1,856.04 for finishing 9th while rayapiraya's stack rose to 58.04 million.

SEWart attack

The big stacks were tangling a lot and dealt the only elimination. But then SEWart, the second-shortest stack, dealt two elimination in two consecutive hands.

In the first, zhll74 moved all-in for 5.39 million from early position and SEWart re-shoved for 12.83 million. The rest of the table got out of the way and we had a showdown.

zhll74: A♦K♥
SEWart: J♠J♥

The board ran 6♦4♦Q♦3♣2♥ and zhll74 earned $3,158.37 for finishing 8th. SEWart on the other hand rose to 20.52 million and took out King Arkmed the next hand.
SEWart raised to 2 million from the hijack and King Arkmed moved all-in fo 16.57 million from the button. SEWart called with A♦Q♦ and was up against King Arkmed's A♠8♠.

The board ran 7♦Q♥[10h]K♥2♥ and King Arkmed was out in 7th. For that finish, King Arkmed won $4,642.32 while SEWart jumped to third in chips with 39.20 million.

A few more

The eliminations kept coming at a steady pace.

A few minutes after SEWart took out two players, jarrekz joined the club of final table eliminators. jarrekz moved all-in for 17.06 million from the small blind and gybkoBOB called all-in.

jarrekz had gybkoBOB's Q♦J♠ dominated with A♦Q♣ and scored the elimination when the board ran K♣5♣3♥4♦6♦.

gybkoBOB won $5,584.41 for finishing 6th and jarrekz's stack went up to 29.30 million.

But jarrekz was the next at-risk player. After losing a few big pots, jarrekz moved all-in for 13.34 million with 4♠[10s] and rayapiraya called with A♠7♥.

jarrekz hit a flush on the flop and doubled to 27.46 million.

Then rayapiraya got an elimination. rayapiraya raised to 3.2 million from the button and maxtere789 moved all-in for 18.91 million from the big blind. rayapiraya called and showed K♠J♥ to maxtere789's A♦J♦.

The board ran 2♣5♥K♣8♠A♥ and the tournament shrank.

maxtere789 earned $10,019.98 for the 5th place finish while rayapiraya rose to 89.09 million.

No deal, bust, deal

Players discussed a deal when play got four-handed but couldn't agree on things.

They were more succesful when play got three-handed.

jarrekz scored another double up with pocket fives versus kukuruzio's K♦[10d] and SEWart became the short stack.

Then SEWart found the hand every shortstack hopes for. rayapiraya raised to 3.2 million and SEWart moved all-in for 20.71 million from the small blind.

rayapiraya called with Q♥8♣ and SEWart showed A♠A♣.

SEWart was in the lead, but then the board came 6♣Q♣6♥Q♠K♠ to fill rayapiraya up.

SEWart won $13,359 for finishing 4th while rayapiraya took the lead with 117.81 million.

jarrekz was the hold-out for the deal when play was four-handed, but the Polish player agreed to the three-handed deals.

jarrekz was guaranteed $19,126.01 while kukuruzio got $23,731.50 and rayapiraya took the largest share, $28,940.90.

The deal also left $6,000 for first and the title of MicroMillions champion.


jarrekz was severely shortstacked and then got it all-in with A♥2♠. jarrekz moved all-in for 24.39 million and kukuruzio called with K♦7♣.

The board ran 3♦[10h]J♣9♣Q♠ and kukuruzio hit a straight.

jarrekz won the agreed-upon $19,126.01 while the tournament went heads-up.

rayapiraya - 124,207,963
kukuruzio - 97,277,037

It was a quick battle. rayapiraya took down the blinds on the first hand and doubled kukuruzio up the next.

kukuruzio raised to 3.2 million and rayapiraya re-raised to 8 million. kukuruzio moved all-in for 95.36 million and rayapiraya called.

rayapiraya showed 3♦3♣ and was flipping against kukuruzio's A♥7♠. The A♠7♥9♥5♥2♠ board was friendly to kukuruzio and our champion took the lead with 191.03 million to rayapiraya's 30.45 million.

rayapiraya folded from the small blind the next hand and then moved all-in for 29.33 million from the big blind after kukuruzio completed.

rayapiraya: K♠8♦
kukuruzio: [10c]8♥

It was another river victory when the 3♣J♦A♦A♠[10s] board gave kukuruzio the pot.

rayapiraya won $28,940.90 for the runner-up finish while kukuruzio took the title and $29,731.50

MicroMillions-032: $11 NLHE [Sunday Storm Special Edition]
Entrants: 44,297
Total prize pool: $442,970.00
Places paid: 5,625

1. kukuruzio (Belarus) $29,731.50*
2. rayapiraya (Norway) $28,940.90*
3. jarrekz (Poland) $19,126.01*
4. SEWart (Russia) $13,359.97
5. maxtere789 (Czech Republic) $10,019.98
6. gybkoBOB (Russia) $6,684.41
7. King Arkmed (Portugal) $4,642.32
8. zhll74 (Russia) $3,158.37
9. waclaw137 (Poland) $1,856.04

*Denotes a three-way deal.

That's it for event #32, but there's still plenty of MicroMillions action to go. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for a full list of the remaining events and satellites to each one.

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