MicroMillions 8: MasterAlex07 triumphs in Event #36 ($11 NLHE)

When the Boomtown Rats once sung a song about how they didn't like Mondays, they clearly had never played a MicroMillions tournament on that day. Event #36 was the first Monday tournament of this eighth edition of the microstakes tournament series. Just like every other event so far, the guarantee was smashed more clinically than a television from a rockstar's hotel room.

After eight and a half hours of action, it was MasterAlex07 from the United Kingdom who proved that they were more than just a learner when it came to the game of poker.

Event #36 saw a total of 4,113 players stump up the $10 + $1 entry fee, comfortably breaking the said guarantee of $25,000 and creating a substantial prize pool of $41,130. In total, 540 players cashed in the event, including PokerStars Team Online's Tyler "frosty012"who finished in 504th place for a minimum payout of $17.27

It took the tournament around seven and a half hours to reach the final table, axe38 being the final table bubble when their K♦K♣ was cracked by jwonss T♦8♦, all-in on the turn of an 8♣8♠3♣7♣ board. The 2♦ on the river helped neither player and the final table was quickly set.


Final table

Seat 1: 10Shura9 (2,533,840 in chips)
Seat 2: lionel1992 (1,968,057 in chips)
Seat 3: donkvaderAA (3,307,152 in chips)
Seat 4: Pycckui AA (5,405,919 in chips)
Seat 5: jwonss (2,283,563 in chips)
Seat 6: 499388888 (917,875 in chips)
Seat 7: Karlitos05 (532,397 in chips)
Seat 8: boston2813 (2,162,054 in chips)
Seat 9: MasterAlex07 (1,454,143 in chips)

Messy for lionel1992

As the final table began, the blinds increased to 60,000/120,000 with a 15,000 ante and donkvaderAA quickly took the chip lead after inflicting a tough beat on his Australian compatriot lionel1992 for the first casualty of the final table. The short stack had shoved for around 1.7 million over the top of an initial raise from MasterAlex07, donkvaderAA reraised all in and MasterAlex07 folded. lionel1992 showed K♣K♠ to donkvaderAA's A♥Q♣ but the board ran out A♣Q♥9♦6♥3♦ and lionel1992 left with a $329.04 payday.

Cold day for boston2813

The next player eliminated was the short stack boston2813, the Ukrainian player had probably felt good about getting their chips in with Q♣Q♥ but unfortunately 499388888 turned over A♣A♥ and stayed good after the board bricked out. Boston2813 picked up $514.12 as a result and the table was reduced to just seven players.

Things don't go Karlitos05's way

Karlitos05 moved all in from small blind against a cut-off raise from jwonss, the latter was priced into call with K♠9♠ but behind to Karlitos05's A♠7♥. Jwonss hit the board much harder, flopping both a pair and a draw (that they would not need) on a 7♠Q♠9♦2♥8♥ board. Karlitos05's exit for $925.42 guaranteed that the remaining six players would all be guaranteed a four-figure cash and a healthy ROI.

By this point, MasterAlex07 was really in the thick of the action, first they managed to crack jwonss A♥A♣ with Q♠6♠, all-in preflop by hitting running queens on the turn and river. Soon after, MasterAlex07 then lost two other all-in pots, first with A♠J♣ to 10Shura9's K♠K♦, then with A♠T♦ to jwonss Q♣J♣. And while this reporter was still catching his breath following that action, MasterAlex07 then hit two double-ups against donkvaderAA, first winning with J♥6♥ against 3♦3♠, then A♦8♦ against A♣3♠ less than an orbit later.


Aces get cracked...

Pycckui AA can't win crucial flip

The loss of these two large pots left donkvaderAA relatively short stacked, but they won a big flip with A♠Q♣ against the similarly-sized Pycckui AA's 2♦2♠ on a 7♠K♠5♠5♦Q♦ as the bullets just became too much for the latter to avoid. Pycckui was left with less than an ante and their 3♥2♥ was predictably unable to overcome 10Shura9's T♣2♦ in the next hand.

499388888 does not prove numerically superior

MasterAlex07 continued their good run at flips as the next player to be eliminated was the wonderfully-named 499388888, one of the best numbered names I've seen. 499388888 moved all in from the blinds with J♣J♥ over the top of MasterAlex07's initial raise with K♦Q♠. MasterAlex07 made the call and promplty hit pairs on both the flop and turn of the T♠2♥K♠Q♦T♦ board to leave MicroMillions Event #36 with just four players.

jwonss suffers the full power of the Force

Four-handed play saw perhaps the longest period of time of the final table without an exit. Every pot was contested though there were perhaps more all-in preflop shoves than at any other point, taking down the pot as soon as possible seemed to be everyone's priority. With the blinds at 100,000/200,000 with a 25,000 ante, donkvaderAA opened to 400,000 from under the gun. jwonss then moved all in for just under 3.6 million in chips and donkvaderAA immediately called with A♥K♠. jwonss needed help with Q♦J♦ and looked as though they might have hit a miracle double after spiking the turn of a 3♠7♠9♠J♥ board, but the river was the K♣ and the South Korean player was knocked out in fourth place for $2,364.97.

donkvaderAA turns out to be a phantom menace

With over half the chips in play, it was looking good for Australian donkvaderAA but some bad luck at showdown somehow conspired to have give them a third-place finish. First donkvaderAA lost with A♦T♥ to MasterAlex07's 8♠7♠ after the latter had squeezed all in and managed to spike an eight on the river. Then 10Shura9 also received a double-up catching an ace with A♠8♦ against donkvaderAA's 8♣8♥ in another big pot. The final nail in the coffin came when donkvaderAA got it in good yet again, this time with A♦5♠ against MasterAlex07's Q♥J♥ but the board ran out 6♥Q♠9♦J♣K♦ to leave MasterAlex07 with a huge chip lead heads up.

MasterAlex07 secures the title

Seat 1: 10Shura9 (6,223154 in chips)
Seat 9: MasterAlex07 (14,341,846 in chips)

Although MasterAlex07 started the heads-up with just over a 2:1 chip lead, 10Shura9 was unable to win many pots and the battle between the two did not last long. Eventually 10Shura9 moved all in for their last 1.9 million in chips over the top of yet another MasterAlex07 raise but the reponse was an instant call.

MasterAlex07: T♥T♣
10Shura9: J♦7♦

The board came T♠A♣4♠Q♠5♥ with only the faintest glimmer of hope for 10Shura9 on the turn, but the Russian will take home $4,812.21 as a consolation whereas MasterAlex07 received $6,460.02 for winning Event #36 - not bad for an $11 outlay.


MicroMillions-036: $11 NL Hold'em, $25K Gtd
Entrants: 4,113
Prize pool: $41,130.00
Places paid: 540

1. MasterAlex07 (United Kingdom) $6,460.02
2. 10Shura9 (Russia) $4,812.21
3. donkvaderAA (Australia) $3,393.22
4. jwonss (South Korea) $2,364.97
5. 499388888 (China) $1,748.02
6. Pycckui AA (Russia) $1,336.72
7. Karlitos05 (Russia) $925.42
8. boston2813 (Ukraine) $514.12
9. lionel1992 (Australia) $329.04

If you're worried you're missing out on the MicroMillions action, then don't fret as there's still over 60 events to go lasting all the way until 27th of July. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for all the latest events, coverage and leaderboard.

Chris Hall
@PokerStars in MicroMillions