MicroMillions 8: muneetkr rolls to victory in Event #47 ($4.40+1R1A NL Hold'em)

Everybody loves a good rebuy tournament.

MicroMillions 8 Event #47 was a fun little No Limit Hold'em tournament with players given the option of one, and only one, rebuy before registration closed. Those remaining could also push their stack higher with a $4.40 add-on.

The tournament drew 9,354 players which was almost good enough to hit the $40,000 guarantee on their own. They boosted the prizepool by hitting the rebuy button 6,515 times and the surviving players posted 3,036 add-ons. This all combined to create a healthy $75,620 prizepool with 1,170 making it into the money and the winner earning a 5-digit payday for a $4.40 investment.

The added chips in play meant the stacks were deeper than your average freeze-out and they were in no hurry forming the final table. Hand-for-hand went on for a long time until Aussie chopperpep ran into a tough beat to go out on the final table bubble.

Even with the extended time getting to the final table, those nine players began play with an average stack over 40 big blinds.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: Pedi Fresh (5,914,046 in chips)
Seat 2: muneetkr (10,233,411 in chips)
Seat 3: Andorisu (9,339,409 in chips)
Seat 4: brpoker_pr0 (3,565,605 in chips)
Seat 5: hondaru (4,716,743 in chips)
Seat 6: bond19751 (14,639,187 in chips)
Seat 7: Qwiky17 (16,469,880 in chips)
Seat 8: Zozhik88 (11,220,622 in chips)
Seat 9: philippepipo (18,426,097 in chips)

Blinds: 125k/250k with 31.5k ante

brpoker_pr0 straightened out, eliminated in 9th

With such deep stacks at the final table, it wasn't a surprise no one was anxious to gamble it up. There were few big pots over the first few orbits until one of the two shorter stacks took a shot.

brpoker_pr0 was the smallest stack to start the final table but was still over 10 big blinds when he called a small blind shove with A♠8♥. Andorisu was the open-shove aggressor and needed help for the knockout with J♦9♦.

The flop was a double-up friendly K♠7♥5♠ for brpoker_pr0 and the 6♦ turn meant he only needed to dodge six river outs. It wasn't meant to be as the first final table elimination was on a gut shot, bad beat river 8♠. Androrisu hit his straight to send brpoker_pr0 out in 9th place for $586.

Zozhik88 loses with 99, eliminated in 8th

Big pots at this final table did not necessarily mean players were sent out. At least not immediately.

Zozhik88 was among the chipleaders until the Russian lost a 12 million chip pot to philippepipo. It wasn't revealed what Zozhik88 was holding when he went down against K♦7♠ and flopped trip Sevens.

The hand knocked Zozhik88 down and he moved all-in a few hands later from under the gun with 9♥9♠. It was philippepipo who stuck around to try to finish him off with A♠K♦. The coin flip went badly right off the bat for Zozhik88 when it rolled out K♥Q♥J♦.

Zozhik88 was drawing thin but picked up the first part of the backdoor flush draw on the 3♥ turn. It was still a long shot and Zozhik88 missed those 11 outs on the 2♦ river to hit the rail in 8th place for $869.

Andorisu feeling flush, eliminated in 7th

Those two big hands gave philippepipo a comfortable chip lead but it did not last long. He quickly doubled up hondaru with a coin flip and bond19751 when he was drawing nearly dead. Both those left him in the middle of the pack until he got a lucky one.

philippepipo opened for an early position min-raise and was met with a three-bet from Andorisu on the button. A♥Q♥ was good enough for philippepipo to move all-in with the fourth bet and Andorisu quickly called with Q♦Q♣.

Andorisu was ahead but the one in danger, he moved even closer when philippepipo added a nut flush draw on the J♣5♥3♥ flop. There was no suspense as the turn immediately came 7♥ to lock the hand up for philippepipo to knock out Andorisu in 7th place for $1,512.

hondaru hounded, eliminated in 6th

hondaru was looking good during a nice stretch of the final table, even threatening to take the lead at one point, until a series of bad pots. The last one saw him pick up a decent hand but finding someone with a bigger one.

hondaru had dropped to just 3 million and opened for every single chip when dealt K♦Q♦ in early position. Pedi Fresh watched everyone fold from his position in the big blind and then called with Big Slick A♦K♥.

hondaru found no help on the 9♥7♣4♥ flop and was drawing dead when the turn came A♣. The river was a pointless 9♠ and hondaru was the next knocked out, gone in 6th place for $2,268.

Pedi Fresh out of luck, eliminated in 5th

Qwiky17 began the final table with the chip lead but was very quiet at the start. He seemed content to let the other players do the hard work until he found a spot to assert himself. That part began shortly after the elimination of hondaru.

Qwiky17 moved back into the lead in a 38 million pot against bond19751 where they had action on every street. Qwiky17 grabbed the huge pot when bond19751 called all-in on the river with King-high, the anti-hero call.

The hand knocked bond19751 down to just 4 million but he would survive a payout spot because Pedi Fresh beat him out the door when he shoved under the gun with A♥T♦. bond19751 moved out of the way and Qwiky17 called from the small blind with T♥T♠.

The dealer ran out a perfectly harmless board for Qwiky17 with 9♠8♦5♥3♣Q♣ and Pedi Fresh was gone in 5th place for $3,024.

bond19751 bailed out, eliminated in 4th

bond19751 was able to jump up the payout ladder then managed a double up after Pedi Fresh was eliminated. Four-handed play tends to push the action and he tried again a few hands later.

bond19751 moved all-in from the big blind with A♣8♥ after muneetkr raised from the small blind holding 4♦4♥. muneetkr called the bet and was okay with the 9♦7♥3♦ flop to start things off. The K♠ turn kept the small pocket pair ahead and it ended with the harmless Q♥ river.

bond19751 did well to jump a spot was knocked out in 4th place for $3,811.

philippepipo flopped out, eliminated in 3rd

philippepipo was the star at the beginning of the final table but little worked for him after his early success. While he was waiting for a spot to pick up a big hand, the other two players swapped the lead.

Qwiky17 was the big stack in charge until he returned most of the 38 million he won a few hands earlier. He was involved in a hand where he called a huge river bet by muneetkr and was wrong when he saw 8♠7♣ for another flopped trip Sevens.

The three pushed chips around the table until Qwiky17 made a standard open-shove from the small blind. He moved in with K♣2♥ and philippepipo quickly called with A♥Q♥. The bigger hand was only ahead until the K♦J♠6♣ flop.

philippepipo wasn't able to find his over-card/gutshot draw on the J♣ turn or 9♣ river, a tough way to go out in 3rd place for $5,671.

muneetkr stays strong to win Event #47

Seat 2: muneetkr (60,089,893 in chips)
Seat 7: Qwiky17 (34,435,107 in chips)

Qwiky17 tried to stop the action to discuss a deal but muneetkr was not interested. Qwiky17 even tried saying "please" but muneetkr blew him off and said to play it out.

The big lead might have indicated a quick finish but Qwiky17 wasn't going away too easily. He picked up a huge double to tie the counts mid-way through the 30-hand battle but couldn't complete the comeback.

The final hand saw a lot of action and muneetkr let Qwiky17 hang himself in the end. Qwiky17 min-raised and muneetkr called to see the 9♣3♠3♥ flop then check-raised when Qwiky17 bet out 1.6 million. Qwiky17 three-bet to 8.1 million and muneetkr decided to just call.

muneetkr checked once again on the 7♠ turn and quickly called when Qwiky17 shoved for 17.6 million. Qwiky17 showed 8♥4♦ for the bluff-shove and was drawing dead for his tournament life when muneetkr tabled 3♣2♣ for flopped trip Treys.

It was a tough way to lose a title but Qwiky17 was done in 2nd place for $8,318 while muneetrk picked up his first MicroMillions championship for $11,348,

MicroMillions-047: $4.40 NL Hold'em (1R1A)
Entrants: 9,354 (6,515 rebuys, 3,036 add-ons)
Prize pool: $75,620
Places paid: 1,170

1. muneetkr (Slovenia) $11,348.38
2. Qwiky17 (Czech Republic) $8,318.20
3. philippepipo (Lebanon) $5,671.50
4. bond19751 (Ireland) $3,811.24
5. Pedi Fresh (Iran) $3,024.80
6. hondaru (Romania) $2,268.60
7. Andorisu (Latvia) $1,512.40
8. Zozhik88 (Russia) $869.63
9. brpoker_pr0 (Brazil) $586.05

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions