MicroMillions 8: sansinger draws to victory in Event #56 ($5.50 NL Draw)

Five-card Draw is one of those games often played in family games around the kitchen table. The game where many players were introduced to poker. MicroMillions 8 gave players of all skills a shot at the title for just the $5.50 buyin.

Event #56 had a small but talented field. The tournament drew 2,073 players when only 1,000 were needed to make the $5,000 guarantee. The $10,365 prizepool was paid out to the final 264 players and the winner earned $1,633.

Single draw games are not the most action-friendly, even with the No Limit element, so the pace of play was not unexpected. The structure allowed players to choose their own path to victory and it took over six hours just to make the final table. They reached that point when lonnylegend's A♥A♣T♣9♣7♠ was flushed out by poloten4ik56's 9♠6♠4♠3♠2♠.

The final table was formed with lonnylegend's 7th place finish and the remaining six were well stacked. The smallest stack belonged to WWWMR but he was still 20 big blinds deep. It would take another 90 minutes before one player was left standing.

sansinger: "i didnt expect this trny to run more than 6 hours to be honest"


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: lemberg1715 (1,235,514 in chips)
Seat 2: WWWMR (1,016,755 in chips)
Seat 3: Nepokornaya (1,412,984 in chips)
Seat 4: willrobrobu (1,837,187 in chips)
Seat 5: sansinger (2,163,927 in chips)
Seat 6: poloten4ik56 (2,698,633 in chips)

Blinds: 25k/50k with 12.5k ante

WWWMR tripped up, eliminated in 6th

There was little activity at the start of the final table and they were in no hurry to push the action. They played more than 50 hands before the first all-in call. That big hand didn't produce a knock out, but it set one up.

WWWMR began action with a min-raise and called return min-raise from Nepokornaya on the button before they each drew three cards. WWWMR then check-called a shove but his pair of Kings were no match for the three Nines of Nepokornaya.

The hand left WWWMR with very few chips and he was forced all-in two hands later while in the big blind. Nepokornaya and willrobrobu came along for the ride, each drawing one card against WWWMR's three. willrobrobu tabled 9♠9♦8♣8♥4♥ and his two pair were good enough for WWWMR to muck without a showdown to be eliminated in 6th place for $218.

Nepokornaya makes a play, eliminated in 5th

Nepokornaya must have been chock full of confidence with his knockout of WWWMR when he tried to make a move on lemberg1715 after a min-raise. Nepokornaya min-raised right back and they both went to the draw.

lemberg1715 drew three cards and Nepokornaya stood pat, representing a strong hand. He bet out 700k after lemberg1715 checked and it was eventually called. Nepokornaya rolled over the Ace-high play A♥Q♣9♥6♣2♠ but lemberg1715 was good with Kings up K♥K♣8♣8♥3♥.

The hand dropped Nepokornaya near the felt and it was his turn to be all-in for less than his big blind. lemberg1715 stayed around for the hand along with sansinger. Nepokornaya drew one card while the others each drew three. This time it was sansinger hitting two pair with K♦K♥6♥6♠T♠ against Nepokornaya's Ace-high, busted flush draw A♦Q♥7♦6♦3♦. Nepokornaya was aggressive at the final table but was gone short of the title in 5th place for $388.

willrobrobu held up, eliminated in 4th

After neary an hour of final table action and only two eliminations, the blinds began catching up with the deep stacks. willrobrobu dropped below 10 big blinds and open-shoved for all his chips.

poloten4ik56 called the bet and they both drew three cards. willrobrobu showed unimproved Jacks and poloten4ik56 was a lot better with A♦A♥5♥5♦6♥ for the win. willrobrobu was eliminated in 4th place for $595.

lemberg1715 limps, eliminated in 3rd

Three-handed action stayed on script and they pushed chips around until most of them ended up split between sansinger and poloten4ik56. lemberg1715 was left as the short stack and ended up all-in against sansinger.

lemberg1715 drew two cards against sansinger's three. sansinger was best when the cards were tabled with K♦K♥T♣7♦5♣ to send lemberg1715's Ace-high A♥Q♥5♥3♠5♥ out in 3rd place for $906.

sansinger draws to victory in Event #56

Seat 5: sansinger (4,026,126 in chips)
Seat 6: poloten4ik56 (6,338,874 in chips)

The last two players had plenty of chips and they fought tough the entire way. The heads up battle lasted over 30 minutes and 130 handed before the matter was settled. poloten4ik56 began with the chip lead but they both took turns at the top over the long match.

sansinger doubled for the final lead change when he drew three cards to hit A♥A♠5♦5♣7♥. He kept the pressure up from that point forward to grind poloten4ik56 to under 2 million when he called all-in.

sansinger drew three cards versus two for poloten4ik56. sansinger ended the tournament was he rolled over A♦A♣Q♠4♠3♦ to best the J♣J♦A♥7♦5♥. poloten4ik56 was a worthy opponent but was gone in 2nd place for $1,217 while sansinger is the latest MicroMillions champion for a nice $1,633 payout.

MicroMillions-056: $5.50 NL Draw
Entrants: 2,703
Prize pool: $10,365
Places paid: 264

1. sansinger (Singapore) $1,633.83
2. poloten4ik56 (Russia) $1,217.88
3. lemberg1715 (Ukraine) $906.93
4. willrobrobu (United Kingdom) $595.98
5. Nepokornaya (Russia) $388.68
6. WWWMR (Georgia) $218.79

Al Rash
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