MicroMillions 8: seik kolyvan smashes his way to the Event #25 Ante Up title ($3.30 NL Hold'em Ante Up)

Event #25 of MicroMillions 8 was the $3.30 NL Hold'em (Ante Up) tournament, a firm favourite with poker players far and wide as is evident by the crowd of 5,785 players who bought in and helped smash the $10,000 guarantee by $7,355. It is most definitely a firm favourite with seik kolyvan who emerged victorious after 10 hours of play to scoop the $2,553.22 first place prize.

As the name of the tournament suggests, the Ante Up is all about the antes. In a standard tournament, the blinds increase at the end of each level, as do the antes once they come into play. In an Ante Up event, the blinds remain at a constant 5/5, but antes are in place from the start and it is these that increase once each level is completed.

Over the course of nine hours 18 minutes, the massive 5,785 crowd was whittled down the final table of nine, DIMKA ZH being the unfortunate final table bubble boy when he three-bet all-in for 313,330 chips with T♠5♠ after MrCurling had raised to 300,000. MrCurling called with 9♣7♥ and when the five community cards ran 2♥7♦A♥2♣Q♥ it was game over for DIMKA ZH and game on the nine surviving players.

Final table chip counts

Seat 1: Garcia211510 (Brazil) -- 3,021,117
Seat 2: vectilian (New Zealand) - 1,113,953
Seat 3: Faydar09 (United Kingdom) -- 2,267,646
Seat 4: seik kolyvan (Ukraine) -- 4,457,715
Seat 5: bigchongs79 (Canada) -- 2,770,600
Seat 6: dheison (Brazil) -- 1,221,561
Seat 7: MrCurling (Australia) -- 8,731,652
Seat 8: BabyShark14 (Ukraine) -- 1,523,764
Seat 9: clauozlo90 (Romania) -- 3,816,992

Event 27 FT.png

vectilian vanquished in ninth place

On the fourth hand of play at the final table, and with the ante set at 70,000, vectilian raised to 833,943 and was all-in. Faydar09 folded only to see seik kolyvan re-raised to 1,667,881. The other active players ducked out of the way and the cards of vectilian and seik kolyvan revealed:

vectilian: 9♦9♣
seik kolyvan: A♠K♥

seik kolyvan took the lead on the all-diamond 5♦K♦8♦ flop, but needed to avoid a diamond on the turn or river because vectilian held the 9♦ in his hand. The 6♥ landed on the turn and was followed into view by the J♥, keeping seik kolyvan's hand best and sending vectilian to the sidelines in ninth place.

Garcia211510 gone in eighth place

Eighth place went to one of the two Brazilians who had navigated their way to the final table. With the ante now set at 80,000 the entire table limped in preflop and the flop fell 5♥A♣9♣. The players checked around until it was clauozlo90's turn to act. He led for 480,035, Garcia211510 raised all-in for 1,851,082 and clauozlo90 called.

It was the A♠5♣ of clauozlo90 versus the A♥7♠ of Garcia211510 and when the 2♦ turn nor the 6♦ came to Garcia211510's rescue the final table lost another player.

bigchings79 busts in seventh place

The action continued at a frantic pace and a few minutes later bigchongs79 lost a crucial coinflip to become the seventh place finisher. Faydar09 made it 47,765 to go, seik kolyvan raised to 385,240 then bigchongs79 raised all-in for 609,086. The action folded back around to seik kolyvan and he called to put bigchongs79 at risk.

It would be one of tournament poker's many coinflips that would settle this confrontation, the K♦J♠ of seik kolyvan racing against the 8♠8♦ of his all-in opponent. The Q♦J♥K♥ flop propelled seik kolyvan into the lead, with the A♣ turn keeping him there. The fifth and final community card was the 3♥, which sent bigchongs79 to the rail in seventh place.

seik kolyvan's aces send two to the rail

With 12.6 million chips, seik kolyvan already had a commanding chip lead, but his position was greatly improved soon after bigchongs79's demise when he eliminated two players in the same hand!

MrCurling raised to 3,065,175 preflop and was all-in. BabyShark14 folded, but clauozlo90 called. Faydar09 passed, then seik kolyvan raised enough to set clauozlo90 all-in, a bet that was called.

MrCurling: J♥T♠
clauozlo90: K♣K♥
seik kolyvan: A♣A♥

A massive 15.75 million chip pot was created and seik kolyvan was the favourite to take it down. A flop reading 3♠7♦8♦ was followed onto the virtual felt by the 8♣ and the T♥, which kept seik kolyvan's aces best and sent MrCurling to the rail in sixth place and clauozlo90 in fifth place.

Deal or no deal?

The four remaining players decided to try and negotiate a deal for the remaining prize pool. They looked at chip chop and ICM, leaving $200 for the eventual winner. seik kolyvan was not keen on that idea and as a huge chip leader his thoughts and wishes carried a lot of weight. After five minutes or discussions, the players agreed to split what was left of the prize pool, leaving nothing extra for the winner other than glory and potentially crucial leaderboard points.

BabyShark14 becomes fourth place finisher

BabyShark14 immediately benefitted from the deal because he busted out as soon as play resumed. A raise to 2,332,435 from seik kolyvan was raised all-in to 2,931,242 by BabyShark14 and seik kolyvan put in the extra 598,807 chips needed to call.

A double up for BabyShark14 looked on the cards, not least because his A♣K♥ was dominating the K♦Q♣ of seik kolyvan. That double looked even more likely by the turn of the 5♠8♠7♣T♦ board, but the Q♠ on the river improved seik kolyvan to a pair of queens and resigned BabyShark14 to a fourth place finish.

Faydar09 falls in third

Heads-up was set when Faydar09 fell victim to seik kolyvan's run-good. Faydar was down to 96,174 chip after losing with ace-five versus dheison's ace-ten and that short stack went into the middle with Q♣3♦. seik kolyvan raised with T♥T♦ to isolate and dheison folded.

Faydar09 took the lead on the 5♦Q♠4♥ flop, stayed in front on the A♠ turn, but the T♣ on the river was one of two cards that he didn't want to see because it improved seik kolyvan to a set of tens, and that set crushed Faydar09's pair of queens.

Going into heads up, seik kolyvan held a huge 26,046,154 to 2,878,846 chip advantage over dheison. The one-on-one battle was over in 26 hands, with the final hand being cruel to dheison.

dheison destroyed in second place

Antes at this stage were 125,000 and seik kolyvan moved all-in to put dheison to the test for his entire stack. Dheison called off his stack with A♦4♣ and discovered his hand was ahead of the A♣3♠ of the hot-running seik kolyvan.

The J♥Q♦8♥ flop made a chopped pot the most likely outcome, but the 3♦ on the turn gifted seik kolyvan the lead and left dheison drawing to the three remaining fours in the deck The 9♠ on the river wasn't one of dheison's outs and he crashed out in second place, leaving seik kolyvan to be crowned event #25's champion.

MicroMillions - 025: $3.30 NL Hold'em [Ante Up]
Entrants: 5,785
Prize pool: $17,355.00
Places paid: 765

1. seik kolyvan (Ukraine) -- $2,553.22*
2. dheison (Brazil) -- $1,483.84*
3. Faydar09 (United Kingdom) - $1,435.15*
4. BabyShark14 (Ukraine) -- $1,680.36*
5. clauozlo90 (Romania) -- $737.58
6. MrCurling (Australia) -- $564.03
7. bigchongs79 (Canada) -- $390.48
8. Garcia211510 (Brazil) -- $216.93
9. vectiian (New Zealand) -- $138.84

*= reflects a deal struck with four players remaining.

Matthew Pitt
@PokerStars in MicroMillions