MicroMillions 8: St.D1ego en fuego with victory in Big Antes Event #58 ($2.20+R NL)

Sometimes success boils down to who gets hot at the right time. The final table began with chipleader St.D1ego fending off a rabid chase pack nipping at his back wheel in this turbo-charged, Big Antes format. St.D1ego eventually coughed up the lead, but lasted long enough to forge a money chop among the last five standing. Once a deal was in place, St.D1ego went into full-blown terminator mode and efficiently liquidated four opponents in only three hands. In less time than it takes to hear The Beatles perform "Twist and Shout", St.D1ego from Belarus emerged as the newest MicroMillions 8 champion.

MicroMillions Event #58 $2.20+R NL Hold'em [Big Antes, 2x-Turbo] attracted 11,284 runners. They contributed 30,659 re-buys and 6,742 add-ons to boost to the prize pool to $97,370.00. The top 1,440 places paid out with $13,638.94 set aside to the eventual champion.

Members of Team Online taking a shot in this event included DaWarsaw and frosty012. Neither could muster up enough momentum to advance to the money.

Estonia's gert2110 bubbled off the final table in tenth place, when gert2110 got it all-in with A♣9♣ and lost to stradale430's A♥J♥. With nine to go, the final table was set.


Event 058 - Final Table - Chip Counts:
Seat 1: drcrunk.tr1 (7,895,284)
Seat 2: Laziness{Ru} (18,553,408)
Seat 3: DenKiev3 (22,195,785)
Seat 4: MaTpuK (9,758,283)
Seat 5: St.D1ego (25,035,924)
Seat 6: super7lfc (12,779,298)
Seat 7: -shameLi- (22,883,005)
Seat 8: stradale430 (17,960,841)
Seat 9: pablo_ X007 (14,244,172)

The final table commenced during Level 51 with blinds at 500K/1M and a 200K "big" ante. St.D1ego held the lead with 25M, while drcrunk.tr1 was the short stack with approximately 7.9M.

pablo_ X007 eliminated in 9th place

It took only six hands before the first player exited the final table. Short-stacked pablo_ X007 open-shoved for 3,405,889 with 3♦3♥ and St.D1ego called with A♦5♣. St.D1ego flopped two pair on a board of 6♠6♦5♦. The turn was the T♦ and the river was the 7♠. St.D1ego dragged the pot with a better two pair and pablo_ X007 became the first elimination at the final table. For a ninth-place finish, pablo_ X007 earned $662.11.

DenKiev3 eliminated in 8th place

DenKiev3 open-shoved for 2,279,219, and super7lfc re-shoved for 20,919,298 and everyone else got out of the way. Heads-up. DenKiev3 made a final stand with K♣9♥ against super7lfc's A♥J♦. The board ran out Q♥J♥T♥6♥3♥. Both players flopped a straight-flush draw. Both also turned a flush, but by the river, DenKiev3's Queen-high flush was edged out by uper7lfc's Ace-high flush. For an eighth-place finish, DenKiev3 earned $973.70.

Laziness{Ru} eliminated in 7th place

Short-stacked Laziness{Ru} shoved for 5,042,840, -shameLi- re-raised all-in for 9,643,499, and everyone else folded. Heads-up. Laziness{Ru} attempted to make a final stand with Q♠6♣ but unfortunately, -shameLi- woke up with A♦A♠. The board ran out K♦Q♥J♥4♦J♦. Laziness{Ru} flopped a Queen, but failed to improve on the turn or river. -shameLi-'s Aces held up and Laziness{Ru} was knocked out in seventh place, which paid out $1,947.40.

With six remaining, stradale430 emerged as the chipleader with 32M. Despite nearly doubling up, -shameLi- was still the short stack with 18.7M.

-shameLi- eliminated in 6th place

Another shorty bites the dust. Short-stacked -shameLi- bombed it all-in for 17,866,339 with A♠9♣ and drcrunk.tr1 called with A♦Q♠. The board finished up K♥6♠2♥K♦T♣. Neither player improved, but drcrunk.tr1 won the pot with a better kicker. Switzerland's -shameLi- busted in sixth place and took home $2,921.10.


With five to go action was paused to discuss a deal. By that point, drcrunk.tr1 seized the lead with 55.4M, St.D1ego was in second with 32.6M, with stradale430 third with 25.6M, super7lfc next-to-last with 21M, and MaTpuK in the basement with 16.5M. They had to leave $1,500 on the table to the eventual champion, but after a lengthy negotiation, the final five agreed on the terms of the deal as follows: drcrunk.tr1 ($10,050.81), St.D1ego ($8,520.13), stradale430 ($7,064.76), super7lfc ($6,252.91), and MaTpuK ($5,956.01)

MaTpuK eliminated in 5th place

With a deal in place, we saw a quickie bustout. Short-stacked MaTpuK shoved for 15,353,132 with 7♠7♦ but St.D1ego picked him off with J♦J♠. The board finished up 6♠8♣3♥2♠K♦ and St.D1ego's Jacks held up. MaTpuK was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $5,956.01.

stradale430 eliminated in 4th place

St.D1ego raised to 6,250,000, stradale430 bombed it all-in for 16,035,063 with K♣T♥, and St.D1ego called with A♠3♠. The board ran out 5♦5♣3♥2♠7♥. St.D1ego flopped two pair, which held up. stradale430 failed to improve and busted out in fourth place, which paid out $7,064.76.

With three players left in the hunt, St.D1ego held a commanding lead with 117.5M, while super7lfc was next with 28.7M and drcrunk.tr1 on life support with 5M.

drcrunk.tr1 eliminated in 3rd place; super7lfc eliminated in 2nd place

Two-bustouts in the same hand. If you blinked, you would have missed it. On the button, super7lfc open-shoved for 23,462,144, shorty drcrunk.tr1 called all-in for 10,313,848, and St.D1ego had both covered in the big blind and decided to call.

St.D1ego: 9♦9♣
super7lfc: K♣4♣
drcrunk.tr1: Q♥J♥

St.D1ego was ahead pre-flop. The flop was K♦J♣9♠. St.D1ego flopped a set of nines, but drcrunk.tr1 picked up a straight draw. The 5♣ fell on the turn and super7lfc picked up a flush draw. The 5♦ spiked on the river and St.D1ego improved to a full house. St.D1ego faded both a straight and a flush to win the pot and knock out both opponents.

Due to the terms of the deal, super7lfc took home $6,252.91 for second place and drcrunk.tr1 earned $10,050.81 for third place.

Congrats to MicroMillions 8 Event #58 champion, St.D1ego from Belarus, who earned a first-place payday worth $10,020.13.

MicroMillions-058: $2.20+R NL Hold'em [Big Antes, 2x-Turbo]
Entrants: 11,284 (30,659 re-buys, 6,742 add-ons)
Prize Pool: $97,370.00
Payouts: 1,440

1. St.D1ego (Belarus) $10,020.13 **
2. super7lfc (Ireland) $6,252.91 **
3. drcrunk.tr1 (United Kingdom) $10,050.81 **
4. stradale430 (Austria) $7,064.76 **
5. MaTpuK (Russia) $5,956.01 **
6. -shameLi- (Switzerland) $2,921.10
7. Laziness{Ru} (Russia) $1,947.40
8. DenKiev3 (Ukraine) $973.70
9. pablo_ X007 (Germany) $662.11

** Denotes a five-way deal

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