MicroMillions 8: trzcinek dominates final table to win Event #2 ($11 NLH)

The latest incarnation of the MicroMillions series kicked off today with six No Limit Hold'em events on the schedule. Small buy-in, big prizepool tournaments which brings out the players in bunches.

The second tournament had an $11 buy-in with a huge $150,000 guarantee which drew 23,228 players. The event paid out the final 3,150 alive in the tournament with the winner set to earn a whopping $23,244.

Despite the deep structure, less than half the starting players remained when the two hour late registration period closed and they were done near the final table bubble just nine hours into play. They didn't waste their time and they were set after just four shots at hand-for-hand poker.

dieguinhoo21 began the final table with the chiplead but that would soon change and another would emerge to dominate the last stage of the tournament.


Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: M. Paeta (4,977,914 in chips)
Seat 2: Se7enth Seal (18,335,535 in chips)
Seat 3: Mr druqs (19,018,016 in chips)
Seat 4: trzcinek (9,025,867 in chips)
Seat 5: dieguinhoo21 (20,311,367 in chips)
Seat 6: LOCHE11 (10,018,518 in chips)
Seat 7: DoNk3y F3sT (17,635,610 in chips)
Seat 8: 37Diman37 (9,494,795 in chips)
Seat 9: Hvam.L.E.A.S (7,322,378 in chips)

Blinds: 250k/500k with 62.5k ante

37Diman37 drops quick; eliminated in 9th

Russian 37Diman37 came to the final table with a workable stack before a curious hand where he doubled up M. Paeata holding only a backdoor flush draw and one over card. He picked up a few pots to stay alive before taking another shot.

37Diman37 was left with just 4.4 million and open-shoved from middle position with J♦8♦ and trzcinek called when he woke up with A♥Q♠ in the big blind. The K♥9♠5♦ flop changed little though the 6♣ turn gave 37Diman37 a gutshot draw.

The river was a blank T♣ and trzcinek picked up the pot with Ace-high while 37Diman37 was the first sent off the final table, earning $1,393 for 9th place.

M. Paeta out-kicked; eliminated in 8th

M. Paeta had a moment of redemption with the courtesy double up from 37Diman37 but only moved up one step on the payout ladder. He was still short and shoved when action folded to his spot in late position.

A♦5♠ had to look pretty decent when he moved all-in but trzcinek once again found a bigger Ace in the big blind with A♣9♥. They both hit the A♠K♠K♣ flop but M. Paeta was looking for a Five.

The 7♣ turn changed nothing and the tournament was over for M. Paeta when the river came 2♠ to send him out in 8th for $2,090.

dieguinhoo21 runs into buzzsaw; eliminated in 7th

Just a few hands later and trzcinek would take over the chiplead for good, beginning with calling a three-bet from dieguinhoo21 to the A♠J♠6♥ flop.

trzcinek let dieguinhoo21 do all the heavy lifting and called a post-flop bet of 4,085,000 before the Q♦ turn. dieguinhoo21 fired away once again, this time for all his chips, with top two A♦Q♣ and trzcinek easily called with bottom set 6♦6♠.

dieguinhoo21 was drawing very thin with one card to come and completely missed the 5♦ river to drop out in 7th place. dieguinhoo21 earned $3,263 while trzcinek jumped to a nice lead with the biggest pot of the tournament to the point.

LOCHE11 locked out; eliminated in 6th

Six-handed play saw the first hint of a possible deal but not everyone was interested while LOCHE11 was sitting with a very short stack. There would be time to discuss later.

LOCHE11 took a chance to get back in the game and shoved with J♠T♣ from the small blind when it folded around to him. DoNk3y F3sT already had 800k invested in the big blind and called with A♠9♣.

Whatever chance LOCHE11 was holding practically disappeared on the 9♥9♠5♣ flop. The rest of his opportunities were gone a second later when the turn came A♥ to give DoNk3y F3sT the unbeatable boat. LOCHE11 tried hard to build a stack but was gone in 6th place for $4,645.

Mr druqs double teamed; eliminated in 5th

The first serious deal discussion began with the elimination of LOCHE11 but it did not end well. trzcinek was holding 61 of the 116 million chips in five-handed play and rightfully requested more than the others.

Se7enth Seal was one of those shooting down the deal and hit a big pot after they returned to play. A lucky river Ten kept him in the game and put Mr druqs low on chips.

The hand left Mr drugs with just a few big blinds and he moved all-in shortly afterwards. Both trzcinek and Hvam.L.E.A.S called with a chance to knock one out and checked down the A♣Q♥4♣K♥9♥ board. trzcinek tabled K♣8♥ to take down the pot and move further into the lead while Mr druqs was gone in 5th place for $6,968.

Se7enth Seal cracked; eliminated in 4th

The stacks evened out a little after Mr druqs was sent out and the last four players were finally able to reach an amicable deal to chop up the remaining prizepool. trzcinek was still leading but settled for the ICM numbers without asking for a bonus.

Se7enth Seal's stack was up and down most of the final table before button shoving with K♣J♦. His bet didn't make it far when trzcinek isolated with a A♥J♣ shove of his one from the small blind to get heads up.

Se7enth Seal was behind and dropped further back thanks to the A♣Q♦J♠ flop. He was left looking for the Tens in the deck after the 7♥ turn and missed them all on the 6♣ river. Se7enth Seal picked up some extra cash in the deal but was eliminated in 4th place for $13,460.

DoNk3y F3sT rivered; eliminated in 3rd

trzcinek's lead extended to 90 million with the other two players splitting the remaining chips and his standard move was an open-shove until someone looked him up. It worked for a few hands before he needed a little luck for another KO.

It was another shove from the small blind with 8♣4♠ and DoNk3y F3sT found a way to call with 9♠7♥. A surprising lead that held up on the K♦J♦2♦ flop and A♦ turn. It all came to a sudden end when the river spiked 4♦ to give trzcinek the pot and knock out DoNk3y F3sT in 3rd place for $14,798.

trzcinek dominated final table to Win MicroMillions-002

trzcinek began heads up play with a huge chiplead and it looked like the tournament would end in one hand. They both put their chips in the middle immediately with big Aces and trzcinek having the best. A quick end didn't happen when the board ran out a Wheel to chop up the pot.

The chopped pot left no change in the counts and it would take 30 hands of heads up play for trzcinek to finish it off. Hvam.L.E.A.S found a few doubles but had to make a move on the final hand.

Hvam.L.E.A.S raised from the button and trzcinek came along to see the 9♦9♣3♣ flop. trzcinek check-called a 4.2 million bet after the flop and another 7 million on the K♦ turn. Hvam.L.E.A.S took a final shot for his final 16.6 million when the river Q♦ hit but his A♦7♣ was no good against trzcinek's K♣6♣.

The hand sent Hvam.L.E.A.S out in the runner-up position for $13,580 while trzcinek dominated the final table for the win plus $19,570 to his bankroll. His dominance saw him knock out all but two at the final table.

MicroMillions-002: $11 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 23,228
Prize pool: $232,280
Places paid: 3,150

1. trzcinek (Poland) $19,570.67*
2. Hvam.L.E.A.S (Denmark) $13,580.94*
3. DoNk3y F3sT (United Kingdom) $14,798.28*
4. Se7enth Seal (Estonia) $13,460,68*
5. Mr druqs (Portugal) $6,968.40
6. LOCHE11 (Uruguay) $4,645.60
7. dieguinhoo21 (Brazil) $3,263.53
8. M. Paeta (Portugal) $2,090.52
9. 37Diman37 (Russia) $1,393.68
* - denotes four-way deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in MicroMillions