MicroMillions 8: WCOOP Champion OhRaisyDaisy blossoms with win in Event #77 ($3.30+R NL Omaha, 6-Max)

OhRaisyDaisy, who previously had won a WCOOP title in 2013, began the final table of MicroMillions Event #77 with a slim lead but the close proximity of the rabid chase pack was not a deterrent. The pressure barely fazed OhRaisyDaisy, who never looked back. The Russian smoked the remainder of the final table to join an elite group of players as the newest MicroMillions champions.

MicroMillions 8 Event #77 $3.30+R NL Omaha (6-Max) attracted an impressive 4,492 runners. They crushed the initial $20,000 guarantee when the prize pool swelled to $42,465.00 with 6,714 re-buys and 2,949 add-ons. The top 570 places paid out with $6,478.76 originally set aside to first place.

PokerStars Team Pros Marcel Luske was one of the familiar faces taking a shot at a MicroMillions crown. The Flying Dutchman went deep, but not deep enough to advanced to the money.


MicroMillions-077 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: 7orture (20,459,446)
Seat 2: hendosnap (3,009,480)
Seat 3: STAVKAMEN 94 (17,449,979)
Seat 4: Assohure (8,966,932)
Seat 5: pscycodad (6,568,603)
Seat 6: OhRaisyDaisy (21,693,060)

The final table commenced during Level 45 with blinds at 150K/300K and 20K ante. OhRaisyDaisy held the lead with 21.6M, while hendosnap brought up the rear with 3M.

Assohure eliminated in 6th place

The first bustout went fast. Assohure open-shoved for 5,577,632, and OhRaisyDaisy attempted to pick off the short stack.

OhRaisyDaisy: Q♣J♠T♣5♠
Assohure: A♠K♠T♦T♠

The board finished up A♦Q♦2♠5♥4♣. Assohure flopped a Broadway draw but failed to improve. OhRaisyDaisy turned two pair and won the pot with Queens and fives. Austria's Assohure became the first player to exit at the final table. Ninth place paid out $721.90.

hendosnap eliminated in 5th place

7orture bombed it all-in for 18,012,144 and hendosnap called all-in for 6,500,714.

7orture: A♥T♦T♣2♥
hendosnap: Q♦Q♠J♦2♦

hendosnap was ahead with Queens, but the flop was A♦A♣5♠ and 7orture took the lead with trip Aces. The turn was the 8♠ and the river was the 3♠. hendosnap could not come from behind to suck out. For fifth place, hendosnap earned $1,273.95.

With four to go, 7orture held a slim margin over STAVKAMEN 94... 25.32M to 25.29M. pscycodad was the shortstack with 8.5M.

pscycodad eliminated in 4th place

STAVKAMEN 94 min-raised to 1.2M, pscycodad called, OhRaisyDaisy re-raised all-in for 26,114,442, STAVKAMEN 94 bailed, but pscycodad called all-in for 5,102,712.

pscycodad: A♥K♦9♦5♦
OhRaisyDaisy: J♦T♣9♣2♦

The board ran out K♣Q♣7♠5♣2♣. OhRaisyDaisy flopped a flush and open-ended straight draws, but turned a King-high flush to win the pot. Alas, pscycodad could only muster up two pair -- Kings and fives. pscycodad was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $2,214.12.

With three players remaining, OhRaisyDaisy held the lead with approximately 34M, followed by 7orture's 29.1M and STAVKAMEN 94's 15M.

STAVKAMEN 94 eliminated in 3rd place

It didn't last three-handed very long. STAVKAMEN 94 min-raised to 1.2M, OhRaisyDaisy went over-the-top for 32,567,154, and STAVKAMEN 94 called all-in for 15,462,888.

STAVKAMEN 94: A♦K♣8♦5♣
OhRaisyDaisy: Q♥J♥T♦T♠

The board ran out 7♣8♣3♦9♦3♠.  STAVKAMEN 94 turned a flush draw, but whiffed on the river. OhRaisyDaisy dragged after turning a Jack-high straight, and STAVKAMEN 94 was knocked out in third place, which paid out $3,397.20.

HEADS-UP: OhRaisyDaisy (Russia) vs. 7orture (Canada)
Seat 1: 7orture (28,692,458)
Seat 6: OhRaisyDaisy (49,455,042)

With two remaining, OhRaisyDaisy held almost a 2-1 edge.


Action was paused to discuss a deal. The final two had played a couple of hands of heads-up before negotiations began. OhRaisyDaisy held the lead 56.2M to 21.8M. They had to leave $400 on the table for the eventual champion, but the numbers were floated: OhRaisyDaisy ($5,684.88) and 7orture ($5,065.03). With a deal secured, play resumed.

7orture eliminated in 2nd place; OhRaisyDaisy wins Event #77!

With a deal in place, the remainder of heads-up went rather quick.

On the final hand... OhRaisyDaisy min-raised to 1.6M and 7orture called. The flop was A♥7♦5♣, 7orture checked, OhRaisyDaisy bet 1,700,000, and 7orture called. The J♠ fell on the turn. 7orture checked, OhRaisyDaisy fired out 4,999,999, 7orture check-raised all-in for 24,956,916, and OhRaisyDaisy called.

7orture: 7♠4♥3♥2♠
OhRaisyDaisy: A♣A♠A♦6♥

OhRaisyDaisy flopped trips, while 7orture flopped a gutshot. The river was the K♦ and 7orture failed to improve. OhRaisyDaisy won the pot with trip Aces.

Canada's 7orture collected $5,065.03 for strong runner-up performance.

Congrats to Russia's OhRaisyDaisy for winning Event #77, which paid out $6,084.88. Last September, OhRaisyDaisy also binked an event in 2013 WCOOP.

MicroMillions-077: $3.30+R NL Omaha [6-Max]
Entrants: 4,492
Prize Pool: $42,465.00 (6,714 re-buys; 2,949 add-ons)
Places Paid: 570

1. OhRaisyDaisy (Russia) $6,084.88 **
2. 7orture (Canada) $5,065.03 **
3. STAVKAMEN 94 (Ukraine) $3,397.20
4. pscycodad (Sweden) $2,214.12
5. hendosnap (United Kingdom) $1,273.95
6. Assohure (Austria) $721.90

** Denotes a two-way deal

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