MicroMillions 9: Two brothers and a busted boiler

Dave Morley's week could have been going better. In fact, most things could have been going better, but that's a lot of other stories. This is the story of how a busted boiler brought two brothers together for a night neither will ever forget.

But, first, that boiler. Some of you might know it as a furnace. Regardless of what you call it, it keeps your flat warm, and when it goes bust, you either sit in the cold, or you do what Morley did: he went home to Mom and Dad's.

His brother Steve was there, because as Steve put it in the forum post that tipped us to this story, his mum makes a mean cuppa tea and can serve as a pretty good human alarm clock. These are both things Steve needed because with MicroMillions 9 on this week, he was grinding as many events as he could.

Among the two brothers, Steve is the one closer to being a pro, and Dave simply sat by and watched.

"I was picking up a few tips, as you do," Dave said, "and getting no sleep in the process."

Steve snores. Story checks out.


Dave (elbows on the table) and Steve (right) in a friendly game

And so it came time for Dave to leave. He was exhausted from railing his brother and the boiler man was due at 8am the next day. So, Dave packed up the car and left Steve to his own devices at Mom and Dad's. Steve watched his brother leave, hoping that some of the poker talk had done the boy some good.

"I was winning the war over decisions and information the past few days," Steve said, "and hoping that it would help him in the future."

The future can happen faster than you'd think, folks.

When Dave got home, he had a couple of hours to spare. So, with the remaining change left in his PokerStars account, he entered a 36-person satellite to MicroMillions Event 52, a $5.50 event with $25,000 guaranteed. By the time that satellite was finished, Dave was automatically entered and playing in Event 52. The boiler man, presumably, had no idea.

Nor did brother Steve. He'd busted his events for the night and crashed hard into his bed. He picks up the story:

"After a decent 11 hour sleep I finally woke, sat down to a nice cuppa tea made by the old dear, when her phone rang, and all of a sudden she burst out in excitement and told me it was David with a message for me to check Facebook quickly," Steve said. "So I ran to the computer and saw that he had posted a screenshot to me of his 1st place finish in event #52!"

Again, story checks out.

Nearly 8,600 people entered that tournament, and when it was done, Dave (known as DaveJennings on PokerStars) had won for $6,447. And then, no joke, the adrenaline got to him and he went in the bathroom to puke. He plans to celebrate in a better way this weekend.

At this point, it's tough to say who is happier, Dave with his money or brother Steve with a new kind of pride.

Steve said, "I am so happy for him, as he was currently job hunting and skint, with a ton of car problems that he could not afford. He spent all week helping the parents with some house work and using what little he had to pay the petrol to get here and back. I felt he thoroughly deserved every little bit of luck he received along the way and the success of taking it down."

For Dave's part, he has plans to pay of his debts and save the rest. And as for his brother, Steve, Dave hopes there will be some karmic payback this weekend during the Main Event.

"I hope my victory spurs my brother (stejens on PokerStars) on to make another final table in this MicroMillions event so he can himself go down in history," Dave said.


Thanks to the PokerMob forum for tipping us off to this story.

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