MicroMillions is back, turning common cents into dollars

In Rounders Lester "Worm" Murphy wanted rolled up aces over kings to cheer himself up. The Cincinnati Kid wanted nothing more than to be The Man. For us however, we want to turn a few cents into thousands of dollars, every day for 11 days--which is convenient really because tomorrow marks the start of MicroMillions 9, which promises to do just that.

It's the tournament series to suit everyone, from the high rollers to the dollar players ready to state their case on a bigger stage. It's where you can play for as little as $0.11 and win a share of what will be a $5 million combined prize pool. Along the way will emerge the kind of stories only believable to those who were there (although nothing like the straight flush vs. full house hand of Mr Kid).


The first of 100 events start tomorrow November 6, with the Main Event, a $22 buy-in thriller starting on November 16.

Over that period they'll be tournaments of every buy-in and discipline, with satellites running alongside for even cheaper entry. There's even a new variant being rolled out: "Bubble Dash", which features a structure that promises to get you to the bubble in quick time before things slowdown in the latter stages. They'll also be six months of Sunday Million tickets to the players finishing in top spot on the Player of the Series leader board.

Each day we'll have news from that day's events on the PokerStars Blog, taking a look at the big stories both on and off the tables.

So whether you want to be The Man, or wish simply to use rolled up aces over kings show everyone how great you are as you bag yourself a title, your latest chance starts tomorrow with Event 1, a no-limit hold'em re-buy event with an 11 cent buy-in. That's the sort of money you can find down the back of the sofa.

For all the details you'll need go to the MicroMillions 9 website, which includes tournament and satellite information, as well as leader board standings and all the other bits that make this the most exciting micro stakes series anywhere.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.
Stephen Bartley
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