Coming soon: $5 million MicroMillions 10

Skip your morning latte. Rummage in the divan for loose change. Turn your little brother upside down and see what falls out of his pockets.*


It's MicroMillions time. It's the biggest little tournament series in the world capped off with a $1 million guaranteed Main Event.

Beginning March 19 and running through March 29, MicroMillions 10 will host 100 events that guarantee a combined $5 million in prize money. To get in, you will never need more than $22 and you can get in to some events for as little as 11 cents!


This is not just some regular hold'em series. Included in the tourney line-up are some of the coolest varieties, including Hyper-Active, Bubble Dash, Zoom Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout, Ante Up, and Big Antes. If you need some help with figuring out what that all means, see the 'Tournament Types' page.

Once again, the MicroMillions Player of the Series race is back. There are prizes for the first 100 spots on the leader board. The winner gets six full months of Sunday Million tickets.

If you're chomping at the bit and want to start working to earn your seats now, there are satellites running now for as little as 11 cents. Just look for Online Events>MicroMillions in the main lobby.

Now, go have fun!

*Oh, and I was joking about that little brother change shakedown. You leave that kid alone.

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Brad Willis
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