MicroMillions 10: Can anyone stop the psycho

As each day passes in the 100-event MicroMillions 10 series, thousands more people sign up to play, several new winners pop up every couple of hours, and the millions keep flowing. But one thing seems to remain unchanged.

If you head over to the MicroMillions Player of the Series leaderboard, you will see that after more than 60 events, PsychoPol remains atop the field with a healthy lead. So far, he has cashed in 19 of the tourneys. That record includes a first-place finish in Event 10. The victory was worth a crucial 100 points on the leaderboard.


Don't forget, there is serious value in winning the MicroMillions Player of the Series. There's thousands of dollars worth of prizes on the line, but the best of it goes to the winner. If PsychoPol holds on to the lead until the end, he will have a ticket to every Sunday Million for the next six months.

While he has a 65-point lead on second place right, PsychoPol is far from having the win locked up. With more than 30 events left in the festival, Fox-trouble (currently in the runner-up position) needs only a third-place finish or good string of cashes to catch up.

With three more days of action after today, it's not anybody's game, but there are still a lot of people who could steal the win. Here's what's left on the schedule, including the $22-buy-in $1 million guaranteed Main Event.

If you want to have a look at all the winner's and final-tablists from yesterday's action, just have a look at our MicroMillions 10, Events 54-62 results page.

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