MicroMillions 10: Russia, Russia, Russia

If you spend any amount of time playing on PokerStars, you have seen the new PokerStars 7 software displays a player's national flag in the payouts list. If you've paid close attention, you have probably see this flag more than others.

It belongs to Mother Russia, and it's the flag flying above just about every major statistic in the current running of the PokerStars MicroMillions.


We're now 56 events into the 100-tourney series, and the Russians are dominating just about every possible statistic.

Overall, Russians have banked $432,204 in this year's MicroMillions. The next closest winning country is Germany with $281,185. To earn that much money requires a big number of in-the-money finishes, and Russia tops that category with 15,121 over Germany's 8,633.

When it comes to final tables, Russia is on top again. The country has had 61 final table appearances through the first half of the festival. This time Germany sits in third place with 34, just a few under Canada's 39.

That many final tables is going to translate into wins. Russians have won 12 of the events so far, doubling Germany's six.

At a quick glance, you might wonder what's in the Russian water that's turning out such talent. And surely, Russians have proven time and again to be tough players. However, there is also a numbers game at play here. Russia is a big country with a lot of people, and a lot of those people are poker players. A reasonable explanation for all of the above statistical routs is found in one simple number: the number of total entries per country.

Here are the stats for the top ten number of entries by home nation:

Russia -- 106,208
Germany -- 60,821
Canada -- 49,531
United Kingdom -- 45,309
Brazil -- 41,036
Ukraine -- 28,746
Netherlands -- 22,771
Romania -- 20,078
Poland -- 20,024
Portugal -- 19,907

It doesn't take a calculator to see that Russia's entries nearly total Germany and Canada's combined.

So the next time you see the Russian flag atop an event, you will know Russia has one thing your country may not: volume.

For all the overnight results, including some Russians, of course, click on our MicroMillions 10, Event 46-53 results page.

Image credit: Vexillus via Creative Commons license

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