MicroMillions 4: 2602199015 is number one in Event #13 ($3.30 Stud)

Stud aficionados had their day in the sun with Event #13 in the MicroMillions 4. The lone stud high tournament on the schedule drew 6,922 players and more than doubled its $10K guarantee, the prize pool topping out at $20,766. 880 players earned a piece of it with first place set to earn $3,119.75. Part-time Canadians Chris Moneymaker and David Williams flew the flag for Team Pro, but unfortunately neither player finished in the money.

The betting limits were up to 250,000/500,000 on the final table bubble. With only 2.1 million remaining and the A♦ showing, brckors raised wllbou's 75,000 bring-in to 250,000. Willbou called with the 3♣ up. Brckors led out on fourth street, then check-called bets from willbou on fifth and sixth. Brckors turned around and led the river, willbou raised, and brckors called off his remaining 140,000.

brckors (K♥2♣) A♦4♦6♥2♠ (J♥)
willbou (4♥6♠) 3♣7♠5♠T♣ (6♦)

Willbou revealed the seven-high straight he made on fifth street and brckors went out in ninth place, sending us to the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: papo457 (2,051,948 in chips)
Seat 2: willbou (8,306,172 in chips)
Seat 3: 2602199015 (5,784,712 in chips)
Seat 4: cyrus_moon (4,132,980 in chips)
Seat 5: klop0007 (2,527,714 in chips)
Seat 6: jcking1 (1,052,818 in chips)
Seat 7: Kurczok1992 (6,996,707 in chips)
Seat 8: julianofifi (3,756,949 in chips)

Willbou gains momentum, KOs two

Willbou continued his hot streak, winning a 4 million pot from klop0007 when he rivered a queen-high flush against a pair of jacks. However, those chips quickly ended up in 2602199015's stack. In a four-way pot where klop0007's bets were called on fourth and fifth and sixth was checked around, willbou led out on the river for 600,000. 2602199015 raised, cyrus_moon and klop0007 folded, and willbou called.

willbou (X-X) T♦Q♣J♠Q♠ (X)
2602199015 (X-X) K♥7♣9♠3♣ (X)
cyrus_moon (X-X) 6♣6♦4♥9♣ (X)
klop0007 (X-X) A♣4♦6♥8♣ (X)

2602199015 revealed 3♠K♣3♥ in the hole for threes full and raked in the 7.7 million pot.

Willbou rebounded a few hands later when he hit a lucky river card against jcking1. Jcking1 found split aces and bet the last of his chips on third street. Willbou called with buried nines and made two pair on seventh street to eliminate jcking1 in eighth place.

Left with only 1 million after that multi-way pot, klop0007 doubled through julianofifi, his split sixes improving to trips on sixth street vs. julianofifi's buried tens. Papo457 was also running dangerously low and doubled his 1.7 million stack to 3.9 million when he rivered queens and tens against Kurczok1992's jacks and eights. Julianofifi didn't last much longer and succumbed in seventh place. Although he made a Broadway straight on fifth street, willbou rivered a king-high flush and sent julianofifi home with a $249.19 payday.

The comeback klop

Klop0007 had already rebounded once from near-death, but was faced with that prospect again when willbou hit another perfect river card. After completing on third street and leading out on fourth and fifth, klop0007 checked behind when a third club hit willbou's board on sixth. Willbou bet out on the river, and klop0007 called to see the bad news.

willbou (K♣J♠) Q♣5♣2♠6♣ (4♣)
klop0007 (X-X) 7♥2♣4♠6♠ (X)

With the betting limits up to 500k/1M, klop0007 was down to less than half a small bet when he moved in on third street with the 8♦ up. Both cyrus_moon and papo457 called, but cyrus_moon folded to papo457's fourth street bet.

cyrus_moon (X-X) 2♦7♠
papo457 (4♥K♥) A♠K♦3♣A♣ (3♠)
klop0007 (T♣T♥) 8♦J♠J♣T♦ (6♠)

papo457 had the lead with a pair of kings on fourth street, but klop007 made tens and jacks on fifth street to catch him. The T♦ on sixth gave klop0007 a full house and he quadrupled up to 1 million.

Papo457 was down to 3 million after the hand, but doubled through second-in-chips 2602199015 with kings full of sixes. Klop0007 was still on the ropes with under a million, but tripled up to 3.4 million when a rivered pair of aces held up against both willbou and Kurczok1992.

2602199015 KOs three

Kurczok1992 may have had the chip lead with six players remaining, but with 500k/1M blinds, his stack amounted to only a little over eight big bets. That stack was cut in half in a hand against 2602199015. Although Kuczok1992 rivered his flush, 2602199015 had him drawing dead on sixth street when he made sevens full:

2602199015 doubled to 10 million while Kurczok1992 was left with 3.65 million.

The blinds rose to 600K/1.2M with play still six-handed. It wouldn't be for long. A raising war broke out on third street and the betting was capped four ways. Kurczok1992 made an open pair of fives on fourth street and led out for 1.2 million, papo457 folded, willbou raised, 2602199015 cold-called two bets, and Kurczok1992 called all-in for 1.12 million. Willbou bet his last 687,918 on fifth street and 2602199015 called.

willbou (3♠T♠) K♠Q♠Q♣6♥ (4♣)
2602199015 (9♦K♥) K♣T♦6♦Q♦ (K♦)
Kurczok1992 (9♣9♥) 5♥5♠8♣8♦[ (2♣)
papo457 (X-X) 7♥T♣

Kurczok1992 led with two pair, nines and fives on fifth street, while 2602199015 revealed split kings and willbou turned over a pair of queens and four to a spade flush. Kurczok1992 improved to nines and eights on sixth, willbou bricked, and 2602199015 picked up a diamond flush draw. 2602199015 hit a king-high flush on the river while the others missed their outs and scooped the 18.8 million pot. Kurczok1992 went out in sixth place, earning $542.20 while willbou took fifth for $934.47.

2602199015 continued to roll, taking out papo457 two hands later. Papo457 put the last of his chips in on sixth street showing A♣6♠K♥T♣ and 2602199015 called with a 6♣7♦4♠8♥ board. Papo457 revealed J♥A♦8♣ for a pair of aces, but 2602199015 turned over the 5♣ on the river to make an eight-high straight. Papo457 hit the rail in fourth place, collecting $1,349.79.

cyrus_moon fades in third

2602199015 held a commanding chip lead with 27 million as play turned three-handed, while cyrus_moon and klop0007 held about 3.75 million apiece. Klop0007 gained some traction by doubling through 2602199015, his kings and sixes snuffing out a pair of nines. Klop0007 continued to chip up, while cyrus_moon saw his stack slip to only 2 million.

The last of cyrus_moon's chips went in on third street against klop0007, but he improved only to a pair of queens. Klop0007 took down to 4.25 million pot with sevens and sixes, ending cyrus_moon's run in third place ($1,765.11).

cyrus_moon (9♣5♠) A♣7♥Q♦K♥ (Q♥)
klop0007 (7♦6♦) 5♦5♥6♠J♣[ (7♣)

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: 2602199015 (22,926,336 in chips)
Seat 5: klop0007 (11,683,664 in chips)

After two hands of heads-up play in which klop0007 picked up about 2.3 million in chips, the final two agreed to pause the action and discuss a deal. 2602199015 and klop0007 quickly agreed to an ICM chip and with $200 still up for grabs, cards went back in the air.

2602199015 won one of the first pots back with ace high, moving the chip counts back to where they started heads-up. Klop0007 continued to apply pressure, however, and completed on third street with the J♠ up. 2602199015 called with the T♦. Klop0007 fired on fourth, fifth, and sixth streets before both players checked the river.

2602199015 (4♠4♦) T♦Q♦3♣8♠ (3♠)
klop0007 (X-X) J♠5♠4♣A♣ (X)

Klop0007 couldn't beat fours and threes and 2602199015 raked in the 9.9 million pot.

Klop0007 lost another chunk of chips when he had to fold to 2602199015's open pair of aces on fifth street. Down to 2.6 million, the last of klop0007's chips went in on fifth street, but 2602199015's fours and sixes held up to seal the win:

Congratulations to 2602199015 on winning a MicroMillions title and $2,818.90! For his runner-up finish, klop0007 took home $2,481.28.

PokerStars MicroMillions 4 Event #13 ($3.30 Stud) results

Players: 6,922
Prizepool: $20,766.00
Places paid: 880

1. 2602199015 (Russia) $2,818.90*
2. klop0007 (Belarus) $2,481.28*
3. cyrus_moon (Portugal) $1,765.11
4. papo457 (Colombia) $1,349.79
5. willbou (Brazil) $934.47
6. Kurczok1992 (Poland) $542.20
7. julianofifi (Brazil) $249.19
8. jcking1 (Denmark) $129.78

*= reflects the result of a heads-up deal that left $200 in play for the winner

The MicroMillions is running around the clock with tournament for even the tiniest bankrolls. Head over to the MicroMillions page for more information and a complete schedule.

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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