MicroMillions 4: acrobat37 soars to Event #65 win ($4.40 NLHE 6-max.)

Event #65 of the MicroMillions 4 series saw another huge 10,000-plus player field turn out for a $4.40 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament with a $20K guarantee. And after nine hours and 44 minutes, just one player -- acrobat37 -- was left standing, the day's work having been worth a nifty $6,103.38 to the player from Belgium.

In all 10,511 entered the event, building a prize pool of $42,044 which more than doubled the guarantee. The top 1,350 players made the cash, and by the time the money bubble had burst Adrianohulk had pushed into the chip lead with about 243,000, with only arthur24220 and patilias having amassed stacks of more than 200,000.

Also still with chips was Friend of Team PokerStars Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander, who like eventual winner acrobat37 hails from Belgium.

Brabander would still be around after the next 1,000 players fell, and with about 350 left was still fighting with a below average stack of just over 60,000 (about 15 big blinds).


Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander

Then a hand arose in which Sjlot found herself all in on the turn with the board showing K♠4♦8♠6♠ holding Q♣Q♠ (queens and a flush draw) versus G3lu2011's J♠2♠ (a made flush). The river was the K♦, and Brabander was out in 332nd place for a $15.13 cash.

By the six-hour break the field had dipped down under 100 players, led by CA.Belli18 (1.37 million), semsem38 (1.33 million), and patilias (1.29 million).

About 40 minutes after that they were down to 50, with Magelan678 in front (3.33 million), gate1966 next (2.72 million), and acrobat37 having by then moved up into third position (2.22 million).

It would take about an hour-and-a-half more for the field to shrink down to 12 players gathered around the final two tables, with Magelan678 continuing to lead with more than 10.3 million, followed by vaA.Risk with just a touch under 9 million and gate1966 sitting with a little more than 7.53 million.

As the tourney approached the nine-hour mark, the next six players hit the rail, with Magelan678 slipping from the top of the counts while gate1966 surged in front by building a stack of more than 16 million.

ApueLL9191 (12th), poljak26 (11th), and amitshur2984 (10th) ended up cashing for $315.33 each. Magelan678's run next ended in 9th, and like skolombi77 (8th) and Nejra222 (7th) was rewarded with a prize of $420.44.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: vA.Risk (Poland) -- 9,500,228
Seat 2: acrobat37 (Belgium) -- 8,002,390
Seat 3: rostovden111 (Russia) -- 10,072,568
Seat 4: gate1966 (Greece) -- 16,536,583
Seat 5: Den Chernik (Russia) -- 5,295,907
Seat 6: kju123 (Germany) -- 3,147,324

About 10 minutes after the final table began, the blinds were 250,000/500,000 when vA.Risk opened with a raise to 1.12 million from under the gun. It folded around to Den Chernik in the small blind who had been chipped down to just 1,433,407, and all of that went in as a reraise. kju123 folded from the big blind, and vA.Risk called for the extra chips.

Den Chernik had a pair with 4♣4♦ while vA.Risk held A♦K♦. The board the came 8♥5♥A♠K♥6♣, giving vA.Risk two pair and knocking Den Chernik out in sixth.

About 10 minutes after that hand the blinds had increased to 300,000/600,000 when it folded around to acrobat37 in the small blind who open-pushed with more than 10 million. Sitting in the big blind with just 1,601,744 left, rostovden111 called the shove.

acrobat37 showed Q♣T♠ and rostovden111 A♦8♥. The flop was 2♦5♣7♦ and turn the K♦, meaning rostovden111 was still ahead and appearing in decent shape to double up. But the river brought the Q♥ to pair acrobat37 and rostovden111's run had ended in fifth.

It would take another 15 minutes for the next elimination to occur, during which stretch the blinds moved up to 400,000/800,000. That's when a hand arose in which vA.Risk raised to 1.6 million from UTG, acrobat37 reraised all in for more than 10.6 million from the button, then it folded to kju123 who called all in for 7,519,648 and vA.Risk stepped aside.

kju123 showed A♠Q♥ and needed to improve to beat the Q♣Q♠ of acrobat37. The flop came 6♠A♣7♦, giving kju123 the needed ace and the lead. Then came the turn... the Q♦! The last queen in the deck! acrobat37 had a set and after the 2♠ river they were down to three.

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Six hands passed, then with the blinds still 400,000/800,000, gate1966 would open-raise all in from the button for 14,648,169 and acrobat37 called from the big blind.

gate1966: A♠9♥
acrobat37: A♦T♥

Both had aces, but acrobat37's kicker was best, and after the community cards came A♥5♣2♣7♣Q♥ the kickers played and gate1966 was out in third.

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That hand helped give acrobat37 the advantage to start heads-up play with 33,788,865 to vA.Risk's 18,766,135.

The pair would play 22 hands, with vA.Risk chipping up and briefly grabbing the lead before acrobat37 immediately seized it back to move back up over 29.2 million to vA.Risk's stack of just under 23.3 million. Then with the blinds having bumped up to 500k/1m, the final hand took place.

vA.Risk started things with a min-raise to 2 million from the button, then acrobat37 shoved all in and vA.Risk called.

Both players had been dealt aces, with acrobat37 picking up A♣3♦ and vA.Risk A♦9♣. vA.Risk had the edge, but the flop came 3♥K♣T♣ to give acrobat37 a pair and leave vA.Risk in search of a saving nine. The turn was the 6♥ and river the 2♦, and it was all over!

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Congratulations to acrobat37 for topping more than 10,000 players to secure a MicroMillions title and turn $4.40 into more than $6K! And kudos as well to vA.Risk who had collected five cashes already during MicroMillions 4, with this sixth one bringing a first final table and biggest score (by far).

MicroMillions 4 Event #65 ($4.40 NLHE 6-max.):
1st: acrobat37 (Belgium) -- $6,103.38
2nd: vA.Risk (Poland) -- $4,204.38
3rd: gate1966 (Greece) -- $2,943.08
4th: kju123 (Germany) -- $1,681.76
5th: rostovden111 (Russia) -- $840.88
6th: Den Chernik (Russia) -- $589.45

Entrants: 10,511
Prize pool: $42,044.00
Places paid: 1,350

There are still a few more days' worth of MicroMillions events left to go, including the big $22 buy-in, $1 million guaranteed Main Event (Event #98) on Sunday. the MicroMillions site for all of the details.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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