MicroMillions 4: CraekZe crushes Event #47, claims $8,290.33 after four-way chop ($1+R NLHE, 3x-Turbo)

We're nearing the midway point of the 100-event-long MicroMillions 4 series which offers players plenty of opportunities to turn just a few bucks into four- and five-figure cashes. Event #47 presented a no-limit hold'em tournament with just a $1 buy-in (with re-buys optional), and after six-and-a-half fast-paced hours of turbo-fueled poker it was CraekZe of Denmark taking the title to earn a $8,290.33 cash following a four-way final table deal.

From 16,563 to 18

As a "3x" re-buy event, that meant the period of late registration and re-buying lasted three times as long (90 minutes) as would normally be the case for the turbo-formatted tourney. By the time they'd reached that point a total of 16,563 players had joined in, collectively picking up 78,279 re-buys (an average of nearly five per entrant). There were 8,636 add-ons as well, which made the total prize pool $94,164.98, nearly twice the event's $50K guarantee.

It took nearly 28 frantic five-minute levels for the field to be chopped down to 2,250 players and the money bubble to burst, at which point DIE$$$EL67, KOTOV431, and caroloccn7 occupied the top spots on the leaderboard.

By Level 45 -- four hours and 15 minutes in -- the field had already shrunk to 100, with Zocki3000, bilige16, and waryaflush having pushed head of the field with stacks of more than 17 million chips.

From 18 to 9

An hour after that they had reached Level 55 and were down to the last two tables. All were chsing Th3xK1nGx then, sitting with more than 71 million chips while bilige16 wasn't too far back with about 69 million.

It only took 15 more minutes for the final 18 to play down to nine, with hari87 (18th), Pete-aka-Adi (17th), and PokerKillerM (16th) earning $193.03 each for their finishes; simona311 (15th), Filia130 (14th), and loopycow (13th) cashing for $282.49 apiece; and alonka84 (12th), koutoul28 (11th), and mraligator (10th) each seeing $376.65 added to their PokerStars accounts.

During that final push, bilige16 picked up several knockouts to move up over 163 million, with CraekZe the closest with 132 million and no one else over 65 million. Just over five-and-a-half hours after the tourney had started, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: frkeerveld (Netherlands) -- 42,246,268
Seat 2: Najesoon (Poland) -- 27,586,752
Seat 3: ThePobe (Sweden) -- 19,860,488
Seat 4: bilige16 (Mongolia) -- 163,755,075
Seat 5: Th3xK1nGx (Netherlands) -- 64,852,536
Seat 6: CraekZe (Denmark) -- 132,960,511
Seat 7: waryaflush (Netherlands) -- 37,692,170
Seat 8: voguepergola (Australia) -- 31,342,600
Seat 9: hAnds0fG0D (Australia) -- 23,309,600

"Dutch table," remarked waryaflush, noting how a third of the final nine were from the Netherlands. There were a couple of Australians as well, but all were chasing bilige16 who was looking to land the first MicroMillions 4 title for Mongolia.

frkeerveld felted in ninth

On the very first hand of the final table, leader bilige16 raised 2x to 5.6 million from under the gun, second-place CraekZe called from a couple of seats over, then frkeerveld reraised to 11.2 million from the button. The blinds got out, but both of frkeerveld's big-stacked opponents called the reraise.

The flop came T♥3♦4♥, and when checked to frkeerveld pushed all in for 30,766,268, getting a single caller in CraekZe. frkeerveld had J♦J♥, but Craekze had flopped a set with T♣T♦, and after the 5♦ turn and 3♠ river they were down to eight.

hAnds0fG0D plays last hand, out in eighth

It took about 15 minutes for the next to fall. They'd reached Level 62 (blinds 2m/4m, ante 400k), when it folded around to hAnds0fG0D in the small blind who pushed for 8,389,600 and Najesoon called from the big blind.

It was A♥5♣ for hAnds0fG0D and Q♠3♥ for Najesoon. The flop came 6♥2♣Q♦ to pair Najesoon's queen, and when the next two streets brought a couple more sixes, Najesson had a full house and hAnds0fG0D was out in eighth.

voguepergola vanquished in seventh

Just a couple of minutes later, two more eliminations quickly came on successive hands to reduce the field to five.

First it was voguepergola open-pushing all in for 24,982,600 (just over six big blinds) from the small blind, and Najesoon calling from a seat over.

voguepergola had K♣6♠ and Najesoon A♣Q♦, and when the five community cards came 7♠T♥2♠2♣Q♣, voguepergola -- the last Australian player -- was gone in seventh.

ThePobe punted in sixth

Then on the next hand Najesoon raised to 8.4 million from the button, ThePobe reraised all in for 22,540,488 from the blinds, and Najesoon called.

ThePobe: K♠T♣
Najesoon: A♠5♦

The board came 7♦2♥3♣, then 5♠, then 8♣, no good for ThePobe who was sent railward in sixth.

waryaflush waylaid in fifth

The remaining five reached the six-hour break, with Najesoon having moved in front with more than 205 million thanks to those three successive knockouts. CraekZe was next with about 138 million, bilige16 third with just under 102 million, and Th3xK1nGx and waryaflush nearly even and trailing with just under 50 million apiece.

Not long after play resumed, the blinds were up to 2.5m/5m (Level 64) when waryaflush open-raised all in for 38,142,508 from early position and bilige16 called from the blinds. waryaflush had picked up a pocket pair with 7♠7♦, but unfortunately for waryaflush so had bilige16... A♠A♥!

The board ran out 2♠8♠3♠8♥5♣, meaning waryaflush's run had ended in fifth.

The fantastic four make a deal

The final four played a few more hands, then had the tourney paused to talk about a possible deal to chop the remaining prize money (saving $1,000 for the eventual winner). Najesoon still led with more than 200 million, bilige16 and CraekZe were now close to even at around 139 million each, and Th3xK1nGx was fourth with just over 60 million.

"ICM" numbers were produced, and all four players were instantly amenable to the proposed figures. After just a short pause, cards were being dealt once again.

Th3xK1nGx thwarted in fourth

Soon the blinds were 2.75m/5.5m (Level 65) when CraekZe min-raised to 11 million from UTG, bilige16 called from the small blind, and Th3xK1nGx likewise called from the big blind.

The flop came all diamonds and in sequence, rolling out 2♦A♦3♦. It checked to Th3xK1nGx who bet 16.5 million, and only CraekZe called. The turn brought the 4♣, the card fitting nicely on the end of the other three, and Th3xK1nGx pushed all in for 31,962,536.

CraekZe called in a flash, turning over 8♦7♦ for the flopped flush while Th3xK1nGx was without hope with A♣9♥. The meaningless 2♥ fell on the river, and with the elimination of the last Netherlander they were down to three.

bilige16 bounced in third

The remaining three players battled onward, with bilige16 grabbing the advantage for a while, then losing pots in close succession to the other two as Najesoon pushed back in front. Before long Najesoon was up over 320 million with the other two hovering around the 100 million-chip mark.

bilige16 slipped further, then did manage to double up once through Najesoon with A♣3♥ versus the latter's Q♣J♥. Then CraekZe scored a double-up as well with A♣Q♦ versus Najesoon's A♥[10h], and the three were close to even.

Najesoon then edged back into the lead as the tournament reached Level 69 (4.5m/9m/900k). Soon bilige16 was raising to 18 million from the button, CraekZe reraising to 40.5 million from the small blind, Najesoon stepping aside, and bilige16 calling.

The flop came T♠J♥3♠, and CraekZe led for 27 million. bilige16 responded with an all-in shove for 103,852,712, and CraekZe quickly called.

CraekZe: Q♣Q♠
bilige16: T♣8♣

A pair for bilige16, but CraekZe's queens were currently tops, and when the turn brought the A♦ and river the 4♠, the player from Mongolia was out in third.

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Najesoon nabbed in second, CraekZe champ

Heads-up play began with CraekZe in front with 331,587,232 to Najesoon's 212,018,768. And after CraekZe won a 127 million-chip pot without a showdown on the pair's first hand, CraekZe was suddenly pushing close to 400 million as Najesoon dipped below 150 million.

Eight small-pot hands followed, then with the blinds still 4.5m/9m Najesoon open-raised all in from the button for 126,518,768 and CraekZe was there with the call.

Najesoon turned over A♦3♣ but was in need of improvement against CraekZe's A♥7♣. No such improvement was offered by the community cards, however, which came Q♣4♣6♦9♦T♥, thus giving CraekZe all 543,606,000 chips and a MicroMillions title.

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Congratulations to CraekZe for outlasting more than 16,000 players to earn a MicroMillions title! And kudos as well to Najesoon, bilige16, and Th3xK1nGx for making it to the four-way deal to guarantee themselves huge returns on their tiny buy-ins as well.

MicroMillions 4 Event #47 ($1+R NLHE, 3x-Turbo) (*reflects four-way deal):
1st: CraekZe (Denmark) -- $8,290.33*
2nd: Najesoon (Poland) -- $7,998.47*
3rd: bilige16 (Mongolia) -- $7,285.11*
4th: Th3xK1nGx (Netherlands) -- $5,814.57*
5th: waryaflush (Netherlands) -- $3,295.77
6th: ThePobe (Sweden) -- $2,354.12
7th: voguepergola (Australia) -- $1,600.80
8th: hAnds0fG0D (Australia) -- $847.48
9th: frkeerveld (Netherlands) -- $564.98

Entrants: 16,563
Re-buys: 78,279
Add-ons: 8,636
Prize pool: $94,164.98
Places paid: 2,250

With more than 50 events still left to go, many opportunities remain to get involved in MicroMillions 4. Check the MicroMillions site for details of upcoming events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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