MicroMillions 4: Knockout187 lives up to his name in Event #15 ($5.50 FLHE Turbo)

Watching Event #15 play down to the final table, there was already a certain inevitability to Knockout187's win. Sure, anything can and does happen in poker, but like a shark circling its prey, Knockout187 sat back and waited for exactly the right moments to pounce on his short-stacked opponents. After a breathless final table that took only 24 minutes to complete, Knockout187 emerged with one arm raised, eliminating five of his eight opponents en route to a MicroMillions title.

3,155 players entered the first of two limit hold'em events on the MicroMillions calendar, creating a $15,775 prize pool that soared past the $10K guarantee. 396 players earned a share of it with first place set to earn $2,486.20. Play reached the money about 75 minutes after the close of late registration and by the top of the fourth hour of play, ten players were fighting for the nine seats at the final table.

Down to 357,724, jimflin couldn't even complete a full small bet when he moved in from UTG. Brefer47 limped in behind him for 400,000 and both blinds folded. Jimflin's A♣T♠ was in trouble against brefer47's J♣J♦ and he went out on the final table bubble after getting no help from the 3♣4♠6♣T♥Q♠ board.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: HotSeat999 (2,515,523 in chips)
Seat 2: Biodelic420 (477,424 in chips)
Seat 3: FETISOV LEX (676,380 in chips)
Seat 4: Metis84 (903,558 in chips)
Seat 5: Ypuk396 (651,076 in chips)
Seat 6: ozenc (1,841,627 in chips)
Seat 7: Knockout187 (4,567,033 in chips)
Seat 8: dazzchch (2,516,532 in chips)
Seat 9: brefer47 (1,625,847 in chips)

Four down in eight minutes

The short stacks fell like dominoes in the final table's opening minutes. First to go was Biodelic420, who committed the last of his chips with Q♠T♠ on a A♦T♣3♠ flop. Metis84 turned over A♠7♦ and his top pair held to snuff out Biodelic420 in ninth place.

Four hands later, Ypuk396 and ozenc got the last of their chips in before the flop only to have Knockout187 wake up with Q♥Q♦ in the small blind. Ozenc revealed A♠5♠ and Ypuk396 turned up the same hand, but in clubs with A♣5♣. Ozenc picked up the nut flush draw on the J♣8♣6♥ flop but bricked the turn and river. Knockout187's queens held up and both his opponents hit the rail, Ypuk396 in eighth and ozenc in seventh.

By now, FETISOV LEX had blinded down to only 376,000 with the betting limits at 250K/500K. Although FETISOV LEX tripled up to 1.25 million when his pocket kings held up against HotSeat999's A♥K♦ and brefer47's K♠J♣, he only hung on for a few more hands. Ultimately he three-bet all-in for 879,000 with A♦T♣ and HotSeat999 looked him up from the small blind with 4♦9♥. FETISOV LEX was safe until the river, when the 4♣ spiked to pair up HotSeat999 and send him home in sixth place.

dazzchch coolered, HotSeat999 torched

Dazzchch met his end on a cooler of a hand that started off innocuously enough, Knockout187 raising to 600,000 and dazzchch calling on the button. It was only when the A♣9♣8♠ flop fell that war broke out. Knockout187 bet/three-bet and dazzchch called, taking us to the T♦ turn. Knockout187 pounded away with another bet/three-bet, and dazzchch called all-in, turning over A♥T♣ for top two pair. Knockout187 revealed pocket nines for a set and the K♥ river sent dazzchch to the rail in fifth place.

With 400,000 of his remaining 792,000 already committed in the big blind, HotSeat999 called Metis84's UTG shove for 756,000. Metis84's A♥T♦ held up against HotSeat999's 5♥8♠ and he doubled to 1.7 million. Left with only 35,000, HotSeat999 went out in fourth place on the next hand, his Q♠2♣ falling to Metis84's A♠J♠.

Metis84 bows out in third

Knockout187 was in control with 10.3 million as play turned three-handed, but he lost a bit of ground by doubling up brefer47, his pocket kings holding up against A♥6♣. Brefer47 and Knockout187 were suddenly nearly tied at a little over 7 million apiece. Still lingering was short stack Metis84, who took his 5♥8♥ up against Knockout187's A♦3♣ for his last 1.35 million. Although Metis84 flopped a five, Knockout187 turned an ace to end his run in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 7: Knockout187 (8,723,306 in chips)
Seat 9: brefer47 (7,051,694 in chips)

Knockout187 and brefer47 immediately agreed to pause the action and discuss a deal. Despite having a small lead on brefer47, Knockout187 offered up an even chop and his opponent quickly voiced his assent. The split guaranteed each player $2,069.88, and with $200 still left to play for, cards went back in the air.

Heads-up play lasted 12 more hands and Knockout187 won nine of them. After picking up 7♣7♦ against brefer47's 2♠2♥ on the first hand after the pause, Knockout187 took a 2 to 1 chip lead. He whittled brefer47 down to 3 million in chips before picking up 3♦3♥. Brefer47 opened for a raise, Knockout187 three-bet to 1.5 million and they saw a J♥6♣3♣ flop. Both players checked, doing the same when the A♣ hit the turn. When the river fell the 6♦, Knockout187 led out for 1,000,000 and brefer47 folded, electing to save his last million in chips.

Two hands later, that million was in the middle, brefer47's 8♠9♠ up against Knockout187's J♠T♠. Knockout187 lived up to his name and scored his fifth KO to lock up first place:

Congratulations to Knockout187 on capturing a MicroMillions title. He banked $2,269.88 for the win, while runner-up brefer47 earned $2,069.88.

PokerStars MicroMillions 4 Event #15 ($5.50 FLHE Turbo) results

Players: 3,155
Prizepool: $15,775.00
Places paid: 396

1. Knockout187 (Germany) $2,269.88*
2. brefer47 (Peru) $2,069.88*
3. Metis84 (Russia) $1,325.10
4. HotSeat999 (Canada) $907.06
5. dazzchch (New Zealand) $686.21
6. FETISOV LEX (Russia) $528.46
7. ozenc (Austria) $370.71
8. Ypuk396 (Russia) $213.27
9. Biodelic420 (Brazil) $134.08

*= reflects the result of a heads-up deal that left $200 in play for the winner

We're just getting warmed up-- over 80 events remain in the MicroMillions 4. Head over to the MicroMillions page for more information and a complete tournament schedule.

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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