MicroMillions 4: Kudos to el kudos, Event #83 champion (NLHE $4.40 1R1A)

The chances to turn a little into a lot in MicroMillions 4 are starting to dwindle, with this weekend's final days of tournaments providing a few more opportunities for players to enjoy huge bankroll boosts -- and, of course, the well deserved congratulations that come with winning a MicroMillions title. Event #83 saw the appropriately named el kudos of the U.K. coming out on top, thus earning a cool $12,589.48 for just a few dollars' investment -- and, of course, our kudos as the latest MicroMillions champ.

Event #83 presented players with a $4.40 buy-in "1R1A" no-limit hold'em tourney. Players started with 5,000 chips, then were able to re-buy once ($4 for 5,000) and also take an add-on (again $4 for 5,000). By the time late registration ended, 11,193 had bought in once, 7,922 re-buys were taken, and 3,353 add-ons picked up.

All of that added up to a prize pool of $89,872 (well over the $50K guarantee) to be divided among the top 1,440 finishers, with that $12K-plus first prize awaiting the player able to outlast everyone else to collect all 112,340,000 chips in play.

From 11,193 to 18

It took a little over six hours and 40 minutes for those 11,193 to play down to just a hundred players, with Alex Riko at that point enjoying the chip lead with more than 4.8 million with DenZar1982 the closest challenger with about 3.5 million.

About an hour after that the field had shrunk below 50 with Alex Riko still maintaining the lead with a stack of more than 6.8 million, with Fflake having moved into second position with about 5.8 million.

Alas for Alex Riko, the good times would come to an abrupt halt after taking a few quick hits, then getting knocked out in 40th place by mahno n for a cash of $157.27.

From 18 to 9

One more hour would pass and just 18 remained, with el kudos then leading with more than 12.1 million and Fflake, 2fresh4uAll, and zk.73 not far behind with more than 10 million chips each.

It would take another half-hour for nine more to fall, with el kudos keeping the lead while chipping up considerably to more than 32 million.

noviy13 (18th), zr1xx (17th), and mahno n (16th) cashed for $215.69 apiece. Horseman35 (15th), skillhack1.5 (14th), and peter1979 (13th) made $332.52 each. And THE HAGUE13 (12th), M-Theorist (11th), and Cripple86 (10th) each realized $449.36 paydays.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: zk.73 (Czech Republic) -- 9,050,994
Seat 2: vshb2008 (Russia) -- 11,439,776
Seat 3: AdrianoK20 (Israel) -- 5,702,080
Seat 4: Fflake (Finland) -- 24,708,454
Seat 5: McAsa (Poland) -- 15,129,194
Seat 6: Not777 (Russia) -- 7,455,345
Seat 7: el kudos (United Kingdom) -- 32,875,121
Seat 8: 2fresh4uAll (Germany) -- 4,921,402
Seat 9: strepet111 (Ukraine) -- 1,057,634

Not777 knocked out in ninth

The first final table elimination came in dramatic fashion with Fflake taking out Not777 in ninth.

The blinds were 400k/800k when Fflake opened with a raise to 1,623,455 from middle position, then Not777 reraised all in for 2,143,533 from a couple of seats over. It folded back around and Fflake called, turning over A♣9♣ to the 5♥5♠ of Not777.

The flop came nicely for Not777 -- 5♣6♥7♦ -- improving the at-risk player to a set. Then came the turn... the 8♠! A straight for Fflake, and after the J♦, Not777's run had ended.

zk.73 down to zero, out in eighth

A few minutes later the blinds had jumped to 500k/1m when zk.73 open-shoved for 1,500,994 from under the gun and got a single caller in 2fresh4uAll playing from the small blind.

2fresh4uAll showed Q♦5♠ while zk.73 had A♦9♦. The flop then rolled out 4♠5♣5♦ to give 2fresh4uAll trips, and by the 7♠ turn there was no river that could save zk.73 from an eighth-place finish.

strepet111 snuffed in seventh

A little over an orbit later McAsa was the one open-pushing for 9,611,749 from the cutoff seat forcing folds over to strepet111 who was already in for nearly everything after having posted 1 million for the big blind plus 125,000 for the ante.

strepet111 called for 16,608 more, and in fact had an ace with A♣3♣. Unfortunately for strepet111, McAsa had A♠Q♦, and when the community cards came 9♣Q♣4♦K♠8♠, strepet111 was out in seventh.

vshb2008 vanquished in sixth

el kudos continued to lead with more than 42.4 million with Fflake next closest with just over 35 million. Then on the very next hand following strepet11's elimination, el kudos made a 2x raise to 2 million from the cutoff seat and vshb2008 called all in for 693,374 from the small blind.

vshb2008 had J♠T♥ and was hoping to catch versus el kudos's A♥9♦. But the flop came A♦3♠5♥ to pair el kudos, and the turn and river brought a couple more fives to knock out vshb2008 in sixth.

AdrianoK20 KO'd in fifth

The last five played a little over a dozen hands more, then two more knockouts came on successive hands.

The blinds had moved up to 600k/1.2m, and following a big opening button raise to 8,668,398 from el kudos, 2fresh4uAll called all in for 6,618,798 from the small blind and AdrianoK20 called as well all in for 5,285,438 from the big blind.

2fresh4uAll: A♠T♦
AdrianoK20: J♥J♦
el kudos: 2♠2♣

The flop came 5♥T♠9♠ to improve 2fresh4uAll to a pair of tens, although AdrianoK20's jacks were still best. The turn was the 4♥, and AdrianoK20 was still in front. Then fifth street brought the T♣. For the second time at the final table, 2fresh4uAll had made trips and as a result AdrianoK20 had been knocked out in fifth.

McAsa mowed down in fourth

Then on the next hand, Fflake opened with an almost-all-in shove to 42 million from the small blind, and McAsa called all in for 6,778,357 from the big blind.

Fflake showed 6♦2♦ and McAsa K♣Q♣, then the 4♥J♠6♠ flop put Fflake in front with a pair of sixes. The turn was the T♥ and river the 5♠, and McAsa was done in fourth.

2fresh4uAll tumbled in third

The final trio battled onward, with Fflake assuming the chip advantage and eventually building a stack of more than 62 million, well ahead of second-place el kudos with about 32 million and 2fresh4uAll with just over 17 million.

The blinds were still 600k/1.2m when 2fresh4uAll open-pushed from the button for 16,873,034 and only el kudos called from the big blind.

el kudos had a pair with 7♥7♣ while 2fresh4uAll had a couple of live overcards with K♣J♦. The board then came eight-high -- 8♥4♣6♥6♣8♦ -- and they were down to two.

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Fflake felted in second, el kudos takes title

Following that hand, Fflake still had the chip lead to start the heads-up battle versus el kudos with a stack of 62,058,000, about 10 big blinds ahead of el kudos's 50,282,000.

They'd push back and forth for 25 hands, with el kudos gradually chipping up to even the stacks, then grabbing a medium-sized pot to push ahead of Fflake. Then with el kudos having chipped up to nearly 74 million to Fflake's 38 million-plus, the final hand took place.

The blinds had by then reached 700k/1.4m, and the hand began with el kudos raising to 2.8 million from the button and Fflake calling. The flop came 6♠6♣9♦. Fflake checked, and el kudos fired 2.8 million. Fflake responded with a check-raise to 7 million, and el kudos called.

The turn was the K♥. This time Fflake led for 7 million, and again el kudos just called.

The river then brought the K♦. Fflake checked this time, and el kudos took the invitation to bet 25.2 million -- about 4 million more than the stack Fflake had left behind.

Fflake called all in, showing T♠9♠ for kings and nines. But el kudos had 6♦2♦ for trip sixes, and the tourney had been won.

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Congratulations to el kudos for topping a field of 11,193 to turn a few dollars into a handsome -- and huge -- $12,589.48 score!

MicroMillions 4 Event #83 ($4.40 NLHE 1R1A):
1st: el kudos (United Kingdom) -- $12,589.48
2nd: Fflake (Finland) -- $9,166.94
3rd: 2fresh4uAll (Germany) -- $6,470.78
4th: McAsa (Poland) -- $4,493.60
5th: AdrianoK20 (Israel) -- $3,594.88
6th: vshb2008 (Russia) -- $2,696.16
7th: strepet111 (Ukraine) -- $1,797.44
8th: zk.73 (Czech Republic) -- $898.72
9th: Not777 (Russia) -- $611.12

Entrants: 11,193
Re-buys: 7,922
Add-ons: 3,353
Prize pool: $89,872.00
Places paid: 1,440

Things are winding down for MicroMillions 4, although tomorrow's finale promises to be a big day, highlighted by the $1 million guaranteed, $22 buy-in Main Event (Event #98). See the MicroMillions site for details.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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