MicroMillions 4: LifeTS is good, Event #29 champion ($3.30 NLHE Zoom, Turbo)

Event #29 of MicroMillions 4 gave players a second chance to play a Zoom tourney, and with a $3.30 buy-in there were plenty who came out for the turbo-styled no-limit hold'em event -- 27,752 to be exact, thus creating a prize pool of $83,256 (well above the $50K guarantee). The action was nonstop and 27,752 became one in just five-and-a-half hours, with LifeTS of Estonia winning in the end, earning $7,483.54 after a two-way deal.

From 27,752 to 27

After two-and-a-half hours the field had been carved down to 728 players, with ludasi_720 occupying the top spot. And just below ludasi_720 was a familiar name with a red spade next to it, PokerStars' own Tyler "frosty012" Frost of Team Online.


Team Online member Tyler "frosty012" Frost

ludasi_720 would quickly slide down the leaderboard thereafter, however, before finally going out in 411th for a cash of $28.30. Meanwhile, Frost would linger a bit longer, but finally the Team Online member saw his run end in 238th for a $35.80 cash.

The tournament zoomed along, and by the four-hour mark just 50 remained, led by litti-fc, ptje-paniek, and STaph1992.

From 27 to 9

It was just after the four-and-a-half-hour break that the tourney had gotten down to 27 players gathered around three tables. That's when the "zooming" ceased -- i.e., players no longer switched seats and tables with each hand -- and observers could begin watching the three final tables.

By then, Lazybone88 had pushed up into the top spot with more than 20 million chips, with VEL013 the next closest with just over 10 million. Fifteen minutes later they were down to 18, with Lazybone88 still on top with a stack 24 million-plus and enjoying a similarly-sized lead. And after nine more fell, Lazybone88 was still in first with nearly 32 million.

boom895 (18th), Durrden (17th), and assos1975 (16th) each cashed for $170.67. BIGUNCLEDAVE (15th), vladik65 (14th), and tcs82 (13th) took away $241.44 apiece. And robahh (12th), Mr.LOBAN1602 (11th), and GOSETTE07 (10th) picked up $312.21 each.

The final table was underway.


Seat 1: Lazybone88 (Australia) -- 31,821,859
Seat 2: enkurs30 (Latvia) -- 22,333,865
Seat 3: muyromo (Germany) -- 15,120,600
Seat 4: TYLERDURD3N7 (Australia) -- 1,318,082
Seat 5: STaph1992 (Russia) -- 2,655,166
Seat 6: LifeTS (Estonia) -- 7,694,177
Seat 7: ptje-paniek (Netherlands) -- 25,078,027
Seat 8: VEL013 (Russia) -- 23,474,754
Seat 9: lizzimba (United Kingdom) -- 9,263,470

From 9 to 6

The very first hand of the final table saw enkurs30 opening for 2 million (a 2x raise) from early position, then STaph1992 reraised all in for 2,530,166 from a couple of seats over and everyone else stepped aside.

enkurs90 had A♥T♣ and STaph1992 K♦Q♥, and when the board came nine-high -- 3♠9♥8♦4♦6♥ -- STaph1992 was out in ninth.

A half-dozen hands later the blinds were 600k/1.2m when enkurs again min-raised from middle position, then TYLERDURD3N7 called all in for 1,636,164 from the button. ptje-paniek called as well from the big blind, and the three saw the flop come single-suited -- 4♠3♠A♠.

ptje-paniek led for 3 million, and enkurs30 called the bet. The turn then brought the 3♣ and an all-in shove for more than 16 million from ptje-paniek, and this time enkurs30 folded.

ptje-paniek turned over A♣Q♠ for aces and treys plus a flush draw, while TYLERDURD3N7 had A♦K♥ for the same two pair with a better kicker. But the river was the 2♠, completing ptje-paniek's flush and sending TYLERDURD3N7 railward in eighth.

Another orbit passed, then muyromo was the next to fall in seventh place.

muyromo's last hand began with an all-in shove from the small blind for 10,402,518 followed by a big blind call from LifeTS. muyromo had A♠6♠ and LifeTS A♦9♦. The board came 3♥4♠J♣, then 2♠, then 9♣, and they were down to six.

From 6 to 2

Soon after that hand, ptje-paniek would lose a huge 50 million-plus chip pot to enkurs30 after running Q♠Q♣ into the latter's A♦A♣.

On the next hand, ptje-paniek pushed for 4,258,385 from the small blind and VEL013 called from the next seat. ptje-paniek had K♠9♦ and VEL013 T♦8♠. The flop came K♦A♣Q♦ to give ptje-paniek a pair of kings, but the J♥ made a straight for VEL013. The river was the A♥, and ptje-paniek was done in sixth.

More than 10 minutes passed -- a seeming eternity -- then came two eliminations in successive hands.

The blinds were 1.25m/2.5m. First, Lazybone88 -- down to 8,184,359 -- open-pushed from the button with 8♣6♦ and LifeTS called from the big blind with K♦Q♥. The board ran out K♣9♠2♣A♠J♠, and Lazybone88 was done in fifth.

One the next hand, lizzimba shoved all in for 22,053,880 from under the gun, LifeTS reraised for a little over 25.6 million from the small blind, and VEL013 folded the BB. lizzimba had A♣4♠ and LifeTS T♠T♣, a five cards later -- T♥K♥5♥8♥3♣ -- they were down to three.

Just three hands after that, LifeTS raised to 6 million from the small blind and VEL013 called from the big blind. The flop came 4♥J♥8♦. LifeTS checked, VEL013 bet all in for 27,243,699, and LifeTS called.

LifeTS: 8♠8♥
VEL013: J♠6♠

A bad spot for VEL013, having flopped top pair while LifeTS made a set of eights. The turn was the K♣, making the river 6♣ no matter, and just two remained.

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A deal, then LifeTS prevails

LifeTS had the edge to start heads-up play with 86,861,742 to enkurs30's 51,898,258. The pair immediately agreed to pause the tournament, and it didn't take long for them to agree to a "chip chop" deal shortly thereafter, leaving $1,000 left on the table for which to play.

Cards went back in the air and over the next nine hands LifeTS edged up over 92 million while enkurs30 slipped just under 46 million. Then on the 10th hand of heads-up, the tourney's end arrived.

With the blinds 1.5m/3m, enkurs30 opened with a raise to 6 million from the button and LifeTS called. The flop came 4♠Q♣6♥. LifeTS checked, enkurs30 bet 9 million, LifeTS raised to 21 million, enkurs30 pushed all in for 39,585,758 total, and LifeTS called.

Both players had a queen and thus had flopped top pair, but the Q♥T♦ of LifeTS was better than enkurs30's Q♦9♠. The turn was the 8♦ and the river the T♣, improving LifeTS to two pair to win the hand and Event #29 title.

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Congratulations to LifeTS for taking down the second and final Zoom event in the MicroMillions 4 series, and kudos as well to enkurs30 for making it to heads-up and the two-way chop.

MicroMillions 4 Event #29 ($3.30 NLHE Zoom, Turbo) (*reflects two-way deal):
1st: LifeTS (Estonia) -- $7,483.54*
2nd: enkurs30 (Latvia) -- $6,218.94*
3rd: VEL013 (Russia) -- $3,746.52
4th lizzimba (United Kingdom) -- $2,997.21
5th: Lazybone88 (Australia) -- $2,247.91
6th: ptje-paniek (Netherlands) -- $1,498.60
7th: muyromo (Germany) -- $1,040.70
8th: TYLERDURD3N7 (Australia) -- $707.67
9th: STaph1992 (Russia) -- $416.28

Entrants: 27,752
Prize pool: $83,256.00
Places paid: 3,600

That's the last Zoom tournament of MicroMillions 4, but the series keeps zooming ahead. Check the MicroMillions site for complete results and information about upcoming events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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