MicroMillions 4: luzern88 wins Event #18 after chop with polybox, whopper payouts for both ($3.30 NLHE Turbo)

With an entry fee resembling the cost of a burger, fries, and a drink, Event #18 of MicroMillions 4 presented players with a rapidly-delivered, reasonably-priced option to satisfy their poker-playing appetites. There were 15,981 players served by this $3.30 no-limit hold'em turbo-styled event, with luzern88 of Switzerland and polybox of Russia chopping at the end and luzern88 winning out to take the title.

Going with fast and cheap can be okay sometimes -- just ask luzern88 and polybox, who today won $5,293.80 and $4,893.80, respectively!

Filling seats around the final table

The guarantee was $20,000, and with that huge field of 15,981 the prize pool ultimately totaled $47,943 to continue the streak of MicroMillions 4 guarantee-smashing.

It would take only two hours and 10 minutes for the group to be whittled down to 2,025 players and the money, with gabi008610, scarpezi, and DagGlova at that moment sitting atop the rapidly shifting chip counts. Just 20 minutes later they were down to 1,000, with adibbo77 having pushed to the top. And 15 minutes after that just 500 remained, with adibbo77 still in front and scarpezi also edging closer in second position.

An hour more and the field had shrunk to 100 players, with ailinan having raced ahead of the others, chipping up over 4 million at a point when the chase pack was hovering around 1.75 million.

By the four-and-a-half-hour mark of the event they were down to 18, with players continuing to hit the rail at a rapid clip. Meanwhile, braindeador had jumped into the top spot, careening past all to push over 15 million when no one else had more than 9 million.

It took just a few more minutes for them to get down to nine, with braindeador's stack falling a bit while luzern88 moved up into the top spot as the five-hour break approached.

makraan (18th), dxbas (17th), and filsot57 (16th) each earned $100.68 for their finishes; rabotadatel (15th), kymi1234 (14th), and ailinan (13th) took away $143.82 apiece; and Kate Yjakova (12th), Brandbyge (11th), and scarpezi (10th) saw $191.77 added to their PokerStars accounts.

They all could buy a lot of orders of fries with those prizes, but the big money -- including six-figure scores for the top six finishers -- was yet to be awarded.


Seat 1: manolis1981 (Greece) -- 4,723,418
Seat 2: august120 (United Kingdom) -- 8,449,328
Seat 3: polybox (Russia) -- 13,160,164
Seat 4: braindeador (Germany) -- 11,131,844
Seat 5: Masry247 (Netherlands) -- 418,722
Seat 6: Csantos_Be (Portugal) -- 4,230,081
Seat 7: AlainHajj (Lebanon) -- 13,429,059
Seat 8: luzern88 (Switzerland) -- 18,490,176
Seat 9: Rugby1963 (Russia) -- 5,872,208

Masry247 sent to the parking lot in ninth

The blinds were already 500k/1m, and on the very first hand of the final table Masry247 was already all in with a short stack of 418,722 from the big blind.

A preflop raise from chip leader luzern88 was enough to isolate Masry247, who showed 8♦2♠. Alas luzern88 had picked up A♣A♥, and after the 6♠T♥2♣9♣6♦ board they were quickly down to eight.

Csantos_Be charbroiled in eighth

Just five hands later the blinds were 600k/1.2m when Csantos_Be open-pushed for 2,955,081 from middle position and august120 called from the big blind.

Csantos_Be had A♣4♣ and august120 Q♦6♠. The flop came J♠9♥4♠, and Csantos_Be still led, but the Q♥ fell on the turn to pair august120. The river was the K♥, and Csantos_Be was out in eighth.

No refill for Rugby1963, out in seventh

Soon after the break, Rugby1963 open-pushed from under the gun for 2,997,208 (about 2.5 big blinds), then august120 reraised all in from a couple of seats over and everyone skedaddled.

Rugby1963 showed A♥8♦ and august120 T♦T♥. The flop did bring Rugby1963 a pair, coming 4♦8♥3♦. But no further improvement came from the 2♦ turn and 9♦ river, and Rugby1963's run had ended in seventh.

AlainHajj orders the #6

On the very next hand, AlainHajj raised all in from the button for 7,753,149 and got a single caller in leader luzern88 in the small blind.

AlainHajj had A♣2♥ and needed help against luzern88's 7♣7♠. But the community cards came 6♠T♠3♣3♠A♠, and AlainHajj was sent railward in sixth.

manolis1981 Mcfelted in fifth

Less than a minute later, manolis1981 was the one open-raising all in from the button, in this case for 4,071,836, and both august120 (small blind) and polybox (big blind) called the raise.

The flop came single-suited -- 8♣7♣2♣ -- and august120 checked. polybox responded by shoving all in for 5,463,328, and august120 called. It was time for the cards to be turned over, like so many single-serving apple pies...

august120: K♣8♥
polybox: Q♣J♣
manolis1981: 7♦5♦

polybox had been the one to place the order for that flop, and the queen-high flush held up after the 2♥ turn and K♠ river to send manolis1981 out the door in fifth.

Hold the lettuce, hold the mayo, in fourth place august120 is KO'd

It would take another orbit for the next elimination to occur, just about the time it takes to place and receive a meal in the drive-thru.

With blinds up to 700k/1.4m, luzern88 raised to 3.2 million from under the gun, then august120 reraised all in for 19,437,890 from a seat over. It folded back to luzern88 who swiftly called, turning over K♦K♠. Meanwhile, august120 showed A♠J♦. The flop came 2♥K♥3♣ to give luzern88 a set of kings, and by the 6♦ turn august120 was drawing dead. Just three remained.

braindeador can't ketchup, out in third

Two hands later, braindeador open-pushed for 12,481,844 from the button and polybox called from the big blind.

polybox had a pocket pair -- 9♦9♣ -- while braindeador held A♠7♣. The flop again delivered a set to the leading player, coming J♦9♥2♣, and so the 4♦ turn made the river no matter.

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A meal deal for final two, then luzern88 adds more to plate

The remaining two players played one hand, then hastily asked to pause the tourney to discuss a possible deal. At that point luzern88 led with 47,855,992 (about 34 big blinds), while polybox had 32,049,008 (almost 23 BBs).

polybox petitioned for a 50-50 split of the remaining prize money (save the $400 that would be left on the table), and after putting up brief resistance luzern88 fairly quickly agreed to the terms. That meant each was guaranteed $4,893.80, with the winner grabbing the extra lettuce to push the overall prize up over $5K.

Once play resumed, the pair played 15 relatively cautious hands, after which luzern88 still led with a little over 49 million to the 30.5 million of polybox. Then, with the blinds having been super-sized to 800k/1.6m, the final hand took place.

It began with a button raise to 4.2 million from luzern88. polybox then pushed all in, and after pausing just one extra beat luzern88 called. polybox had been served an ace and showed A♣2♣, while luzern88 had 6♣6♥.

As happened in each of the previous two elimination hands, the player with the pocket pair flopped a set as the first three community cards came Q♠6♠9♣. The turn was the 4♠, making the 9♦ river just a final bit of trivia as luzern88 had won.

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Congratulations to luzern88 who in just five hours and 17 minutes managed to turn $3.30 into more than $5K. And kudos as well to polybox who earned nearly $4.9K after the pair's final table chop.

MicroMillions 4 Event #18 ($3.30 NLHE Turbo) (*reflects two-way deal)
1st: luzern88 (Switzerland) -- $5,293.80*
2nd: polybox (Russia) -- $4,893.80*
3rd: braindeador (Germany) -- $3,212.18
4th: august120 (United Kingdom) -- $2,253.32
5th: manolis1981 (Greece) -- $1,773.89
6th: AlainHajj (Lebanon) -- $1,294.46
7th: Rugby1963 (Russia) -- $839.00
8th: Csantos_Be (Portugal) -- $431.48
9th: Masry247 (Netherlands) -- $287.65

Entrants: 15,981
Prize pool: $47,943.00
Places paid: 2,025

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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