MicroMillions 4: mironalexxys stands up to DidiTerrivel, wins Event #50 ($4.40 NLHE 4-Max, 4x Chance)

This was a wild one, folks and it wasn't just the four-handed action that kept everyone on their toes. At this final table, the poker almost took a back seat to the colorful deal negotiations and the psychological warfare they inspired. $34,763.12 was up for grabs among the final four, three attempts were made at a chip count chop, and two of those deals fell apart over less than $200. Chip leader each time they went into negotiations, DidiTerrivel not only drove a hard bargain but drew the ire of his opponents, especially mironalexxys. As fate would have it, these two got heads-up and mironalexxys came from behind to win, taking home the title and all $16,925.17 of the published first-place prize, never having reached a deal.

Event #50 was a 4-Max, 4x Chance NLHE event meaning that in the first two hours of play, each player had three opportunities to rebuy should they bust their stack. 23,732 players turned out and made 26,963 rebuys, jacking the prize pool up to $202,780. 3,200 places were paid with first place seat to earn nearly $17,000 off a $4.40 buy-in. Jan Heitmann, Tyler "frosty012" Frost, and Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz were on hand to represent the Red Spades, but none of them finished in the money.

Down to ten big blinds on the final table bubble, ExMaxwell got extremely lucky to double up when his 7♠8♠ rivered a jack-high straight vs. DidiTerrivel's K♥J♥ on a 2♣T♠J♣A♥9♣ board. Back up to 17.6 million with the blinds rising to 500,000/1,000,000, ExMaxwell took his pocket sevens up against simoncfc's K♣J♣ in a preflop all-in, but simoncfc caught trip kings on the flop to leave ExMaxwell on only 2.53 million. ExMaxwell managed to double up twice, his J♠2♥ flopping top pair against DidiTerrivel's 4♣7♣ and his 4♥5♥ rivering an eight-high straight against DidiTerrivel's turned pair of queens with Q♥2♣.

ExMaxwell was back up to 9 million, while on the other table, oeli70 limped in from the small blind with A♠7♦, then called ovcaMUSTdie's shove. OvcaMUSTdie revealed pocket eights and they held up to eliminate oeli70 in sixth place.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: ovcaMUSTdie (62,190,066 in chips)
Seat 2: mironalexxys (67,913,441 in chips)
Seat 3: ExMaxwell (9,017,348 in chips)
Seat 4: DidiTerrivel (82,086,791 in chips)
Seat 5: simoncfc (32,267,354 in chips)

The hammer comes down on ExMaxwell

ExMaxwell scored another double-up on the first hand of the final table, his J♣J♦ coolering mironalexxys's 9♠9♦. ExMaxwell moved up to 18.4 million, but couldn't hang onto it for long. After ExMaxwell three-bet to 4.4 million with 7♠7♥ on the button, simoncfc made a cold four-bet shove for 23.5 million from the big blind. Initial raiser ovcaMUSTdie folded and ExMaxwell called. Simoncfc turned over K♦K♥ and for some additional pizzazz, flopped quads, the board running out K♠K♣5♦2♦7♦ to eliminate ExMaxwell in fifth place.

The first attempt

Simoncfc was the first to suggest a deal. His three opponents agreed to pause the action and take a look at the numbers. DidiTerrivel requested chip count chop numbers and the final table host came back with the following figures.

DidiTerrivel - $10,361.21 (84,461,566 in chips, 70.3 BB)
mironalexxys - $8,681.07 (63,246,093 in chips, 52.7 BB)
simoncfc - $8,390.52 (59,577,275 in chips, 49.6 BB)
ovcaMUSTdie - $7,330.32 (46,190,066 in chips, 38.5 BB)
Left To Play for place 1: $2,000.00

Simoncfc, mironalexxys, and ovcaMUSTdie quickly agreed to these shares but DidiTerrvel wanted at least $11,500 and asked his opponents to contribute $400 each to get there.

"Lol no way" simoncfc said.

"No deal then," DidiTerrivel replied, and cards went back in the air.

Tempers fly

The first deal was barely dead when mironalexxys won a small pot and asked to reopen negotiations. DidiTerrivel said he would only talk if he got $11,000, and simoncfc expressed his displeasure.

"2nd place is 10k ffs u r not getting 11," simoncfc siad.

No sooner than these words left simoncfc's lips did he and DidiTerrivel get involved in a huge pot. Simoncfc flopped top pair with A♦J♥ and turned aces up, but DidiTerrivel had him the whole way after flopping a jack-high straight with 7♣8♣.

With DidiTerrivel's stack over 100 million, mironalexxys was even more eager to get a deal done. A few hands later, the other three agreed to a return trip to the negotiating table. Here's how they stacked up the second time around:

DidiTerrivel - $12,109.03 (106,531,566 in chips, 88.8 BB)
mironalexxys - $8,711.16 (63,626,093 in chips, 53 BB)
simoncfc - $7,515.42 (48,527,275 in chips, 40.4 BB)
ovcaMUSTdie - $6,427.51 (34,790,066 in chips, 29 BB)

Once again, mironalexxys, simoncfc, and ovcaMUSTdie were quick to agree to the terms. But DidiTerrivel wanted more.

DidiTerrivel: guys
DidiTerrivel: i want 12,5k
DidiTerrivel: its like 150 each
DidiTerrivel: and we play 2k more
mironalexxys: u are serious?
simoncfc: just agree to the chipchop
DidiTerrivel: around 133
mironalexxys: earlier want 11k..now 12k is not good?
mironalexxys: plus 2k winner..
DidiTerrivel: done deal at 12,5 k. i have more chips now

OvcaMUSTdie agreed to turn over an additional $133 to DidiTerrivel, but simoncfc and mironalexxys were disgusted by the request and weren't afraid to voice it.

simoncfc: why cant u just be a decent human being
mironalexxys: deal?
DidiTerrivel: cause i m a pig. a porky pig
ovcaMUSTdie: yes
mironalexxys: lets play and I hope u get 3.6k

With negotiations at a standstill, cards went back in the air.

One good needle deserves another

Short stack ovcaMUSTdie became the big stack after winning back-to-back pots to move up to 85 million. Meanwhile, simoncfc blinded all the way down to 14.1 million before winning another pot. Simoncfc picked up the blinds with a shove, then doubled to 34.8 million when his K♦Q♦ rivered a queen vs. mironalexxys's A♦T♥.

DidiTerrivel hit a slump, sinking to 62 million while mironalexxys took off on a rush, winning a 27 million pot from ovcaMUSTdie when he flopped aces up and ovcaMUSTdie made an ill-timed bluff. As mironalexxys moved up to 73 million, he and simoncfc razzed DidiTerrivel in the chat.

simoncfc: still no chipchop didi? :)
mironalexxys: this time 25k $

Mironalexxys got the chance to drive the needle in further when he took a huge pot from DidiTerrivel. On a T♥7♠5♦ flop, mironalexxys made top pair with J♦T♠ and check-called 3.2 million from DidiTerrivel. He check-called another 8 million when the 2♠ hit the turn, and they went to the river, which fell the K♦. Mironalexxys checked a third time and DidiTerrivel fired 19,152,000. Mironalexxys sniffed out the bluff and called, DidiTerrivel showing down A♦4♥.

"Didi want deal? 4k max," mironalexxys taunted.

DidiTerrivel was left with 25.2 million after the hand and was down to only 13 million before three-bet shoving from the big blind with 4♦4♥. Mironalexxys called with 3♦3♠ and doubled his nemesis to 27 million.

With the blinds up to 1.25M/2.5M and the chip counts evening up, simoncfc renewed the call for a deal. At this point ovcaMUSTdie had the lead with 74.4 million, mironalexxys and simoncfc had about 65 million apiece, and DidiTerrivel was the short stack with 48.7 million. However, ovcaMUSTdie soon claimed a chunk of simoncfc's stack when he picked up two streets of value with his trip tens.

But that was merely the calm before the storm. DidiTerrivel and mironalexxys were bound to clash again and when they did, it was in spectacular fashion. All-in with K♠J♥ against mironalexxys's A♠Q♠, DidiTerrivel spiked a king on the river to double up to 83.6 million, the board running out 5♥3♥3♠5♣K♥.

"Numbers miron?" DidiTerrivel wrote, giving the needle right back as mironalexxys dropped to 28.8 million.

ovcaMUSTdie runs into a monster

DidiTerrivel rode this newfound momentum to a 110 million stack, picking up a 57 million pot from ovcaMUSTdie along the way when his K♦J♦ turned Broadway.

"He's gonna ask for a million now," bemoaned simoncfc, already anticipating the next round of negotiations.

OvcaMUSTdie, mironalexxys, and simoncfc all indicated in the chat that they'd clicked the button to pause the action and make another run at a deal. DidiTerrivel was the only holdout, but decided to break the statlemate after winning another medium-sized pot from ovcaMUSTdie.

DidiTerrivel hit the button, but it wasn't quick enough for ovcaMUSTdie. On the final hand before the third pause, ovcaMUSTdie open-shoved for 30.7 million from the small blind with J♥7♦, but ran straight into mironalexxys's Q♦Q♥. OvcaMUSTdie did not improve, and was eliminated in fourth place.

Third time's the charm? Maybe not.

Round three at the negotiating table went about as well as the first two. This time, their chip count chop shares came out to the following...

DidiTerrivel - $12,699.67 (129,003,277 in chips, 43 BB)
mironalexxys - $9,955.96 (76,724,675 in chips, 25.6 BB)
simoncfc - $8,435.15 (47,747,048 in chips, 15.9 BB)

...but once again, DidiTerrivel wanted more. This time Didi wanted $13,000. It would take $150 from each player to get there, and an exasperated simoncfc even offered $100 instead of refusing the request outright. Mironalexxys, however, wouldn't agree to anything less.

"I dont even know u and i hate u," simoncfc wrote as DidiTerrivel told the host to put the cards back in the air.

DidiTerrivel won the first pot after the pause. Holding Q♣T♠ against mironalexxys's Q♦5♦, DidiTerrivel won the kicker battle on the Q♥9♥8♦3♠A♦ board to move up to 157 million.

Three hands later, simoncfc's run came to an unlucky end. He moved in for his last 38 million with A♠5♣ in the small blind, but mironalexxys woke up with A♣A♥ in the big. There was no miracle for him on the 9♥9♦Q♣K♥K♦ board and simoncfc hit the rail in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: mironalexxys (90,534,223 in chips)
Seat 4: DidiTerrivel (162,940,777 in chips)

Mironalexxys took a slight chip lead over DidiTerrivel when he sniffed out a bluff. Holding 6♥7♦ on a K♥3♣9♣K♦Q♥ board, DidiTerrivel checked back on the flop, then fired out on the turn and river. Mironalexxys called him down with 9♦T♣ and won the 91.5 million pot.

Three hands later, mironalexxys struck again. After DidiTerrivel three-bet preflop and led for 16.2 million on the T♥6♣5♦ flop, mironalexxys called and they saw the 3♣ on the turn. DidiTerrivel check-folded to mironalexxys's 23 million bet and his nemesis raked in another 65 million.

Mironalexxys won ten of the next twelve hands to leave DidiTerrivel on only 41 million with the blinds up to 2M/4M. Dealt Q♦T♣ on the button, DidiTerrivel moved in for his last 10 BB and mironalexxys was no doubt delighted to look down at A♦K♥. Mironalexxys made an ace-high flush and finally closed out what had to be a very satisfying win.

Congratulations to mironalexxys on winning a MicroMillions title and taking down the $16,925.17 first-place prize! For his runner-up finish, DidiTerrivel earned $10,236.33.

PokerStars MicroMillions 4 Event #50 ($4.40 NLHE 4-Max 4x Chance) results

Players: 23,732
Rebuys: 26,963
Prizepool: $202,780.00
Places paid: 3,200

1. mironalexxys (Romania) $16,925.17
2. DidiTerrivel (Portugal) $10,236.33
3. simoncfc (Czech Republic) $5,929.28
4. ovcaMUSTdie (Slovenia) $3,672.34
5. ExMaxwell (Russia) $2,313.71

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