MicroMillions 4: MISSBARMY can't miss, wins Event #75 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max. Big Antes)

Event #75 presented MicroMillions 4 players with a "big antes," short-handed no-limit hold'em tournament, thus introducting an extra, strategy-influencing twist to consider. A huge field of 10,627 were enticed by the $5.50 buy-in, thus making for a prize pool of $53,135 (over twice the $25K guarantee). And after a little more than 10 hours of poker it was the U.K.'s MISSBARMY claiming all of the chips to earn a nifty $4,995.84 payday following a five-way chop at the final table.

From 10,627 to 6

After a little over three hours of anteing up the money bubble burst, and with 1,350 players left MOYLA4, sophie311211, and Ferres003 were among those battling to occupy the top spots on the leaderboard.

Three hours after that the field had been whittled all of the way down to 100, led by MISSBARMY whose stack of about 2.37 million was well clear of second-place icho90 (1.44 million) and LePic25 in third (1.38 million).

It would take almost exactly two hours more for them to play down to 12 players gathered around the final two tables. By then ExclusiveMe, P.L.1717, and LePic25 were all close at the top of the counts, all hovering just above or below 7.5 million, with MISSBARMY in fourth position with about 6.8 million.

About 45 minutes later they were down to six, with arto20009508 (12th), princini23 (11th), and mvbds (10th) having earned $398.51 for their cashes, and wooooz (9th), LePic25 (8th), and Grey261166 (7th) each taking away $531.35.

ExclusiveMe continued to exert pressure during those last eliminations, and thus enjoyed a decent-sized chip lead to begin the final table.


Seat 1: ExclusiveMe (Germany) -- 15,372,909
Seat 2: P.L.1717 (Greece) -- 9,048,352
Seat 3: surdec (Hungary) -- 6,346,581
Seat 4: icho90 (Austria) -- 7,098,721
Seat 5: MISSBARMY (United Kingdom) -- 6,963,821
Seat 6: 1a9e2k4 (Greece) -- 8,304,616

icho90 sunk in sixth

About 10 minutes passed, then a preflop all-in confrontation arose involving icho90 with A♠Q♣ and MISSBARMY who was at risk with K♥K♦. That risk was snuffed out instantly, though, as the flop came K♠2♦K♣ to give MISSBARMY quad kings, and suddenly icho90's stack was reduced to less than 500,000.

On the very next hand the blinds were 150,000/300,000 with those big antes up to 60,000 when icho90 open-pushed for 424,900 from middle position, and both ExclusiveMe (small blind) and P.L.1717 (big blind) called.

The flop came 2♣2♠T♥ and both of the players in the blinds checked. The turn then brought the 7♣ and another check from ExclusiveMe. P.L.1717 took the opening to bet 300,000, and ExclusiveMe called.

The river brought the 9♥. ExclusiveMe checked once more, and when P.L.1717 bet 900,000 this time ExclusiveMe stepped aside. icho90 showed K♥3♦, then saw another player had hit a flop hard as P.L.1717 showed T♣2♥ for full house, ending icho90's run in sixth.

Deal or no deal?

The remaining five players then stopped the tournament to discuss a possible deal, with ExclusiveMe still leading with about 14.5 million, 1a9e2k4 next with about 13.4 million, MISSBARMY third with just over 10.8 million, P.L.1717 fourth with about 7.1 million, and surdec fifth with just a touch more than 7 million even.

"ICM" numbers were produced (leaving $500 for which to play). That produced some debate, then a request for "chip chop" numbers by way of comparison. Further discussion ensued, with various pleas for more and tentative agreements made to round off figures.

The discussion lasted a full 25 minutes, and it appeared no deal was going to be made. Finally an agreement was reached, however, and at last cards were back in the air.

P.L.1717 finished in fifth

They played on another 15 minutes, with the blinds moving up to 250k/500k and the antes bumping up to 100k. That's when P.L.1717 open-raised all in for 3,893,152 from the button and got a single caller in surdec from the small blind.

surdec turned over A♣Q♣, which was ahead of PL.1717's A♠4♣. The flop came 9♦5♥A♥ to pair both players' aces, then the Q♥ gave surdec a second pair and made the 2♦ river no matter.

They were down to four.

1a9e2k4 felted in fourth

Just a few hands later the stakes had not changed when 1a9e2k4 opened for 1 million from the small blind and ExclusiveMe called from the big blind. The flop came T♥4♥3♠ and 1a9e2k4 led for 1 million, then saw ExclusiveMe push all in over the top.

1a9e2k4 called the raise with the 2,993,554 left behind, showing A♥5♥ for the nut flush draw plus a gutshot to a wheel. Meanwhile ExclusiveMe had 5♦3♦ for a pair of treys. The turn was the T♠ and river the K♠, and ExclusiveMe's hand remained best, ending 1a9e2k4's run in fourth.

ExclusiveMe eliminated in third

The final three played on for several minutes more as the blinds were hiked to 400k/800k and the antes moved up to 160k. Meanwhile the lead changed back and forth, with MISSBARMY finally moving ahead with more than 23.4 million while both surdec and ExclusiveMe were sitting with just under 15 million.

Then surdec opened for 1.6 million from the button and ExclusiveMe pushed all in from the big blind for 14,585,108. surdec called the shove, showing A♥5♥ to the K♥6♠ of ExclusiveMe.

The flop came 3♣9♥Q♥ and the turn J♥, giving surdec the ace-high flush and making the 3♥ river of no use to ExclusiveMe who was out in third.

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Second for surdec, MISSBARMY makes nearly five grand with win

Heads-up play began with surdec enjoying a chip edge over MISSBARMY with 30,226,212 to the latter's 22,908,788. However after five small-pot hands MISSBARMY had pulled even with surdec, then MISSBARMY won a 14 million-plus chip pot to edge out into the lead.

It was just a few minutes later that the blinds were 500k/1m and the antes 200k when the final hand took place.

It began with MISSBARMY opening for 2x with a raise to 2 million from the button, then surdec jammed all in for 13,006,212 and MISSBARMY called.

surdec: 4♥3♥

The flop came 2♠5♥9♠ to pair MISSBARMY's five but also give surdec an open-ended straight draw. The turn then brought the 3♦ and a lesser pair to surdec. Then came the river... the K♣! MISSBARMY had won!

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Congratulations to MISSBARMY who after topping a 10,000-plus player field earns nearly $5K for a $5.50 buy-in! And kudos as well to the other four players who made it to the five-way deal and assured themselves especially handsome four-figure paydays as well.

MicroMillions 4 Event #75 ($5.50 NLHE 6-Max. Big Antes) (*reflects five-way deal):
1st: MISSBARMY (United Kingdom) -- $4,995.84*
2nd: surdec (Hungary) -- $3,110.64*
3rd: ExclusiveMe (Germany) -- $4,143.78*
4th: 1a9e2k4 (Greece) -- $4,496.93*
5th: P.L.1717 (Greece) -- $3,185.14*
6th: surdec (Hungary) -- $744.95

Entrants: 10,627
Prize pool: $53,135.00
Places paid: 1,350

There's still a packed weekend's worth of events left in MicroMillions 4. Check the MicroMillions site for all of the details.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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