MicroMillions 4: Pextis scoops title in Event #89 ($5.50 Limit Omaha H/L)

Fixed limit Omaha Hi/Lo might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it provided plenty of action on the final table of the MicroMillions today, with Pextis from Greece delivering an impressive victory.

It was Event #89 of the MicroMillions 4 series which brought 2,940 players together for some four-card, split-pot fun in the $5.50 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Event.

The prize pool of $14,700 surpassed the guarantee with 378 players finishing in the money. DeWashington from the Ukraine sadly wasn't one of those after bubbling in 379th place to miss out on the $8.82 min-cash.

After around seven and a half hours of play, the final table was reached when TheBigLex's aces fell to the flush of Amstelodamum with neither player making a low. TheBigLex was out in 10th place as the final table was formed as follows:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: Kata1yst (453,396 in chips)
Seat 2: th691121 (910,976 in chips)
Seat 3: Amstelodamum (1,600,417 in chips)
Seat 4: SvetJordanov (577,985 in chips)
Seat 5: Snegok91 (3,794,873 in chips)
Seat 6: Pextis (3,530,148 in chips)
Seat 7: sk86 (625,899 in chips)
Seat 8: *II* (1,098,419 in chips)
Seat 9: basti-rocks (2,107,887 in chips)

It only took two hands to lose our first player as the short-stacked Kata1yst was unable to find the required double up. The action was three-bet preflop with Kata1yst all in on the flop, but we never saw the cards as a side pot developed between basti-rocks and *II* on the board of 9♠Q♥5♦K♦8♥. With bets going in on the turn and river *II* showed down 5♠Q♣6♣Q♠ for a set of queens which was good to scoop the pot and eliminate Kata1yst in 9th place for $124.95.

sk86 was the next to depart as another short stack was unable to recover. sk86 was all in preflop with 4♠A♥7♥A♠ but basti-rocks' K♣5♥7♠8♦ improved to trips on the board of K♠T♣2♥K♦T♦. The aces were no good leaving sk86 to pickup $213.15 for 8th place.

The very next hand we had another elimination (who said Limit Omaha H/L wasn't an action game?). Again we never got to see the hand of the all-in player as th691121's last chips were in preflop against three opponents. Pextis led the betting, firing three barrels on the board of 6♠4♥Q♠A♦T♥ with basti-rocks calling it down. Pextis opened 8♥Q♥Q♦3♥ for a set of queens which was good for the high with basti-rocks showing 7♦Q♣5♦4♣. Two pair wasn't enough for the high, but the seven-low was enough to take half as th691121 couldn't better either hand. th691121 collected $345.45 for 7th place.

Amstelodamum was next to fall after calling bets on every street against Pextis on a board of A♠9♣J♠7♥T♣. The river bet put Amstelodamum all in with 2♣3♥A♣4♥, which was a great low draw that ended with just a pair of aces as Pextis took it down with 4♠A♦3♦9♠ for two pair. Amstelodamum pocketed $492.45 for 6th place.

*II* was next to go and again the last chips were in preflop with two callers. SvetJordanov put in a bet on the flop with basti-rocks calling before both live players checked the turn and river on the board of 6♦4♠A♦9♣J♣. SvetJordanov held 3♣Q♥A♥7♣ with a pair of aces enough for the high as basti-rocks showed 2♠K♣5♠8♦ for a six-low, leaving *II* to muck and depart in 5th place for $639.45.

At this point Pextis held the chip lead with basti-rocks fairly active. SvetJordanov was slipping away and had to make a move, committing the last chips preflop with both Pextiz and basti-rocks making the call in the blinds. There was no other action with the two live players checking down the board of 9♦K♥J♦Q♦8♣ to try and eliminate their opponent. Pextis opened 8♠5♠3♠Q♥ but basti-rocks revealed T♣A♥A♣A♠ for the Broadway straight. It was too much for SvetJordanov who mucked and headed off in 4th place for $859.80 in prize money.

The idea of a deal was thrown up but quickly squashed by basti-rocks who was keen to play it out.

Pextis and basti-rocks continued to spar while Snegok91 remained pretty quiet. Snegok91 lost back-to-back hands to Pextis before Snegok91 was forced to make a final stand:

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Snegok91 had found aces, but they were cracked wide open as Pextis improved to a full house to take it down and eliminate Snegok91 in 3rd place for $1,234.80 in prize money.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 6: Pextis (10,785,442 in chips)
Seat 9: basti-rocks (3,914,558 in chips)

The first significant pot went the way of Pextis who rivered a wheel to scoop as basti-rocks' three of a kind wasn't enough:

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basti-rocks said, "ugly^^"
Pextis said, "i had outs..."
basti-rocks said, "yes sure.. but raise it?"
Pextis said, "i thought you were bluffung"
basti-rocks said, "hm okay"

basti-rocks was knocked down, but continued to fight it out, and with a couple of scooped pots was able to get back into contention. However a full house over full house hand put the momentum back with Pextis, before three scooped hands in a row brought the end for basti-rocks. The final hand saw four bets put in preflop before the last of basti-rocks' chips were in on the flop of 9♣A♥9♥.

"Good game," Pextis said confidently in the chat window before the rest of the board was dealt, showing J♣A♦A♠6♦ for a monster full house with aces full of nines. It wasn't over just yet as basti-rocks opened 5♦7♠9♠K♠ for three nines. A fourth nine would be good for the high, or running low cards for half, but the Q♦ turn and 2♠ river sealed the win for Pextis. basti-rocks collected $1,734.60 for a fine tournament as Pextis won $2,323.47 in prize money for an impressive victory.

MicroMillions 4 Event #89 Results

Entrants: 2,940
Prize pool: $14,700
Places paid: 378

1st Pextis (Greece) - $2,323.47
2nd basti-rocks (Germany) - $1,734.60
3rd Snegok91 (Russia) - $1,234.80
4th SvetJordanov (Bulgaria) - $859.80
5th *II* (Brazil) - $639.45
6th Amstelodamum (Netherlands) - $492.45
7th th691121 (Greece) - $345.45
8th sk86 (Russia) - $213.15
9th Kata1yst (United Kingdom) - $124.95

There are only a few more opportunities to get among the MicroMillions action with the massive $1 million guaranteed Main Event rounding out the series tomorrow. Head to the MicroMillions 4 home page to see the full schedule as well as statistics, coverage, leaderboards and much more.

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