MicroMillions 4: Roro.zlo roars to Event #86 win after three-way chop ($1 NLHE)

Here on the next-to-last day of the 100-event-long MicroMillions 4 came Event #86, unique on the schedule as the only plain old vanilla one-dollar no-limit hold'em freezeout tournament (i.e., not a re-buy). There were 34,049 players willing to kick a buck and take their chances, and in the end three of them -- Roro.zlo, Kolin McOlin, and robbo0151 -- were the last standing to make a deal assuring each nearly $2K, plus a few hundy more for eventual winner Roro.zlo.

That huge turnout made the prize pool total a nifty $30,984.59, just over twice the event's $15K guarantee. The top 4,275 finishers divided up the loot, and in the end it would take about 10 hours and 20 minutes for that final trio to emerge to claim the largest shares.

From 30,049 to 18

It was about three-and-a-half hours after the tourney that the money bubble burst, and with 4,275 players left Bonn88, ilidia31, and adenir ku214 occupied the top three spots in the counts.

Close to four hours later the field had shrunk down to just 100 players, with all three of those earlier leaders having hit the rail -- adenir ku214 in 666th ($8.36), ilidia31 in 617th ($8.67), and Bonn88 in 153rd ($15.49).

By then eventual winner Roro.zlo had grabbed the lead with more than 6.12 million, with lado75559, Catozor, and TqHkO the nearest challengers. An hour after that just 50 remained, with lado75559 having chipped up into the top spot with more than 9.28 million and Roro.zlo still nearby in second position.

From 18 to 9

Shortly after crossing the nine-hour mark they'd played down to 18, with robbo0151 the new leader with over 26 million and Victor_rdg not too far behind with a little over 25 million.

antjulio (18th), coffeq416 (17th), and nanomuon (16th) were next to go, earning $60.41 each. Then petz10 (15th), Chacha0424 (14th), and $Richie$1926 (13th) cashed for $84.89 apiece. And lado75559's run ended (in 12th), as did those of QAengine (11th), and BG Ivanof (10th), with those three each seeing $109.99 added to their PokerStars accounts.

As those nine players were eliminated, Victor_rdg pushed into the chip lead with a stack of more than 40 million. Almost nine-and-a-half hours after Event #86 had started, the final table had begun.


Seat 1: petiribi (Argentina) -- 3,259,156
Seat 2: isilduur (Colombia) -- 18,514,552
Seat 3: robbo0151 (United Kingdom) -- 23,253,586
Seat 4: Kolin McOlin (Russia) -- 8,865,666
Seat 5: Roro.zlo (Czech Republic) -- 28,523,951
Seat 6: Victor_rdg (Romania) -- 41,458,868
Seat 7: Catozor (Poland) -- 16,998,754
Seat 8: Milchev94 (Bulgaria) -- 25,307,531
Seat 9: TqHkO (Bulgaria) -- 4,062,936

From 9 to 6

On just the fourth hand of the final table the blinds were 300k/600k when robbo0151 opened for 1.2 million from under the gun, then it folded around to petiribi in the small blind who pushed for 2,359,156 and only robbo0151 called.

petiribi had picked up 7♥7♣, but unfortunately had run into the J♣J♠ of robbo0151. The community cards came T♣T♦4♣6♣A♠, and petiribi was the first final table elimination.

On the very next hand it was Roro.zlo making a min-raise to 1.2 million from UTG, then TqHkO reraising all in from a few seats over for 2,787,936. It folded back to Roro.zlo who called, turning over 8♣8♠ to TqHkO's A♠7♠.

The flop came 4♥Q♠8♦, improving Roro.zlo to a set, and after the A♦ turn the Q♦ was no matter and they were down to seven.

It took about 15 minutes more for the next knockout to come. With the blinds up to 500k/1m, Milchev94 raised to 2 million from early position, and it folded to Victor_rdg in the big blind.

Victor_rdg -- who had lost a big hand to Kolin McOlin during that intervening period -- then reraised all in for 10,386,870, and after pausing a few beats Milchev94 called the shove.

Victor_rdg: 5♦5♥
Milchev94: K♣9♦

The flop came Q♣Q♥4♠ and the turn 8♦, and it appeared Victor_rdg was about to recover some chips with a hefty double. But fifth street brought the 9♣, giving Milchev94 the better hand and the pot and sending Victor_rdg railward in seventh.

From 6 to 3

They were edging close to the 10-hour break when robbo0151 made a 2x raise to 2 million from the cutoff seat, then it folded to Catozor who called from the small blind. Milchev94 then reraised all in for 20,994,401, and robbo0151 responded by pushing all in as well for more than 30 million, forcing Catozor to step aside.

Milchev94 showed J♣J♠, but robbo0151 had picked up a bigger pocket pair with Q♠Q♣. The board ran out T♥7♠K♠6♣3♥, and Milchev94 was out in sixth.

They reached the break, with Kolin McOlin leading with almost 56.4 million, robbo0151 now next with just over 55 million, Roro.zlo third with about 32.9 million, Catozor fourth with almost 16.1 million, and isilduur last with about 9.76 million.

A few hands after play resumed, the blinds were 600k/1.2m when Catozor open-raised all in for 14,048,754 from the button. It folded to robbo0151 in the big blind who instantly called, showing K♦K♣ to the A♦Q♠ of Catozor.

The flop landed K♠T♣7♣, giving robbo0151 a set of kings but also leaving Catozor outs to a saving straight. The turn was the 9♥, then the Q♥ fell on the river -- too little, too late for Catozor who's Event #86 run had ended in fifth.

A half-dozen hands later the short stack isilduur open-pushed for 7,514,552 (a little over six big blinds) from under the gun and got a single caller in Roro.zlo in the big blind.

Roro.zlo had K♠Q♠ and isilduur A♦5♠. isilduur had the lead preflop, then the lead changed hands with every street as the flop came 5♥Q♣2♠ (giving Roro.zlo queens), the turn was the A♠ (giving isilduur aces), then the river was the 9♠ (completing a spade flush for Roro.zlo).

They were down to three.

A three-way deal, then robbo0151's run ends

The final trio played on for a few more hands, then agreed to pause the tournament to talk about a possible deal to divide up most of the remaining prize money. As it happened, the chip stacks of all three were quite close...

robbo0151 -- 60,030,897
Kolin McOlin -- 55,187,664
Roro.zlo -- 55,026,439

"Chip chop" numbers were produced (leaving $300 for which to play), with robbo0151's share equaling $1,996.76 and those of the other two right around $1,940.

robbo0151 asked that someone give up $3.24 to top off robbo0151's guaranteed prize to exactly $2,000. Meanwhile, Roro.zlo suggested all three should get the same amount. But after a little more chat all three decided the proposed figures were acceptable, and a deal was made.

"i put 16 dollars on today," typed robbo0151, an indication of how special the nearly-$2k score was. Such is the story we've seen repeated time and again during MicroMillions 4 -- players with the smallest of bankrolls suddenly earning substantial boosts after a deep tourney run.

It wasn't long after play resumed that a big all-in situation occurred between robbo0151 and Roro.zlo following a A♥5♥2♣ flop.

Roro.zlo was at risk with K♥3♥ (a flush draw and a gutshot to a wheel) while robbo0151 had top pair with A♠9♥. The turn was the 6♠ and robbo0151's hand was still ahead, but the river brought the Q♥ to complete Roro.zlo's flush.

That hand pushed Roro.zlo's stack north of 100 million, and it wasn't too long afterwards that the blinds were 700k/1.4m and the new leader was open-raising all in from the small blind. robbo0151 called all in for just 9,383,916 from a seat over, showing A♠9♣ while Roro.zlo had Q♥8♥.

The J♦5♣2♠ flop was okay for robbo0151, but the 8♣ on the turn paired Roro.zlo, and after the J♣ river they were down to two.

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Kolin McOlin loses final all-in, Roro.zlo wins

Heads-up play began with Roro.zlo having about a 2-to-1 edge over Kolin McOlin with 114,157,336 to the latter's 56,087,664. The stacks were relatively deep -- about 81 big blinds to about 40 BBs. But as it happened it would only take six more hands for the tournament to be decided.

After trading a few small pots, a hand arose that saw Kolin McOlin opening for 2.8 million (a 2x raise) from the button, then Roro.zlo reraising to 7 million. Kolin McOlin responded by pushing all in for 61,687,664 and Roro.zlo called.

Roro.zlo: 4♣4♦
Kolin McOlin: A♣8♣

The board brought a number of face cards, but no ace, coming K♥5♦K♦, then Q♣, then J♠. Roro.zlo's fours had held, good enough to win the last of the chips and the Event #86 title!

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Congratulations to Roro.zlo for topping that enormous field of more than 34,000 players to turn a $1 entry fee into a first prize totaling $2,240.44. And kudos as well to Kolin McOlin and robbo0151 who earned nearly $2K apiece after making it to the three-way final table chop.

MicroMillions 4 Event #86 ($1 NLHE) (*reflects three-way deal):
1st: Roro.zlo (Czech Republic) -- $2,240.44*
2nd: Kolin McOlin (Russia) -- $1,942.25*
3rd: robbo0151 (United Kingdom) -- $1,996.76*
4th: isilduur (Colombia) -- $1,056.57
5th: Catozor (Poland) -- $792.58
6th: Milchev94 (Bulgaria) -- $528.59
7th: Victor_rdg (Romania) -- $366.85
8th: TqHkO (Bulgaria) -- $249.73
9th: petiribi (Argentina) -- $146.86

Entrants: 34,049
Prize pool: $30,984.59
Places paid: 4,275

There's still one more day to get in on the MicroMillions 4 fun. See the MicroMillions site for information about all of the remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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