MicroMillions 4: Sharzdt stars in dominating Event #76 showing ($2.20 NLHE)

Event #76 might just seem like one more of several low buy-in, large field events in MicroMillions 4 -- a $2.20 no-limit hold'em affair that ultimately drew 24,497 entrants. But for Sharzdt it would turn out to be something special, namely the tournament in which the player from Moldova would break through for a first-ever big score, taking just over 10 hours to turn that small buy-in into a $4,927.10 cash.

That big field meant a prize pool of $48,994, more than double the event's $20K guarantee. The top 3,150 finishers made the money, with the four-figure payouts starting with the final five finishers.

Bubble bursts, Sharzdt starts to shine

It took just over three-and-a-half hours for the money bubble burst, and as the field shrunk under 3,000 players Sharzdt, yasin8181, sharkey91, and didibaer1965 led the way as the only players with more than 200,000.

Over an hour later they were down to 1,000, with VoJinn ahead of all with more than 700,000 and dinamo_cipri and again3bet?1 occupying the next two spots with a little more than 600,000.

Not quite three hours after that just 100 players remained, with Sharzdt having moved back into the chip lead with more than 6 million while no one else had more than 3.5 million.

Sharzdt would continue to accumulate chips as more players were sent railward. By the nine-hour mark just 18 were left with Sharzdt up over 22 million in first position and faccariera starting to close the gap with more than 18 million.

kaybrown777 comes close again

It took about 20 minutes for nine more to go, with helen1 (18th), monostorX (17th), and amy.timisoa (16th) each earning $100.43, mauritm (15th), viono (14th), and baters_rus (13th) picking up $142.08 apiece, and Schnickel28 (12th), kaybrown777 (11th), and faccariera (10th) each taking away $183.72 for their efforts. Meanwhile Sharzdt was picking up both knockouts and lots more chips along the way to build up a huge lead to begin the final table.

Just before those last couple of eliminations came, eventual 11th-place finisher kaybrown777 had been persevering with a below average stack, and took to the chat box at one point to comment on the proceedings:

kaybrown777: NOT ANOTHER FT mM
kaybrown777: BUBBLE
kaybrown777: nonononoNONOONON

Indeed, this marked kaybrown777's 12th cash of the series, with an earlier 10th-place finish in Event #7 ($5.50 NLHE) being the best thus far. Alas for kaybrown777, this one also ended with another final table bubble, but such consistency most certainly deserves at least an honorable mention in the story of Event #76.

But the final table was still to come, and Sharzdt -- destined to be the star of Event #76 -- had more work to do.


Seat 1: philrik (Denmark) -- 6,611,776
Seat 2: Seade1 (United Kingdom) -- 5,929,956
Seat 3: 69GT4 (Hungary) -- 5,035,992
Seat 4: KOLUN KZ (Kazakhstan) -- 5,647,882
Seat 5: valdemar1 (Bulgaria) -- 798,854
Seat 6: tolas1991 (Portugal) -- 9,202,692
Seat 7: dumber83 (Hungary) -- 16,813,141
Seat 8: gardze_wami (Poland) -- 24,947,554
Seat 9: Sharzdt (Moldova) -- 47,497,153

tolas1991 and valdemar fall, seven remain

The blinds were already up to 400,000/800,000, and soon it was KOLUN KZ open-shoving from middle position for 3,497,882, then tolas1991 reraising all in for 6,729,984 from a couple of seats over. It folded to chip leader Sharzdt in the blinds who committed a small percentage of chips to make the call, and the three players' hands were revealed:

Sharzdt: 5♠5♣
tolas1991: A♠9♠

The board ran out 6♠3♦4♥K♦4♣ -- good for KOLUN KZ whose pair of kings was best, but bad for tolas1991 whose unimproved hand meant an elimination in ninth place.

About an orbit later valdermar1 had been knocked down to just 57,343 -- less than a 100k ante -- and was thus all in from middle position before the cards were even dealt. Seade1 raised to isolate, and it was Seade1's A♠6♠ versus valdemar's 4♣3♦. The board came 8♥2♣A♣K♠J♦, and they were quickly down to seven.

Sharzdt carves up field, knocks out five in 13 hands

From there chip leader Sharzdt went on kind of a rampage, knocking out five opponents in the space of just 13 hands.

First came a hand in which dumber83 -- down to less than a quarter million chips to start the hand -- called all in for 148,288 from the hijack seat, then gardze_wami raised to 1.6 million from the hijack seat. Sharzdt called the raise from the button, and the blinds got out.

Both gardze_wami and Sharzdt checked the all-diamond K♦8♦T♦ flop and 5♦ turn. The river then brought the J♦ to put a flush on the board, and gardze_wami checked once more. Sharzdt made a min-bet of 800,000, and gardze_wami folded. Sharzdt then showed A♠9♦ to improve on the board, and dumber83 showed 8♥7♠ before departing in seventh.

On the very next hand, the blinds had moved up to 500k/1m when Sharzdt opened for 2.2 million from the cutoff seat, then 69GT4 reraised all in for 6,571,984 from the big blind and Sharzdt called.

69GT4: K♣K♥
Sharzdt: A♠6♠

The board came eight-high, but unfortunately for 69GT4 there were three spades among the community cards as it came 7♠8♠2♣3♠7♥. It was a flush for Sharzdt, and a sixth-place finish for 69GT4.

The remaining five would play another orbit-and-a-half, then came another flurry from Sharzdt to knock out three players in three straight hands.

First gardze_wami min-raised to 1 million from the button and both Sharzdt (small blind) and philrik (big blind) called. The flop came A♠3♠J♥ and it checked to gardze_wami who bet 1.5 million. Sharzdt then check-raised to 3 million, forcing a fold from philrik. gardze_wami responded by pushing all in for 12,480,108 total and Sharzdt called.

gardze_wami had A♦2♥ for top pair of aces, but Sharzdt had the same pair with a better kicker with A♣6♣. The turn was the 4♦ and river the K♥, and gardze_wami's run had ended in fifth.

The next hand saw Sharzdt opening for 3.5 million from the button, then Seade1 reraising all in for 10,299,598 from the big blind and Sharzdt calling. It was J♠J♦ for Seade1 and 9♠9♦ for Sharzdt, but there was no cooling off Sharzdt as the flop came 9♣3♥T♦ to give the leader a set of nines. The turn was the Q♥ and river the 7♥, and suddenly they were down to three.

Then on the next hand philrik open-pushed for 3,711,776 from the button and Sharzdt -- whose stack was now north of 100 million -- called from the big blind. philrik had A♥2♠ and Sharzdt J♦7♣. The flop came K♦Q♦A♦, giving philrik aces but also leaving Sharzdt several outs to hit a flush or straight.

The turn then brought the J♠ to pair Sharzdt's jack. Then came the river... the 7♥! Runner-runner two pair for Sharzdt! And a third-place finish for philrik.

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KOLUN KZ KO'd in second, "first big djekpot" for Sharzdt

In just over five minutes the field had been rapidly whittled from seven players down to two, with Sharzdt having been responsible for all five knockouts. As the dust settled from that ambush, Sharzdt sat with a whopping chip stack of 108,166,354 to KOLUN KZ's 14,318,646 to start heads-up play.

During the first few hands between the pair, KOLUN KZ somewhat jokingly proposed a deal and Sharzdt politely declined. They chatted a little more, and eventually Sharzdt made an indication in the chat box of just how special this tourney had become.

Sharzdt: its my first big djekpot :D

A bit of online searching suggests the chip leader from Moldova was making reference to having achieved a first big score (or "jackpot"), something Sharzdt no doubt has in common with many other MicroMillions 4 champions who have been turning just a few bucks into four- and five-figure cashes.

KOLUN KZ kept battling, carrying things into the next level where the blinds were 600k/1.2m. Then came a hand in which KOLUN KZ open-pushed for 15,068,646 from the button with 3♥3♦, but Sharzdt was there to call with 7♣7♦.

The flop came 9♠5♦6♦, then the 7♠ fell on the turn to improve Sharzdt to a set. KOLUN KZ could still have won the hand if a four came on fifth street or could chop if the last card was an eight, but the river brought the 2♣, and it was all over.

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Congratulations to Sharzdt for a dominating performance and a first big score, here having taken a $2.20 buy-in and turned it into nearly $5K!

MicroMillions 4 Event #76 ($2.20 NLHE):
1st: Sharzdt (Moldova) -- $4,927.10
2nd: KOLUN KZ (Kazakhstan) -- $3,640.74
3rd: philrik (Denmark) -- $2,449.70
4th: Seade1 (United Kingdom) -- $1,959.76
5th: gardze_wami (Poland) -- $1,469.82
6th: 69GT4 (Hungary) -- $979.88
7th dumber83 (Hungary) -- $979.88
8th: valdemar1 (Bulgaria) -- $688.36
9th: tolas1991 (Portugal) -- $440.94

Entrants: 24,497
Prize pool: $48,994.00
Places paid: 3,150

There are still more stars to be made in the 20-plus events that remain in MicroMillions 4. Check the MicroMillions site for information about all of the remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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