MicroMillions 4: Steady paycheck? Not for mironalexxys

Miron Alexandru is an electrical engineer, which is the shortest way of saying he worked pretty hard to get where he is. Good grades, college, a degree in an advanced field. It's not like he didn't put in the effort.

But it was all part of a larger plan.

"I always thought you have to get a job with a secure paycheck," the man from Romania said.

But not too long after getting started in the world of electric engineering, he realized his heart wasn't in it. He enjoyed the idea of freedom more than a steady income. He likes to eat well, work out, and hang with his poker friends.

"I find that's just normal for a decent human being trying to take care of himself," he said.


At 23 years old, he at one point had managed to work a $20 bankroll up to $2,000. He wasn't able to hang onto it for long, and he knew he couldn't count on poker as a way to live, either.

And so, he decided on a career change. Instead of working 9-5 in the field for which he'd been studying for years, he made the hard decision to move into real estate consulting. As you might expect, that's not a steady paycheck either.

But sometimes life has a way of reinforcing decision's like the one Alexandru (aka mironalexxys on PokerStars) made. Although he wasn't ever planning on living off poker money, he just scored big in MicroMillions 4 event 50. He won nearly $17,000.

"It's a big one--very big one--compared with previous wins," he said. "I enjoy playing poker on cash tables, but after my win I think tournaments are a safer and also more rewarding way to play."

And so now, it's back to the gym, back to his friends, and back to work as a real estate consultant...except this time, he's doing it with $17,000 more in the bank.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

Brad Willis
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